Comparing SEX World Wide

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Interesting thread here. Comparing oranges & apples. some like apples some don’t!
But comparing Nevada (I’ve never been), Germany (FKK clubs – never been too, but been to brothels in there) & then Thailand (Asia) or Latin America is a lot more than just the 30min sex & it’s cost.
difference is that most guys here are fed up with Nevada (their usual place for paid sex) & then it’s their reference.
On a board like this (worldsexguide) where we try to find the perfect sex destination (1-3weeks vacation) we should factor inn the country as a whole so what do we get:

* Nevada -> a top class legal brothel area with low class service! basically nothing else to do around there…
* Germany (fkk clubs) -> superb selection & skilled girls at a price. only difficult to find their location!
* Thailand -> perfect sex destination & fun too with all the go go’s, bars etc. hey they even have warm weather, beaches, exotic food…
* Mexico & further south -> a mix between Germany & Thailand probably?
* rest of Asia -> a mix between Thailand & ???
* Africa -> ???
* rest of Europe -> a mix between Germany & ???
**** ???

“You feel so much superior just being a Man and being catered to because you are considered a valuable male asset.”

Is it possible that there are other reasons for visiting Asia rather then just for sex? Germany’s best clubs offer sex from highly skilled women from all over the world. Even Thai women who worked in Bangkok can be found at some of the best clubs. Not to mention many Central and South American women. One thing the best German clubs have in common is the demand for highly skilled workers. (skilled)

As discussed earlier “price” is the biggest positive for Asia and Latin America. Selection is not as the majority are Asian and just don’t compare to the huge selection of places like Germany. I can understand the reason men flock to Thailand and I myself would go but the main reason is in fact “price”.

Germany may lack the romance and generous time that some men want. Germany and Thailand can be compared like cars. If you want the best, fastest car it’s in Germany, if you want a cheap, basic, good value then Thailand has it. Germany has more options is colors, models etc. Thailand has the mass produced, economy engines.

It’s hard to go from paying women $20 in Thailand to $50 in Germany. To really know yourself you will have to visit the best of both countries before you could honestly make any statements as to which country is the best.

Mexico is a great alternative for those living in sex starved Southern California.

What did I say ? Southern California and being sex starved in Greater Los Angeles, Orange county and San Diego and the surrounding areas ?

Since there is no legal whoring outlet a great industry has sprung right across the border in Tijuana that fullfills the void and sucks in a considerable amount of US made GDP.

This Industry is in a clear response to those Puritan and dim-witted bureaucrats and idiots in Sothern California’s City Halls who cannot legitimize or allow paid sex in larger communities and provide a normal outlet to a human phenomena.

Take Orange county, whose sole effort is to eradicate paid sex in any form or manner and let loose police hounds and pigs to pursue those innocent people who are just trying to get to a woman’s vagina in exchange for money. These idiots must understand that prostitution has been around since the days of Pharohs and Pyramids and will exist till the end of time and till Orange County drops off into the sea.

So three hours down Highway 5 and you are in the land of plenty, I mean land of plenty of whores, sex workers, and prostitutes and in a somewhat organized set up that gets Southern California’s rocks off.

I have been to TJ 3 times between Memorial day and July 4th holiday and reckon this is just what you can squeeze on a warm weekend. There is great sex at Adeliats where I knocked off couple of 9s and 10s and had 2 BBBJs for just under $60 a piece. We also brought sex workers to our hotel room at La Villa de Zaragosa (011-526-685-1832 which is BTW is great place to stay and you can eat next door at Ricardos a fine Mexican Restaurant).

Mexico is also a great alternative to Over-priced Nevada and its aging Porn-star circuit. I have been patronizing Nevada before I discovered Mexico and what a bargain it is from $200 sex in the Ranches to a $60 encounter in the Zona Norte. And not mention that I don’t get ripped off by aging Porn Stars who look like golden shriveled mummies with expensive price tags.

Mexico is still a great alternative to Northern California. In San Francisco where Mayor Willie Brown (hats off to him )allows all types of paid sex as long as it is off the streets. Clubs like Market Cinema Crazy Horse,Mitchell Bros are the best. Its costs about $80 for BJ and about $150 for full service. These places are complete sex Emporiums full of dancers, strippers,porn star shows and full of scantily clad women. Heavy groping goes on with dancers and as well as the body trade.

Police regularly cruises by and checks around. One time it was funny to see when I made an eye contact with a female police officer and disappeared into the booth with a leggy blonde whose hands were on my crotch. Those Police officers are there as I suppose to ‘Protect and Serve’ and not to arrest anyone.

These places are simply an outlet to dip your cone on a saturday night. I must highy commend the San Francisco City Hall and the people in the admistration for their insight and San Francisco’s finest who provide an enjoyable atmosphere .

Compare this to Orange County and Los Angeles and you can see why Mexico is the only viable weekend alternative.

Thailand may be the best sex destination but I qualify my statement with the reservation that I have not experienced Germany and the FKK club scene.

Both destinations are many miles away and it takes a lot of commitment, time and money to explore them. Flights to Thailand are 16 to 18 hrs and have lots of turbulences on the Pacific. If you are blessed with a sense of adventure and sex can make you hop continents than I believe both are worth it. Having not been to Germany I cannot say much and compare it with Thailand.

