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There are numerous (quasi) legal, regulated (read safe) brothels in Zurich. They are all advertised in an erotic guide named “Okay” that is available at any newsstand / kiosk. If you hang out downtown there are a number of come-on bars/brothels, which will cost you, easily, SF500 for the full treatment. However, the suburban brothels are *much* less expensive. If you have a rental car suburban means 5-10 minutes from downtown. One brothel is very near the airport. It is at #17 Wallisellen Str. in Glattbrugg, just off the freeway from the airport into downtown Zurich. Downstairs is the Sauna 17. Drive around to the back of the building. Push any button at the door and someone will buzz you in. Then there are four floors with one or two apartments on each floor. There will be one, two or more girls in an apartment. Buzz each one and check out the talent. Surf one ’till you are interested. There is a standard price list for anything you can imagine. Standard fare is SF 100. You can shower before or after and have a drink before or after. The girls are young, some Swiss housewives picking up change, but mostly early 20 something from the East bloc. All very civilized

In Zurich prostitution is very open. Try Calypso club near the Hauptbahnhof. It’s on Niederdorf and is very prominent. Tons of tourists go there and it’s very pricey but they have some of the better looking Russian and Ukrainian girls in Zurich. All clubs in Zurich have photos of the girls and I have never experienced getting ripped off by the clubs which is one positive thing about Switzerland.

At Calypso the entrance is free but you have to buy champagne for the girl and basically get her drunk before she starts to kiss you. They have a nice group of about 10 girls on any given day. The price varies but a bottle is 450 CHF plus the girl costs 500 CHF for an hour. (1.60 CHF = 1 USD). A room is included and the service is usually good. I paid 800 CHF to stay the entire night.

A cheaper option is to buy the “Dages Einzeiter” newspaper. Look for the ads saying “Party club“. I tried one out on Zweierstrasse 169. A black, slim girl with a broad smile on her face wearing only panties. The price was 500 CHF and I could stay from 7pm to 5am and choose from 7 girls all night. Drinks and food (chips,bread) is included. I took my clothes off and was ushered to the upper floor where about 10 guys were watching porn, drinking or screwing girls. I did four girls that evening and 2 were OK. The average girl was a 6 but my favorites were both 8s. Party clubs an economical alternative Swiss high prices.

Zurich Club Life
10 minute taxi or bus ride outside of town. It’s in Dubendorf
Club Life Neugutestrasse 62, look for the sign.
Price 230 Swiss 30 mins 350swiss 45 mins

Geneva actually has a Red Light District. Go to the north side of the lake. You shouldn’t be paying more than $100 for full service in Zurich unless you go to an expensive bar like Kings Club. Go to Langstrasse, many 6-8 and an occasional 9. There are typically at least 100 women out every night and every bar for 6-10 blocks has available women.

There’s a sex scene on langstrasse
The price for short time is SFr. 100, 30min is normally about SFr. 300

I think a much better option are the party clubs. You can find them by buying a newspaper like “Blick” or “Tages Anzeiger” and looking for the ads. A better option I think is to buy the “Schweizer Sexfuehrer”. It’s written in German but it has a great overview of most of the party clubs in every issue.

The prices in the party clubs around Zurich are from Sfr. 350. up to SFr. 500. depending on the day of week and the length of the stay. There are some real cheap party clubs for about SFr. 300. for long term stay, but they usually have only one party a week. Of course not the nicest girls.

If you want to pay less, then you have to go outside of Zurich to an area called “Innerschweiz” which means “Inner Switzerland”. There are a lot of clubs located in the area Luzern (for example in Kriens or Emmen). Just check out the “Schweizer Sexführer” I mentioned before to find these clubs or buy one of the newspapers with ads in the area.

Just one thing to be aware of. In the area of Luzerne, don’t expect everybody to speak English (Zurich it’s less of a problem). Stick to younger people who may speak it. Best thing of course is if you speak German.

Try SEKURA some 12 km party club 500 SFr you can have as many girls as you can manage (none twice) The main problem no BBBJ

häringstrasse 19
8001 Zürich

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