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Lugano is the best place for sex for northern Italian people, because is only 1 hour drive from Milan. In a suburbs called Paradiso more than a normal bar, with a selection of girls most from South America and Hungary. (in Lugano the prostitution is forbidden, but tolerated).

The South American girls are generally between 25 and 30 and the Hungarian between 20 and 24, but much are very beautiful. The best’s for me are two bars called “Tortuga” and “Il Gabbiano“. You can entry here, take a drink for 10 CHF and in a couple of minute come a girl and say you: “Hi, what’s your name, where are you from, we go upstairs?”. If the girl like you, you can go upstairs in the rooms (both of this bar are also hotels), but is better waiting an half hour and seek another girl. The better girl’s (for me) are the South Americans, because they like fucking. The Hungarian girls probably are forced to work here and don’t fuck very well. After you choose a girl, you go upstairs to a the room. The price is 100 CHF (65$) includes BJ and FS in several position until you finish.

No entrance fee, soft drinks cost 10CHF lady drinks 25CHF. No bar fine. You can’t run a tab since payment is requested immediately. You can sit at the bar, as long as you buy one drink.
5-6 girls, mostly Brazilians. Short time is done in a building next door, where the girls rent their room to sleep and work. I picked Isabela from Sao Paulo, approx. 25yr, dark hair, light skin. She has a bombshell body, with huge enhanced tits. She asked 150CHF and we negotiated down to 120. She said she would do almost anything, while in fact it turned out she did almost nothing. No kissing, no pussy licking, very limited groping, no bbbj. Definitely a 2 thumbs down experience.

Corona Pub is located in Pambio-Noranco the neighborhood of Lugano, very close to the freeway (exit Lugano Sud). Opening hours : weekdays 4pm-1am; weekend 1pm-1am

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