Thailand has as the previous posts have suggested one variety of women and that is Asian women. They are not always Thai women, but they may be from Burma, Cambodia, Vietnam or even China. But it is the same profile of long dark haired women who have natural breasts, petite frames, courteous manners, and subordinating attitudes towards men.

Combine this with 90 degree tropical heat, balmy nights,cold beer,inexpensive hotels ($20 per night in Pattaya )great sex shows,real massages, Go-Go bars,and a vitual unstoppable supply of girls, boys, transvestites,and all the other animals and you have got a real vacation package.

Not to mention if you like Thai food and chicken satay and Thom Yum soup than your evening dinners can be quite pleasant.

Your average sex encounter in Thailand comes around to be $40 or so. You can have sun,fun,and sex and lots of pampering by women who are unlike your Blonde blue eyed American Sweethearts in North America. Thai women will tie your shoes laces and comb your hair and not to mention they will facilitate your penis and your primate desires without equal status and without any attitudes.

I have hired girls for 1 or 2 days for 1000 to 2500 Bhats ($40 to $100 US )from 12:00 to 12:00 and they will come do my laundry,go to the beach and grease my pole off whenever I please. They gave me massages and kept me company and spoke Thai at the market and I fed them and gave them a small gift and some extra $$ for being nice.

What you experience in Thailand is what western women donot have it at all and will never give you anyway. I remember once in a taxi to my hotel this girl held my hands so softly and leaned so nicely on me that melted this heart of mine. You feel so much superior just being a Man and being catered to because you are considered a valuable male asset. American Sweethearts will never bend that way.

PS: I am planning a summer trip to Germany soon.
Hope there is no turbulence on that flight.

Without even visiting Thailand but just talking to the 21orover guys Thailand is missing one of the three items I mentioned prior.

There may be quality and price but not selection. What I mean is your basically looking at Asian women. While Asian is not a bad thing it does not compare to Germany’s international selection. I can’t imagine going to an ice cream parlor and having one flavor. I think guys forget about this limitation in favor of the bigger price advantage. When you compare $20 for all night to $50 for an hour I can see why.

I would then look at Thailand as the plentiful, value king but hardly the best place.

I’ve also heard that the Asian women are more tolerant of men so this might also be a reason. If you have not been to Germany’s Best FKK clubs then keep an open mind. This year I hope to be able to also sample Asia and most likely will find out for myself if Thailand is in fat better.

While in Germany I’ve sampled some Thai women who worked in Thailand prior to Germany and their skills in the bedroom were good but nothing compared to Germany’s best. Mexico is also similar to Asia but you have the same issue of one basic flavor. Guys that love TJ will always talk about how tolerant Latin women are opposed to the US leading me to believe Mexico is similar to Asia.

Where is the best sex in the world ? This again is answered in a very subjective opinion and YMMV all around the globe.

Well I know one thing for sure that best sex is not in the good old USA and not under the watchful eyes of a Puritan society that simply prohibits exchange of normal bodily functions and organic desires bewteen two consenting adults in so many repressed ways especially if it involves the transfer of money.

Since the 1950s and 1960s Playboy and Hustler and others have tried to uplift and unburden society from this Taboo and Doubt and have played great roles in changing attitudes and social mores but it has not happened here yet what is normally available in other countries.

Prostitution is still illegal in 49 states In the US. State of Nevada is the only exception.Please correct me if I am wrong. However paid and illegal sex is everywhere under the euphemistic garb and disguise of ‘massage parlors’ and ‘escort agencies’ and even on the streets. It is a scar that never goes away and will never go away as long men have dicks and human race has sexual desire.

Therefore there is big worldwide American sex Industry. Americans do search, and find sex and enjoyment in other countries and spend tons of cash in Mexico, South America, Asia, Europe and other exotic lands.

I have been to 4 continents and love to get outside the US whenever I can to Muff Dive with freedom and gusto. The dollar to local currency ratio always suits me and fits my average budget. For me sex tourism also serves as a break from my mind-boggling stress related normal life.

The best place I recommend for sex is Thailand. It’s vast population produces a great number of dedicated sex workers and some natural born whores.They are decent, respectful and courteous. They understand and cater to men and I mean American men of any race color or creed who can show some dollars to them and can be nice.

Therefore Thailand IMHO is the # 1 spot for paid sex. Its intensity never dies and whenever you go there its always at its best.

The sprawling city of Bangkok ( just repeat the name twice and you know what I mean ) is a mecca of sex. Right from the airport the sex starts and
revolves around one’s stay like an unshakeable pleasant perfume.

From Nana sex Plaza,Sukhumvit Cowboy, Atami to hundreds of dance bars and solo operators in the hotel lobby there is an eye-popping smorgasboad of sex and sexual choices.Take a bus to Pattya and there is even more sex available for half prices compared to Bangkok. Once you land in Pattaya it seems like nearly everyone works in the sex trade there. There are girls in the bars, massage parlors,in the streets, and hotels.Hotel receptionists and workers can also be enticed for sex. Having sex with girls from the hotel lobby is my favorite hobby.

