Best Looking and Quality Women for Sex?

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Remember when comparing nationalities that there’s a HUGE difference (in my experience anyway) in what kind of sex you get e.g. from a Thai girl in Thailand & a Thai girl working a brothel / club in another country!
however if say a Cuban girls come for vacation in Spain & one manage to screw her there it’s valid to say rate her as a Cuban girl rather than a ‘Spanish’ girl…
just my 2 cents worth – keep up the reporting fellow world sex mongers…

Oh lord. I am willing to bet all women are created equal. In this matter I am an equal opportunity ••••••. I don’t discriminate against women.

I have had sex with black women, blonde women, Asian chicks and every one of them had the same apparatus. How can we discriminate against the Lords creation I don’t understand.

American women due the ways and means are my least favorites. Best quality is found in Thailand.

There seems to be some variables here that make this an odd topic. Is the question…What women make the best lovers? What country has the best women for paid sex? What’s the best location for sex?

When I mentioned German workers in my first post it was in regards to actual native German types (those who grew up in Germany and typically German}. The country Germany however is a huge melting pot such as the US with many nationalities. This is what makes it more appealing to me for paid sex. The clubs offer almost every nationality from all over the world. You can find Asian women in these clubs as well as almost any other nationality. All these women are required to perform up to certain standards which you don’t find consistently among independently working girls.

The level of service that a girl offers as compared to our personal taste as to what is actually good can differ. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried a girl on a recommendation of another and found her just not to be what I feel is good. With all the variables, levels of experience, taste and assorted skills of women it’s difficult to determine the best.

In my opinion,Thai women are the best looking; German women have the most well developed bodies; and Filipina women are the most loving. Europe has a greater variety of women while Asian women provide the most intense and passionate sex. I’m not interested in cherry girls because they don’t have a clue. I’d much rather be with a woman that knows what to do and how to do it than one that’s never done anything and can’t relate.

In terms of quality,they’re all good. I’ve had my share of bad experiences (very few) with each nationality. It’s a matter of picking the right one and being lucky. You won’t know how good it is until you’ve tried it and even that doesn’t guarantee that the next one will be as good or even better than the previous one. I enjoyed boning all of them and will gladly do them again. By the way, hands down,American women are easily the FATTEST of them all.

Loverboy had mentioned something to me a while back about Polish women making great sex providers. I took a look at this issue on my last visit to Germany. One of my selections (Maria of Babylon 20, 5’5″ 120 36d 25 36 Blond, Blue) was very attractive almost Babe watch material. You would swear she was a US babe. From that day I noticed that many women from Poland are in this business and the quality of service they provide is usually above average. I had a discussion about this with a Polish girl at Sainkt Augustine and she stated it may be possible due to Polish men. Her feeling was that Polish men demand a high level attention from Polish women similar to the Japanese. The men like to be catered to and they don’t cater to women at all. So Polish women appreciate other men that are not Polish and give them more attention. The best sex I had on my last trip was via a Brazilian gal. She had passion that that could not be matched. Even with the ability to speak German we did little talking and mainly lustful romping. The time in the room went quickly as she rocked my world.

German workers from what I have seen tend to be less fulfilling then others. Many are very attractive and have tons of sex appeal but lack in actual skills.

I agree with SP on this issue. Brazilian gals are THE BEST in sex. In fact they really get into it because sex is a is part of their culture. Most Brazilian women stay in shape even after pregnancy whereas American women become fat and wear their hair in scary brain-like looking hairdos. Brazilian women are the best at BBBJs. Even from a non-pro I got the one of the best BBBJs I ever got from any girl I dated. I didn’t even have to wait to get laid by the Brazilian girl I dated. I did her the first night! Noe of this bullshit American women pulls on us like no kissing on the first night or I want to save myself for marriage. Even the poor trailer trash girls do this shit. Brazilian women enjoy sex as much as men. Meanwhile American women think that they are doing you a favor by having sex with you.

