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Girls are everywhere due to the lack of work and need for money. You can find working girls at almost all the major hotels. Check the bars and reception area for women who stand out. Don’t worry about asking them they’ll approach you and ask if you want company or a massage. I’ve had my pick of up to 12 women at just one hotel. Don’t rush out with the first one you find, if you look desperate you won’t be able to hold out for a lower price. They’ll start as high as $400 and settle as low as $100. I personally like Russia better but with the high current dollar value things are getting even cheaper. The price also depends on the time of day, peak 7pm-1am prices are highest and then they drop off after or before those hours. You might ask a cab driver where any brothels are. There are several strip clubs but you might end up paying more then the independents. Most sex is oral without the condom but all intercourse is with condom. Let me know if you try out a brothel.

During last July I was visiting Kiev. I stayed in hotel “Lybid”. In the bar there were girls offering their services, but they were not very nice and not so young. One girl arrived, she looked not bad; I asked the price, which was $150 USD for 1 hour. I decided not to invite her to my room. I asked the bell-boy for a girl. He could bring me a young girl for 100 DM per hour. I said OK. After 20 minutes he came with a girl. OK she was young, but she didn’t speak any word English or German and she was rather fat. I paid 25 Hrivna (5 US$) for the taxi and let her go. Next day I found in the paper “Kiev Post” a number of escort services with phone numbers. I called one named “Lina”. The price was 100 US$ or 200 DM for 2 hours. I asked to send me a girl. After 20 min. someone called me. It was the girl of the escort. She asked me to come downstairs, she gave me a description of the taxi. I must meet her outside, if not the security could make problems to let her in. I went down and saw the taxi. A very young, slim and small (1,60 m) girl was coming to me. She was a real Lolita type. Later she told me that she was 21 years old, but I think she was just 18. She was wearing white pants and a red top. She had blond hair, hanging over her shoulders. We went inside together without problems. She was a very friendly young lady. When she came in my room she kissed me very intensely. While kissing, I slowly took off her clothes. I could touch and kiss her, and she also touched me while whispering horny talks. My cock became very hard when she was standing there totally nude before me. When we were totally undressed she went to shower. She took my hard cock in her mouth and sucked me without condom. She came upon me and her pussy, with only a small strip of hair, came very close to my hard dick. She pulled a condom on and we started to fuck. I was in heaven. Slowly she went up and down. I turned her on her back. She opened her legs and I put my cock into her narrow young pussy. This was one of the best fucks I have ever had. After I came the first time she took my dick and played softly whit it until he was hard again. We went into a 69 and I licked her pussy while she took my cock in her lovely mouth. This time I could shoot my sperm in her mouth without condom. O my God it was a very good. Next day I had to leave Kiev. I hope to go back there. I will never forget that lovely little Lolita. I gave her a 10.

The current scene in Kiev is doing very well made a trip to the city last fall enclosed is a few highlights of that trip. Your first stop after checking into the hotel should be O’Brien’s Bar this Irish bar seems to be the meeting place for the Ex-pats that are in the city. These ex-pats are a great resource and information pool just wanting to be tapped. After your check in at O’Brien’s make a stop at Rest Town ask about it at O’Brien’s or take a cab. This club is Kiev answer to a strip club but with a great twist. The club is not only filled with dancers but with pros ready to provide service. After your stop here go to River Palace, this place is a disco/casino/restaurant. The food and dance club is good, I don’t gamble so I can’t tell you about casino but the disco is filled with a nice mixture of pros semi pros and non pro girls. Most girls here will go with you even the non pros if you are nice to them. These three places are all clean and safe and will make for a good time in the city, good luck

After reading the reviews about Rest Town and being in Kiev, I decided to pay them a visit. They really gave the place a club feeling instead of a brothel. The customers sit in the dance club in comfortable chairs, looking at the 2nd stage (1 small one and a 1 big one with 3 platforms) where ladies dance. The music is not to loud and customers often sitting with 2 or 3 men around a table.

Drinks are cheap and if you invite a girl to sit with you, she does not expect a drink nor will she start to push you to buy one. Since my Russian is nonexistent, I notified the waitress, pointed at a girl on the dance floor, at the time they’re were 7 girls dancing at the same time. After 5 minutes, this blond I asked for approached me and sat down next to me. She was wearing a long dress with well developed breasts. Some other girls wore only strings and bras. She immediately asked me if I spoke English and was happy to hear I did.

Rest Town has 4 rooms, 3 saunas and a Jacuzzi. The rooms are free, the rest costs between 20 – 50 $. I took the Jacuzzi for 30 $. Since it was busy, we had to wait and after 30 minutes we were notified that the room was ready again for usage. All that time the girl sat next to me and we chatted. The Jacuzzi room has a Jacuzzi, and a sauna, and a living room, and a bathroom, and a shower and a bedroom. It also has a video karaoke.

First we undressed, then we sat on the couch in the living room. Then a lovely girl came in so we could order a drink. Then we jumped into the Jacuzzi and did a body to body massage. The bed thing was very nice, after the sucking, she sat on top first and showed her stamina and leg muscles. She made all the right moves and sounds and I had a pleasant experience.

If you are in Kiev and you want a good night out with girls without speaking the language and without any trouble, this is a good place to spent a evening, have FS, food and drinks. A cab drive from the center will take 15 minutes and costs 40 Hrv max, which equals 8 dollars.


Other contacts: not-pros: Tenderness 80976871243, Natalya 80673584841 semi-pros: Tanya with 250€ per night 80507830792, Diana 80503309494, Alisa with 150€ the night anal included 8(050)3128857 and to finish a mature woman who doesn’t speak English but which is charming Marina 8(044)2013301 to 80€ 2 hours.

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