I have been to Thailand 9 times in the last decade or so and plan to go there again.

Mexico has become an alternative to lots of guys living in the US. It’s only a 3 hour drive from Los Angeles. I can’t say that Mexico is that much different from other places such as Nevada. Women wear wigs, tight clothing, lots of make up and usually start prices above what they settle for. I hardly think that going from $60 down to $50 is worth arguing but when you talk $10 out of $60 it’s the same as $20 from $120 or $30 from $250.

You see all kinds of guys going to the room in TJ, handicap guys, ultra old guys (barely walking), young guys, military types etc. It does not appear that many upper class guys visit the zone. This may be to the cost and the fact that its located in a seedy area that has a rep for crime.

Room conditons don’t help the situation, CC and AB both have upgraded rooms. Where once a knock came at the door at CC now the phone rings when your 30 minutes is up. This certainly must be automated and may be a double edged sword. Where once you could expect a knock after 15-20 minutes to signal your 30 minutes now you get your 30 minutes. The down side is that when things are slow and you might have been able to get an hour worth of time automation gets in the way.

This abrupt knocking on the door, telephone ringing all take an effect on the action. In Nevada you also get a knock on the door or the old intercom “Time to renegotiate” which might come at the wrong time. The fact is that usually a guy can finish before the 30 minute limit but the interuption does more damage then good.

Feeling comfortable (sanitary wise) in Mexico also has it’s effect on your visit. How sure can you be of having clean sheets or a floor? The lights are also turned off by the women pretty often as many don’t like to expose themselves. Then to see a girl just wipe herself off before returning to service makes you wonder.

There are many things that make the difference between pleasure and non-pleasure. The points about Nevada using cheap tricks is very valid. In Germany the average age of sex workers in the FKK clubs is 18-24 while in Nevada I found it to be from 25-40. So low or red lighting was used to hide the defects of aging or being out of shape. Wigs, make up, boob jobs, tight clothes were all very common to cover up what you were buying (until after you exchanged the funds) then there was never any refunds. In Germany its common that the women are totally nude and in better lighting conditions, little make up, NEVER a wig and you usually pay AFTER the sex. You see what you get UPFRONT and before you hand over your money. No games, they want you to enjoy yourself and come back. How often can the average Joe visit when he’s paying $1500 for one party? German customers visit on a weekly bases, men want sex more then once every 6 months unlike like some Nevada guys
who have to save or go into debt.

That’s why so often brothels in Nevada are compared to car dealerships as each customer is looked upon like a target that has deep limitless pockets. In fact most of the people I met via the web emailed me when I disclosed what I’d been paying for sex in Nevada. When I first visited in the early 90’s $40 at the Sagebrush was common. Then $60 was the average for many years. While I had no problem finding sessions for $100 at all the Reno and Carson City ranches in the late 90’s the most I’ve ever paid for any session was $200. Paying $200 or more never made the party better it just spread things out, added more bullshiting and fluff, not the real stuff men want like sex.

I recall being told after spending (at the Sagebrush) $100 for a 30 minute half and half party that for $200 I would have even more fun. Ok, so having not done that I gave it a try and found that we did the same thing but spent the rest of the time sitting in her room looking at her photos. Now had I had two sessions $100 each I would have had the same time and two cums. Now why don’t you get better service for more money? This was with the same girl, the same place and the same year.

Price also did not matter as some of the more attractive plastic women that looked magazine quality did not provide the same service that the “girl next door” types did. Looks has nothing to do with sex or which brothel you visit. I had sex that was closer to the BEST sex in Germany in Winnemucca for $60 then the $200 sex in Carson City. This is not on a one time basis but the same is true as I’ve experienced over the years visiting Nevada. I used to go often as I was not aware I had other choices.

It’s hard to understand the logic of a business woman working in Nevada. Many prefer to sit and do nothing all day and only take the $500+ parties then work constantly doing $100 parties. This mentality is partly the problem. For example in Germany, Canada and Mexico non peak times prices are often lower.

In Germany they have happy hours where you pay 90dm instead of 130dm, in Canada this is also true while in Mexico during the day a girl will go to the room for $30 and $50 in the evening.
This is NOT about comparing third world countries, higher taxes and unintelligent women. In fact taxes are much higher in Canada and Germany plus women are educated in better schools that have higher standards.

So the car dealership sales tactics continue, Nevada supporters can’t argue the truth so most often they try the old “if you don’t like the messenge then kill the messenger” tactic. The message is clear, Nevada is too expensive, poor tactics are used to lure the non-experienced, the women are often older, less attractive, out of shape and worst of all have an attitude. Not to forget the quailty is hit and miss which is usually a miss.

A guy has to be pretty desparate to pay over $200 for a normal body function, the rest of the world has no problem with nudity or sex but in the US we don’t show it on TV and we price it like it’s a crime. It’s legal in Nevada so what happened?

With the advent of the the worldwide web info spreads faster and further and hopefully the message will reach those that it affects the most. Bad service or value deserves nothing while quality and value deserve our attention.

SP, as always, an excellent post.

My realm of experience in these matters is much smaller, limited only to Nevada and Germany (and soon, Mexico).

