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El Pais, the newspaper

The relax section is full of ads. One had some sort of introductory text (all in Spanish), such as “I’m young, … bla bla” and there was the address Atocha 45 2°B. I called but the line was busy. I was tempted to call one of the numbers where they come to the hotel, but then I preferred to walk over. The building was very unremarkable, I rang the bell and they opened. I went to the 2nd floor, and a lady led me to a room, quite nice, a bed, nice light, soft music. She said it was 10000 pts. She then sent in the girls, who come one by one, kiss you twice on the cheeks and say their name. At least 12 girls came, and I was struggling to remember the names of the nicest ones. They were all 7-9. I chose a small large breasted named Virginia because of the latter characteristic and because she seemed sweet.

We undressed and then she washed me, and then herself. When I asked for a bbbj she hesitated. So I said I’d stay an hour for an extra 10000 pts. She game me the bbbj (frances sin goma) then “cubanita”, between the breasts, and that was the first time. They she massaged my back and we cuddled and I was ready again, and she gave me another bj without goma, and then with the goma, came on me. Wonderful breasts. Then I came behind her, and it was good. I tipped her 2000. (Goma = Condom)

The only place in Madrid that I can recommend is Chelsea II Club just off Gran Via, near the Telefonica Building. It’s mostly a strip club, but there are private rooms there. A girl working at Chelsea II told me all the girls who work there will have intercourse with customers in those private rooms but that most customers don’t even know the private rooms exist and that most girls working there have sex with customers only about once a month. I had a wonderful experience there in 1999 with a thin, pretty, 21 year old Russian girl. The cost was 30,000 pesetas for 30 minutes. We took longer than 30 minutes, but nobody seemed to notice. The address and telephone number of the Chelsea II night club are C/ Silva, 6 (corner of Gran Via), telephone (91) 559 05 86.

Here is information about other places in Madrid

Captain Haya, 51 (Int.)
28020 Madrid
Tel: 579 68 54
The business card says: “Rodeado del mejor ambiente y compania” (translated: “Surrounded by the best atmosphere and company”

Chelsea I
C/ Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 18
Telefono (telephone): (91) 541 10 59
This place is similar to Chelsea II but smaller

San Bernardo 5
Telf: 91 541 19 08
“senoritas de compania – escort girls – salidas a hotel – hotel service” (which means the girls will go with you to your hotel room or will meet you there)

Kingdom Club
Plaza de los Mostenses, 7
corner of Gran Via, 66 (at Plaza Espana)
Tel. 91 547 22 5928015
Madrid on the business card of this place made a written note of the fact that all I saw here were a few ugly women

Love Crazy Reyma
C/ Leganitos, 21 – Madrid
The business card says “Distraigase en compania de nuestras Elegantes Senoritas – Beautiful Young Ladies – If you are a man you will like it!” (That’s right, in both Spanish and English)

C/. Silva, 6 – Madrid
91 559 80 05 or 91 548 37 80

atendidas por senoritas (attended by young ladies)
Princesa: C/. Martires de Alcala, 5 – Tel. 91 548 26 37
Mayka: C/. Orense, 10 (Puerta Calle) – Tel. 91 556 82 75
Azul: C/. Concepcion Arenal, 4 – Tel. 91 532 69 00
Castellana: Passeo de la Castellana, 180 – Tel. 91 359 76 76
abierto la 24 horas, incluso Sabados y Domingos (open 24 hours including Saturdays and Sundays)
Todas las tarjetas de credito (all credit cards)
It’s suggested you not use a credit card in any of these places. One (unconfirmed) report about one of these businesses adding an extra digit to the billed amount on a credit card, costing the unfortunate customer thousands of dollars.

Korof Bar
Capitan Haya 14
Tel. 556 50 32
8pm-4am $4 drinks
$50 full service

C/ del Nervian 15 (Chalet) –
Telefonos 562 65 36 – 562 99 93
sauna with female attendants

Top Less Le Papillon
C/ Silva Num. 10
Tel: (91) 559 14 96 Madrid
“un lugar maravilloso donde podras relajarte en compania de bellas y elegantes senoritas” (translated: “a wonderful place where you can relax in company of beautiful and elegant young ladies”) salidas a hotel (translated: the girls will come to your hotel room on request)

Top-Less Paris
San Bernardo, 12
Madrid; Tel: 91 523 03 61
“salida a hotel – hotel service”

Calle La Montera, near Puerta del Sol
The central location of this “street action” is practical for business people who have an hotel in the center of Madrid. You have also a fantastic metro (10 lines) and the possibility to reach the “Sol” station from elsewhere. The quality of the girls is nothing special but the prices are very cheap (25-40 euros).

Saludos enzo
MEDEA, average selection Thursday @ 2200. Cost 180E per hour. Drinks 6E. General Peron 30, downstairs. 91 556 22 68. At least one English speaking girl.

Bar on Capitan Haya 14 – now called TOP GIRLS
You’re greeted at the door by a midget who collected 10E for entry. (I got credit for 1 drink with entry fee). There were about 5 girls waiting at the bar – 5-7 . The only one who spoke a little English was cute 23 yr old Sabrina from Romania who asked me to buy her a drink for 30 E and informed me “FS” was 100E for half hour. She then said I didn’t have to buy here a drink so we paid the bar maid 105 Euro (5 for condom)and we went into a small side room with couches were we each got naked and washed ourselves with the bidet. She informed me that she did not do bbbj and no 69 – only straight sex one shot. I should have asked in the bar. She put on condom and did a half hearted hand/blow job never letting me touch her pussy. When she got bored with that she climbed on top and started bouncing up and down, I asked her to slow down but she was anxious to get it over and quickly made me come. Beginning to end maybe 15 min and very unsatisfying.

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