Abbreviated Terms

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GFE has been a term that has been used for many years even before this forum or FKK clubs.

GFE = Girl Friend Experience

It’s normally used to describe the type of sex you had with a woman. For example, deep french kissing, eye contact, bbbj, mutual pleasure and passion. No barriers as far as touching, probing and exploring. Fingering is common. This is at it’s best and you can have some variables that don’t include the above. Germany’s Best FKK clubs usually have the highest level of this sort of session. It’s also possible with private escorts.

Thailand has another sort of GFE which is not the reason for why the term GFE came about. In Thailand the sex act is not the main focus of the experience. Holding hands, dinner dates, cuddling in bed, movies and other activities which are usually done with an actual (non-paying) girl friend are another form of GFE. More of a sweet, cute, caring thing rather then a passionate, erotic, sweaty thing.

So one might come to the conclusion that there is a non sexual GFE and a sexual GFE.

Not to confuse others but sex sessions (from my experience) in Thailand which can also be of the sexual GFE type are not as common. I only found this sort of thing on a limited basis at the Eden club in Bangkok. While in Germany it’s expected in the clubs to get bbbj,anal, facial finishes, french kissing and even have the girl swallow your load. In Thailand you find more inexperience with sex among the girls. Less oral and not too much deep french kissing or cum shots in the mouth. More like a HSE or “High School Experience”. Yes it’s also fun, one needs to choose your evil. Do you want a porn star fuck or a sweet less erotic time with light kissing and cuddling.

It’s just a term and I’ve often heard guys say “what’s the difference between GFE and just good sex?”. Well it’s all relevant to what you think is good sex. Until you’ve actually gone to Germany and had several sessions at a premium FKK club where GFE exists you may never understand the full extend of this term.

I will say you can have a great time in Thailand and in Germany depending what it is you desire.
Thailand is more fun, Germany is better sex IMHO.
We can only assume what is best until we actually experience something better…

Bareback = sex without a condom
BJ = Blow Job
BBBJ = Bare back Blow Job
BS = Body Slide, Girl massages you with her body
C&D = Cash & Dash (aka a ripoff)
Cowgirl = girl on top
DATY = Dining At The Y, Cunnilingus (oral on her)
DFK=Deep French Kissing
Doggie style = man behind girl
French = oral sex
FS = Full Service,Intercourse
GFE – Girl Friend Experience
Greek = anal sex
GS = Golden Shower, Urinating on
Half & Half = oral and intercourse
HJ = Hand Job
HM = High Mileage
ISO = In Search Of
LE = Law Enforcement
LF = Lady Friend
Missionary = man on top
MP = Massage Parlor
MSOG = Multiple Shots on Goal – some providers allow one cum others multiple
N = nude (the girl that is)
NR = Nude Reverse, nude w/reverse massage
PSE – Pure Sexual Experience
Pearls = Pearl Necklace, cum on her front neck
Reverse = You massage girl
Rimjob = anilingus
Russian = penis between girl’s breasts
SOG = Shots On Goal” = number of cums
T = topless
Tea Bagging = Squat over and dip balls in mouth
YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary

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