However, I can say with all certainty that there is no comparison between the two. I used to think Nevada was pretty good, until I had an experience so disappointing that it’s doubtful that I’ll ever set foot in a Nevada brothel again. People who say that prostitution degrades women have never been a Nevada brothel customer.

Sure, I had one or two experiences that were pretty good, but the rest ranged from nothing special to downright miserable, and all were fraught with uncertainty:

How much is this actually going to cost me? What if I don’t have enough money? Is she trying to rip me off? What if I decide to walk, after driving all the way out here? What if I regret my decision once I see her under better lighting? What if she turns into a cold fish after the money changes hands?

Funny, sex is supposed to be a relaxant, but under those conditions, it became every bit as stressful as a day at the office. I decided that it was time to look elsewhere, preferably somewhere where I wouldn’t have to chance adversarial negotiations, bad vibes, and cold, paint-by-the-number parties.

Fortunately, I discovered this board, and shortly thereafter, Germany. You couldn’t ask for a better whoremonger’s paradise, at least in my minimal experience. The atmosphere goes from sterile and intimidating to warm and friendly. The patron becomes a valued customer rather than a necessary nuisance to be bilked for the highest dollar amount possible. The ladies behave like you’re doing them a favor, rather than the other way around. Money and time are rarely an issue, and if you decide you don’t like the look of your selection once you bring her into the room, it’s your own damn fault, because there are no parlor tricks with bad lighting, thick makeup, and strategic costumes designed to hide figure flaws.

I had experiences there that not only dwarfed those provided by the “don’t look-don’t touch-we didn’t agree on that” Nevada ladies trying to charge six, ten, even twenty times more, but were at least the equal of anything I ever got from a girlfriend.

I didn’t have an earthshaking experience every time out, of course, but even the lesser experiences were still decent, and I had few regrets. The negatives to visiting Germany, namely travel time and the language barrier, were so offset by the benefits that they became inconsequential. The discomfort of a ten-hour flight dissipates pretty quickly once you’re ensconsed in the boudoir of an enthusiastic young German lady, and, as they say, the language of love is international. Besides, it isn’t all that difficult to pick up a few small-talk phrases beforehand. In fact, I found it a lot easier to talk to the German ladies than I did with many of the Nevada ladies who clearly seemed to resent me, and only put up with me for the money.

It’s easy to see where our respective countries’ attitudes about sex come into play. Here, it’s the domain of the morally bankrupt, unless you’re married and preferably trying for a kid. There, it’s a natural, pleasant function that’s not worth any mental angst.

With that, I’ll close. My work is done here. Up, up and awaaay!

I would not rule out any country until I actually visited myself. Just as I would not think of commenting on a country I have never visited. I thought that Mexico was too dangerous, spanish would be an issue but that all changed when I actually visited the place. Mexico ended up being a dream come true and I must admit some of the world’s best women are in Mexico.

Not too long ago during a tour in Frankfurt Germany at Oase my eyes came across a 19 year old girl from Venezuela. She was talking spanish to this German guy at the bar. At first she could have been from a number of countries but from hearing her talk I knew it was an American country. When she walked by me later that night I said “Ola” and immediately got a huge smile as she sat next to me. We talked some Spanish and German as she spoke no english. Now I know why some of the world’s most beautiful women are from Venezuela. This girls was a 11, petit but a perfect body, 36-24-36, perky tits c cup and walked so sexy in her black high heels. She was gorgeous in every way. From our conversation she was in Germany saving up money and getting her immigration papers in order. She was paying an older German guy 10k for papers to immigrate to Germany. She never has actually met the guy but sends money on a monthly basis.

I asked her why she’s paying him and why she just did’nt find a guy that would trade sex for the favor. She laughed and said usually the guys she likes don’t like her and the guys that like her she doesn’t care for. Typical situation isn’t it?

Ok the sex, very passionate,caring,sexual and without any attitude or extra cost. This girl was very much into all the positions while looking at us in the mirrors during sex. She would make the right guy an excellent trophy. She turns head in any room, is sweet as sugar and fucks like a mink. Her goal is to visit her mother who lives in Florida so maybe some lucky guy will see her. Plus sitting with her, stroking her firm, soft body in the lounge while cuddling was not anymore money.

My point is that seeing her proved to me that some gorgeous, loving, great sexual women are in Venezuela. I’ve been all over Mexico and pretty women are all over. There seems to be less in Guatamala and El Salvador but this does not mean they don’t exist I just have not met them yet in my travels.

One thing that many guys have in common is the cold factor that exists in Nevada. The women often line up looking angry or disinterested. Hey we’re there to spend money and at a premium at that so what’s the deal?

I don’t get along with the Nevada LPIN crowd cause many (not all some guys are good people) feel that im to negative about Nevada. Actually im just being honest. I see it this way, Im living in the US, im an American and the only legal places I can go are in Nevada. We do have some hot women in the US with the exception that some poor attitudes exist among them. OK so I’ve given some business to Nevada (over 8 years of visits) but some things just aren’t right so I speak up hoping that it causes some change. If men had something to compare to Nevada they might know what was really good and bad. Hundreds of guys that go on these Germany trips all agree, not some but all that Nevada is TOO expensive, the women are rude at times, not everyone is treated the same (one guy will pay $200 for the same sex another paid $1500).

