Costa Blanca

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Visited Skala Club which is located approx. 10kms south of Torrevieja on the main coastal road in a commercial area called La Regia. The bar is spacious and is well-filled with ladies of mainly East European nationality (and some Africans!!!). I had a pleasant enough time, but my visits were spoiled by the aggressive, sulky and abusive behavior of the African girls who cannot take ‘no’ for an answer without it becoming a racist issue. My advice would be to either avoid these girls altogether or just be blunt with them. This is unfortunate because I am not an impolite person by nature, but their attitude left me with no alternative. Another thing watch out for over-charging by the room booking staff.

I also visited Nancy Club and Bennys which are located just north of Guardamar on the main coastal road. The clubs are next door to each other and are owned by the same management. They are smaller than Skala Club, with fewer girls. Worth a visit, however, and both clubs have striptease to add to the entertainment.

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