San Sebastian

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San Sebastian
in the Basque Country, north of Spain. I was with some customer and after a good stroll in the Old Town eating and drinking they took me to a place for the “last drink”. I have to say I was already a little I don’t think I enjoyed the “stuff” at its best. Anyway..we ended up to a place called Benta Berri, just out of the city. The sign says “Pension”..(kinda small hotel). We enter the place..which was full of people and some ladies in tops and miniskirts. There is a bar and we had a drink. I don’t know the cost of the drinks because my customer paid, but being in Spain it shouldn’t have been so expensive.

In a few moments some ladies approached us. One of them took my hand and put it under her skirt…she had no underwear!..then she asked me to go with her upstairs..she said she would have sucked me off..fuck..and all this for about 50US$ for half an hour. We went upstairs. there is a counter where anther lady gave us clean blankets and took my money (credit card..a fake name is shown on the CC report so you can say it’s bar or whatever).

The room was quite clean, we washed and went down to business. She started a quite good BJ without, then slipped the condom on and she start riding me. The we went 69 to finish doggie style. The girl was quite young (24-26 yo)and from Colombia. She was quite nice, even not the best as a body (i was drunk..come on..)a bit overweight, but sweet. Unfortunately she was quite not the top choice..the other ladies ranged from 8 to butt ugly .(i saw a stunning blond at the bar ..already with a customer). What is important is that I felt no pressure and I didn’t have the impression she wanted to get me out asap. As said I was quite pissed an it was late night. I left the place at 3.00 am.

I wouldn’t know how to find the place again, as I wasn’t driving and surely not paying attention to the road..but my customer says that being the only “service” of that kind in San Sebastian every taxi driver knows it. I’d like to visit again..earlier in the evening and 100% sober. Happy hunting everyone

I went to this place in Fontarabi a border town. Rith past the border if you follow the river you’ll see a neon sign with a women on it.

Behind the Bar there is a sign with drink prices and at the bottom of the menu “FS” (about US$40) etc…. It’s was written in English. Anyway, a very cute English speaking African girl came to talk to me and we went to a room in the back. Bare minimum a bed and a bidet, she washed in the bidet and started sucking. She was not the most enthusiastic but she had a great body so I pounded for the whole 40 minutes.

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