Ok so sometimes this sort of thing happens in Germay as stated earlier but it’s rare and only at a very few clubs. But we are talking pennys and dollars here. The most important aspect is the sex itself, most of these Nevada guys don’t know what great, passionate GFE sex is. The women in Germany kiss and blow you like a girlfriend not like your wearing a plastic bag for protection. If you have nothing to compare you can’t even begin to comment on this as even bad sex is good if you have nothing to compare it to.

Im wondering if Nevada diehearts go for other reasons? It’s been known that they have this “White Knight” syndrome where they feel they’re saving the woman from people or being an accepted friend. Yet in the rest of the world this is only happening in Nevada. You don’t find this in the Massage parlor scene in the US. Nor among the escorts which some have a Nevada history. I recall one of these guys getting angry when I said I only needed 30 minutes in a room with a girl. Hey your not a man, real men take an hour or two so pay the girl for that time. Hey I love to cuddle, kiss and do other things with women but I don’t need to pay for those sevices. When I go it’s for sex not to be approved by a woman. I also notice that more damaged goods type women end up in Nevada. You know the ones that are desparate, alcoholics and god knows what the deal is with the Cherry patch, Madam Butterfly women?

OK so why can’t we have the same LEGAL sex at affordable prices in the US? Canada our northern neighbor seems to have things right so don’t tell me this “it’s different crap”. Our US dollars go 40% further in Canada so it’s even a better deal.
There’s an excellent site HERE where the author who is from the US writes about his travels to Canada. He goes into detail about the quality of the women and the service.

Don’t rule out the women of the US just yet as I think the problem also lies with the brothel owners. 50% of the take just might be too much and then on top of that the government takes it’s third which leaves a small share for our Nevada women. Plus the fact that these girls pay for room and board (over priced at that I hear) and you can see how prices can go sky high. So I blame the guys that act as if they’re doing the girls a favor by paying these ridicuous prices. If anyone is hurting Nevada it’s the guys that go along with the current prices. Imagine if all guys said NO “Hey I did” so now my $600 every 3 months no longer goes to Nevada, don’t forget the 10-15 friends that I know that also stopped for the same reason so it adds up. So we all stop, Nevada has no choice but to lower prices. What’s also proof that this works is the fact that the brothels that are not close to the major cities like Vegas and Reno charge less. It’s supply and demand and out of the 28ish brothels left only maybe 8 charge the higher prices while the other 3rd has lower rates.

There’s also this princess or gold plated pussy image that Nevada draws. Sex is just sex a normal body function not some gift from god that we need to pay a premium. ANY woman doing this cause she does not want to or does not slightly enjoy her work should NOT be working. All the best sex workers I’ve had enjoy what they do. All the bad ones I’ve had hate the work and it shows. It’s not this well pay more she might like it more crap. With all this said and the fact that some of the world’s most expensive pussy is in Nevada the best certainly is NOT.

Good fair prices sex can be found in the US but you have to go underground and join a private discussion group to protect your stable of talent from LE. Some of the best providers can be found but not so easily on the public boards. Remember they might be great sources for good quality fun but our great government feels that what is legal over the border in Nevada is not elsewhere. GO figure?

First time I’ve posted on this board in several years. Your (SP) comments on comparing SEX worldwide is maybe one of the best ones I have seen in quite a while.

Anyone who spends time in this lifestyle soon finds that virutally every woman is different. And although it is maybe a broad generalization, different countries have different “feels”. And different guys have different needs and likes.

Some people love Neveda. I hated it and thank the Internet for getting me out and putting me in contact with a whole new world. Maybe the smaller outlying areas are different but I found the Reno/Carson City experience to be cold and alienating with only a few exceptions. But then I look for the GFE with lots of talking, touching, and the like both before and after the actual sex. Having a bunch of obviously bored women stand in a line and look everywhere except at me only reminded me of things that sent me there in the first place. No thanks.

My experiences in a variety of Latin American countries, including numerous trips to TJ, have been so different from those of Neveda that it is hard to even know where to start a comparison. Sex for hire en espanol can really be fun which is what it should be every time. No one ever, or almost never, tells me that I can’t touch this or that, that I can’t switch to another position because I only paid for one, that the session is over because I came, etc.

It’s kind of funny because I have taken a very long journey to finally begin exploring the local escort scene. And to my surprise most of the women have been really nice. Nothing at all like their sisters in the neighboring state. I guess there are major duds here also but I have learned enough to ask around and now know what I am looking for.

Someday I hope to do the FKK clubs as they rank at the top of my to-do-list along with the Philippines and Rio. I don’t give a hoot about Cuba as the DR is great and then some and I never have to worry about some secret police making an example out of me. Columbia would be great except for the terrorism worry. So I went to Quito instead. I’m sick of Koreans in all the AMPs so I doubt that I’ll ever go the country. Russia is a big fantasy but I don’t need the worries of being caught in some mafia situation. Amsterdam sounds like a turn off with lots of gorgeous women doing 15 minute quickies. Forget that.

