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Podgorica, Montenegro in the former Yugoslavia Republic. Sex is fantastic. The women are all tall and statuesque and I didn’t see an ugly one during my entire visit. The best places by far were the “Clubs”. I found three and didn’t look for more. Valentinos, Venus, and Oscars are the three I found. Each club has several stages with at least 10 beautiful girls who dance on a regular schedule to show off their abilities. The girls will also sit with you and you can buy them a drink for 10 to 15 Euros . When you find a girl you like, you can ask her to go up to her room. The cost for full service in 50 Euros for 1 hour. At Valentinos, I allowed the lady to take charge. She enjoyed it so much that once was not enough..

Oscars Club is probably the best overall in in terms of the women and the facilities. Probably because it’s newer. It’s located a bit on the out side of town but not far. Excellent club to sit and have a drink with the ladies and to complete the evening with a full hour of sex for less than 75e

Venus Club is located in downtown Podgorica near one of the cinemas. Also an excellent club. Had a two lady special there. What an experience. All the ladies in these clubs are from 19 to 25 years in age. Most speak English and all are very energetic. After Asia, Latin America and Africa, Montenegro is heaven by comparison.

Great Sex Scene
There is no street scene because montenegrian mentality is very tight about women and the girls working in the night clubs (the only places that offer sex by payment) come from Serbia. There are 4 night clubs (in order of excellence):
CIN CIN is the newest and located near the old airport, a little bit outside the city (10 euro to go there by taxi from downtown) 5 girls I’ve seen are cute; they cost 60 euro/hour and the rooms are nice and clean. Brankica (23 y.o.) is a great lover and likes very much sex. Milica (19) is a special pick (100 euro) but worth every cents you pay I’ve only seen the others and I ensure you they’re good looking.

VALENTINO’s is crowded with young, cute girls (about 12) but the rooms are too small Sara and Alex (both 19) are very nice and friendly

OSCARS is small and the rooms are so so and the girls are less than average, there is an exception, Vesna, good looking and very passionate in the bed. Avoid Maria, very nice and smart, but ugly

VENUS is in downtown and has a green light outside. There are 4/5 average girls who dance very well but absolutely not nice in the bed. I suggest you to go there just to watch the show. Prices for drinks are from 5 to 15 euro in all the clubs but you pay no entrance fee. The girls cost 50 euro/hour (with the exception of CIN CIN) The girls kiss and if you’re interested in them they are happy to share their time with you it’s not difficult to have get their cell numbers and take them to your hotel if they like you.

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