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I am surprised not to see information about bars in Spain. These bars have generally a sign as “club” or red heart or any neon that will make it different. of course , there is no sight to the inside and you are often asked to pay your drink (4E) before entering. Once inside, you can spot 4 to 20 girls that will invite to your side; they will generally not ask for drink,give them 1E if you take their time and decide not to go upstairs. price for a 30min session is 30-40 Euro; girls are African or South American. The look is generally average (there are a few stunners yet) but the session are really passionate, I met quite a few girls that sincerely enjoyed the session although I am in no way an artist. In Lerida all main road (except Huesca) have one bar at 3 to 5 km from town; biggest and most exciting on the left side going to Madrid; Huesca has one downtown coming from east (club 40 i believe) Jaca has one but sad.

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