I think the problem comparing sex though out the world is setting a standard that all men can compare. There are several types of mongers and each comes with his own set of experiences. Some guys have actually had girl friends that included real so called GFE sex. Some have never had a real relationship and can only compare what they’ve had during a paid session. Then the issue that even the guy that had a girlfriend or wife may not have had the best sex. I’ve come to this conclusion from reading and sampling reports as to the quality of sex a particular girl provides.

A simple comparison is a guy that claims a girl deep throated him yet he only has a 3 inch dick. While another guy tries her and has a 7 inch dick he does not get the same experience. With some women we click or get along better while with others we don’t this may also be a factor.

Once I’ve met a person and spent some time with them I can usually get a better idea of what they like or feel is a standard we can agree on. Thus reports written by one guy may not apply to another guy unless you actually know what they like.

This usually is very apparent when a guy reports he had a great time with a girl, you then give that same girl a try and find her not to be so great. What in fact may occur is that the guy reporting is judging or comparing his experience to something that to you may not be that great.

From talks to the women that provide it’s obvious that men differ in what they want from providers. Some guys enjoy oral sex more then others while some guys feel that only intercourse will do. It appears the men that go to Nevada don’t mind paying more money for non sex time with the girls while in Germany you only pay for the actual time having sex. There are less then 30 clubs in Nevada and over a 100 in Germany so both systems are valid.

This is also the case when a guy states a girl is attractive, what one man thinks is pretty another does not find attractive at all.

One thing is true that money does not have as much to do with it as women might want you to believe. I’ve had the best sex for $30 from a highly educated sex worker in Germany and the worst sex from the same in Nevada. Pussy might be sold by the pound but they are not different by how much you pay. Also education has nothing to do with good or bad sex, one sex worker in Germany put it this way “You either have it or you don’t”. She was a young Polish gal in Germany who was a simple woman yet had lots of class. No silicone, lots of makeup or mental bullshit but a sincere woman that was truely sexually talented.

I recall being at the Moon Light Bunny Ranch years back and talking to a girl (her first week at the ranch from Florida). She asked for $600 for the hour, when I told her that in my past visits I never paid over $150 she said (as she pointed to her pussy) that this was worth every penny. Well that may be true but it’s not what you have but how you use it No. 1. She ended up only working there a month and departed. This was not unusual for Nevada which has a huge turn over. Ego seems to be what drives prices with some women and I can see why. I really don’t have a problem with women charging what ever they want. But we give half to the house they say, well in Germany the house gets $35-$50 up front and then a little less then half sometimes of the total session charge. So when you break it down to the hour or session it’s not too different. Could it also be that since less men visit in Nevada that the price is higher to make up for the lack of business? Several ranches have gone out of business for various reasons and several are for sale which does not appear to look like US legal prostitution is doing so well. In fact the concept of using Porn stars is another way to make more money with less service or time. Actually your paying for a name not better service. Again a porn star does not mean better sex.

I don’t have to pay those prices and I stand behind that by going elsewhere. What I don’t feel is fair is people that expect you to pay it. This is what separates the cattle from the real men. Now if these same guys were open enough to try other countries or places to compare what they had in Nevada they would be able to honestly compare what they had. This goes hand in hand with what I said about men being able to compare sex via reports. Being open is the key and its’ easy to see that’s the problem with some men. I recall some people thinking the world was flat a while back. It took others to explore to prove it was in fact round. Maybe this is human nature?

From my travels to Nevada I’ve had some good sessions but when I expanded my scope to include Europe I saw Nevada for what it was. Legal, closer and actually less attractive. What really stood out was that it was more expensive. Soon after finding the treasures of Germany I visited Mexico. Mexico is less expensive then Nevada but there are other limits. Safety is a concern and even if nothing has really happened to me during my hundreds of visits I’ve had a few close calls. One really needs to take care when visiting. Hotels and streets are not as clean as what we are used to in the US. Some women do possess health cards but this does not guarantee anything. Mexico has it’s advantages to Nevada but it still does not compare to the standards of Germany. Plus language is a big factor in making a connection in Mexico where less women speal english. If you can cross that barrier then you have a better chance but there is no guarantee to quality. In Germany the odds are in your favor for better service even with the language barrier. You can read reports all over the place about Germany and the majority hands down are about fantastic sex. Ask anyone that’s been if you want proof but don’t ask the idiots that think Euro women have hairy armpits as that’s a sure sign they have never been. That would be like me saying all hookers in Nevada look like the ones at the Cherry Patch. You have to visit all 27 or so ranches to be fair and I’ve done that several times. So all im saying is go and see for yourself the proof is there.

Germany’s drawback is distance and language. Although an english speaker is better off in Germany then Mexico. Safety is not a concern and prices are sometimes even less then Mexico. Quality is what stands out over the US and Mexico. Once you have sampled the sex at SA, Babylon or Bernd’s then you can understand where im coming from. If you have never been then there is no need to even comment. Im basing my info here on years of Nevada and Mexico visits. Also years of visiting Germany, Austria, Czech, Denmark, France, Italy, Swizterland and Holland.

Even with the spectacular sessions that I found in Nevada and Mexico they were dwarfed by my Germany sessions. This year im furthering my scope by researching Canada as Prostitution is more accepted there and prices are also 40% below the US. I also think that Asia, Russia and other parts of the world have great sex, would it not be great if we had a STANDARD to compare it all without having to try it all. Well maybe that’s the fun of it to compare it all.