My ranking of women is:
1) Brazilian women- they are the most passionate, great in sex, very loving, and beautiful and well developed.
2) Filipino and Thai women (tied)- I like the fact they are small and you can do the standing sex position while supporting her bouncing up and down on your cock with her 85 pound weight. They have no body hair. However, they drop to second only because they are not developed.
3) European women- very attractive and liberal. Also very well developed. The best looking but they are not as passionate as Brazilian women or Thai. Also since most of them are six feet tall, you can’t bounce them on your cock.
The worst women in the world is
1) American women- attractive when you meet them but once you get married, the divorce laws keep you from splitting up with the woman turned behemoth or losing half your money. Hey, if America makes such divorce laws that greatly favors the American woman than somethings wrong with them because America has NO confidence in their women. Marriage to them is the license to get fat and wear a hair-don’t like the ugly curly hair cauliflower hair that you see the old ladies wear. I guess this is their true form because marriage brings out the INNER beauty of women. It is sort of something you see in the sci-fi movies where a pretty lady is really a fat brain-head alien. They also HATE having sex and think of it as taboo so they make you wait for it. American women category also includes people of other races who are assimilated into this culture of prudity and waiting. And by the way, it’s not worth the wait. The first time they do it, they are inexperienced- why, because they waited so long they LACK the experience. Not to mention, they lack passion from sex being taboo in American culture.
2) Chinese women- I can make a judgement on this because I’ve visited China and I dated some foreign born Chinese women and they lack experience and are underdeveloped in breast size. Some even have no breasts and only a pussy! Depending on what class they are in in China, they may or may not play the waiting game. The wealthier ones DO play the waiting game AND they are as picky as American women in terms of wealth. At least the wealthy Brazilian women still date me even if I make much less than they do, but these Chinese women wouldn’t even give me a chance. The poorer ones are not so good looking but they are sluts. They also have underdeveloped bodies some even have bad hygiene. There are some good looking ones though but they lack social skills because they haven’t dealt with the real world because of their overprotective parents. They would be the equivalence of “Lucy” with goof ups and everything. Boy did I hold my head down in shame.
The rest of the women are in-between.

hope you are not around Piccadilly Circus…. better to go thru the Chunnel and hit Amsterdam of to Germany.

safe a few quid and holiday to the Philippines or Thailand. much better selection and way cheaper too.

Peaches and Pears! I agree it’s a TIE between Filipina and Thai girls who are available for paid sex. I haven’t been with a Brazilian woman but have met a couple and heard stories about them and HOW PASSIONATE, HORNY AND UNINHIBITED THEY ARE IN BED so I might have to agree about them being # 1. I’ve also heard great things about Cubans, the women of the Dominican Republic and the Vietnamese and Cambodian girls.

I’ve heard some guys say that “Asian women” are cleaner and have less body odors. This is just not true. It’s a load of bullshit to promote a country or business. I’ve had my share of sweet smelling women of all races but also the opposite. Any girl can wash, any woman can have a yeast infection which causes odors. Clean is clean and has noting to do with race or color.

In fact quality of service will vary worldwide, there is no one country where you can go and have 100% quality. There is not one race that has better women. Perhaps less educated or at a lower poverty level which may mean they are happy with less. Going to a country which offers multiple selections of women can educate the men, you can then compare different women from different countries. I’ve been to Thailand and had terrible sex, I’ve been to Latin America and had terrible sex. Then again I’ve had some good sex too, so this tells me that it’s not a given that a particular race is better. Not all Latin women are passionate, not all American women are bitches either.

This is a far more complicated issue then it appears. Some people think a big dick on a man makes for a better lover. While some women will agree many won’t. Do big lips on a woman mean better oral skills? One would like to think so but this is far from true. A good looking woman also does not mean she is good in bed. In fact from my experiences the more attractive ones don’t feel they have to work as hard so the sex is usually not as good.

I’ve heard Brazilian women are best but I’ve had both good and bad women from this country. This goes for Cuba and Mexico. Thailand is a mixed bag, the low cost is very attractive and most guys don’t mind throwing away $10 for a couple bad apples but in reality when I went with several buddies we all had the same problem. Tons of women but picking the good from the so-so was the problem. Time and cum can run out faster then money and who wants to have to sample 10 women to find one good one.

The best? where is it? Who is it? It has nothing to do with race, size or even age….. A great working girl once told me “you either have it or you don’t”. This is what she told me after I asked her how she got so good at sex? It’s is also a learned skill I’ve found as a girl I did who was relatively new in the business provided just so-so service, to my surprise I did her a year later and she was much improved. She had picked up some skills from other women and men while working.

It’s all relative…

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