From reading the posts it appears that most guys spend their dollars at the local MP’s and save for long distance trips every couple of months. How many of you guys do the Escort scene? Kinda odd that going to a (MP) which is a business you usually can get laid for $100-$150 and going to an independent escort you almost always end up spending twice that. You would think there would be some private women that would be happy with $100 per hour.

Interesting thread. Hadn’t stumbled on it before, and just finished reading all the old messages. A quick note to the guys who are worried that there’s not enough “variety” in Asia, and the prices are too high in Germany: Hey, in Brazil and, especially, Cuba, you can get everything that you’ve ever imagined. From utterly tiny, to muscular, large and athletic. From jet black, to snowy blonde, with a lot of red-heads in-between.
On my personal Top Ten, Cuba would definitely be at the top…except that its poor infrastructure makes it a tough place to stay for an extended period. Fortunately, when I go abroad, I normally stay for months, and that doesn’t work in Cuba. But from a pure quality-and-variety-for-price standpoint, nothing comes close to Cuban women.
Another quick note, if I may. To the guys who think they’ve already “experienced” Asian women, because they’ve screwed a few in German FKK clubs: Come on! Think about it for just a second. Do you really think those girls have the same attitude as they did back home, a few years younger, and just starting out? A Thai or Filipina girl working in a German sex club is way out on the fringe of hard-core, experienced prostitutes. Hey, those are precisely the kind that smart guys AVOID when we go to Asia.
A lot of those “veterans” eventually come back home, and still ply their trade in the Asian bars. You can spot them a mile away, simply by their attitude. By comaparison to the fresh young beauties around them, they are the worst of the worst.
Guys, please, you have NOT experienced Asia just because you “had” and Asian girl in Germany. Not even close.

I couldn’t agree more about your comments about Cuba. It is my favourite destination when travelling, as the girls there are absolutely beautiful, and the variety is phenomenal.

Speaking Spanish is fairly important if you don’t want to get ripped off, however even the ripped off price is decent.

If you go to the small towns where tourists don’t go, and visit the local disco, almost every woman in the disco will make herself available to you. $20 USD will be accepted almost always, however 95% of these girls are not making themselves available for a living on the street (although commonly done even between Cubans). Usually money is not even discussed — Cubans love sex, and if you have a car you can drive them around show them a good time, take them out for some food, go to the beach. Of course it’s always nice to give them a little bit of money to help them out. $10-15 is plenty.

The girls that ask for money up front I usually avoid unless they are outstanding. The nice small town non-pro girls that want to be your girlfriend are nicer any day.

Cuba is a paradise for women!
Voy a ir a Cuba en dos semanas!

Yes, you are exactly on the mark, noting that small towns in Cuba are the way to go. A lot of guys tell me they’ve seen negative reports on Cuba on the Net. When I check them, they are almost invariably from guys who only went to Havana. (Which is kind of like judging the Philippines by Manila…one of the world’s rat-holes.)
Definitely, the little Cuban towns are a kind of miracle for “hobbyists” such as ourselves. My favorite is Cienfuegos, but there are others nearly as good.
As I said in my previous post, Cuban “chicas” are by far my favorite girls in the world. But I normally spend several months at a time, and Cuba (with little infrastructure, no Internet to trade stocks, etc.) just doesn’t work for me, long-term. So I tend to winter in the Philippines, Thailand, or both. Would switch to Cuba in a heartbeat, if it was practical.
Like you, I stick to the “non-pro” or “semi-pro” types. There are so many of them, in such a variety of shapes (except fat!) and colors, that I’ve never found any need to try the hard-core “jineteras”. Your prices are bang-on, too. It tops out at $20, and that’s been the price since my first trip, in ’97.
I notice this was listed as your first post, Billfold. Welcome to the board. Maybe you could log on again after your Cuba trip, and file a report. I’d be eager to hear the latest…especially if you’re going to Cienfuegos.

Thanks for the welcome. I will give an update after my next trip, however I can’t see it being any different from my previous trips about a year ago.

I’ve been to Cienfuegos, but we were only there for one day/night, as we were doing a road trip. Ironically, I just decided to get a good night sleep that night, as my buddy and I had a hard time finding a casa in which they would let you bring back girls. Plus, I was exhausted and needed a break.

I’ve been to Havana, which is an amazing city, but of course things are much more expensive there and you will get hustled constantly. However, an interesting moment was after killing some time at the beach near Havana, having spent only 3 hours in the country, our cab driver picked up two hitchhikers. Let’s just say, without even asking, I had a great taxi ride back into Habana.

I have some close Cuban friends in Ciego de Avila, and usually go there as we have many houses to stay in, and they help us out. Plus it is relatively close to Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Unfortunately, you can’t bring your “novias” there due to the police checkpoint and the fact that Cubans aren’t allowed in the Cayo unless they work there.

I imagine places like Cienfuegos you could get away without speaking Spanish, but the smaller cities like Ciego, it is essential, as no one speaks English. And it is in the small cities where you will meet the most sincere beautiful girls you would ever want to meet.

Things are so cheap if you know how to live like the Cubans. I’ve eaten supper in Cubans homes for $1 USD, which was a better meal at restaurants paying $8. Gas not from the tourist gas stations can be obtained for 1/4 of the price, if you know someone. I could definately write a book.

The last time I went for two weeks, there was never a night that I didn’t meet a girl, and most of the time zero effort was put into it. Some very surreal situations until you get used to it. Like I said before, money is rarely discussed, and sometimes not even asked by the girls. It is good to give them something and show them a good time, since the average monthly wage is $10USD.

At first it seems very bizarre meeting the girl’s mother or grandmother, knowing that they know you are about to spend the night with their daughter. However soon you realize that Cuban’s are extremely open with their sexuality, and it’s decent of the girl letting her family know that she isn’t coming home that night, to make sure they don’t worry all night.

If board members were to go to some of the small towns in Cuba they would think I am crazy, as most would not want to step-foot into such poorly developed run-down cities with next to no resources, and no industry, which feels like going back in time 50 years. Some houses don’t even have running water. However if they knew how friendly, relaxed, and honest the Cuban people were, they would understand the situation more clearly.

Anybody out there with recent information on Indonesia?
Just asking, ’cause I had an interesting breakfast conversation — here in Pattaya, Thailand — with a couple of guys who live in a small hillside town about on hour outside Suribaya…the 2nd-largest city in Java.
Their take on the current situation in Indonesia was VERY positive. With the recent bombing in Bali, and all the embassies telling their citizens to avoid the place, their account obviously surprised me.
Then again, in another sense, it did not. In the past, I have also had great experiences being one of the few “falangs” in a place that everyone else is avoiding.
These guys actually live in Indonesia, and have for some time. So their description of things there does carry some weight with me. But I’d love to have a 2nd opinion from any other members who happen to be there now, or have recently left the place.
In more general terms, do any of our members have any first-hand experience with the Suribaya area? I checked the Indonesia section, and didn’t notice any postings on it. That’s why I’m posting this in the “General” section, hoping to shake loose some information that hasn’t already been contributed.
I may, myself, drop down to visit these guys quite soon, in their hillside abode. If so, I’ll certainly file a report on the situation there.

here is the best place in the world for paid sex?

Interesting topic and concept. I think one needs to ask some questions before deciding. What is important. Perhaps the following basics are a start to making a decision:


Cost: You need to figure in the total cost of the experience. For example airfare, hotel, guides and last but not club costs and sex itself.

Quality: This is where many people have agreeing on what is quality. Some guys seem to be happy with a woman that permits us to do “anything” to her. This to me is not quality. Some feel that as long as she kisses and makes some noise as if she is enjoying herself is fine. Then again some men only require an attractive woman to say it’s “quality”. I myself think “quality” is the skill of a woman in the sack. Oral skills, kissing, box control, tight body, woman that REALLY gets into the experience or the woman that makes you feel that you are both having the ultimate erotic time.

This will differ with men as from what I have seen each man will have his own experiences and level of satisfaction. While one guy might be happy with just touching a super model body another requires deep kissing, deep throat and perfect oral technique, deep penitration and equal envolvement by the woman.

I’ve known some guys who did the party tref thing in Germany and felt that due to them “thinking” the woman was there with them because the woman “loves” sex it was the best. I’ve had women who I know in fact like sex but the truth was they were just “real good” at it. Knowing a woman wants to be with you and is a pro may be two different things but both vaild concepts.

For example a guy who may not be clean shaven, well bathed, uses cologne, deoderant etc. may not have the best time as the woman many not be willing to go all the way due to the situation. Even something as small as smoking can be an issue but many women working the trace smoke.

How much time do you have to devote to a trip? While a local escort may be a 5-15 minute drive at a cost of $500 per hour a 2-3 hour drive for a $70 30 minute romp may be cheaper? Some guys just don’t care about money while others do. You have to figure in the extras. Driving time, travel time, fuel, auto expenses etc. Even airfare is a huge factor. Lets take a place like Thailand where you can get laid for $5. However airfares can run from $700-$1000 which makes $5 sex really $705 sex. So don’t fool yourself. It’s also time, flight times to Asia can run over 20 hours one way and that is a lost of several days work.

While Asia has Asian women and Latin America has Latin women for the the most part you are limited to such women at one destination. Should you be into a particular race of color this may be an advantage but if you like variety then it is a huge negative.

This does not seem to concern many people until it is a problem for them. Disease and crime are the two sub topics that Im referring to as far as safety. One of the issues I have with third world countries like Thailand is the poverty level and reason many women work. While the money for paid sex is great they don’t have a reason to stop working should they become infected with HIV or Herpes. Lets not fool ourselves there are people selling tours and info on Thailand who want you to think that none of these things are a problem. The fact is they also don’t have a reason to be honest. If they did tell you someone that went to Thailand got HIV or Herpes their business would go downhill so why would they tell you this? The same goes for the women working in lets say “Bangkok”. Why would a woman STOP working if she found out she was HIV positive or had Herpes? If she stopped working that huge income would stop. This might mean her family or children would go starve. One of the reasons some women get into this type of work is poverty and the high pay. The fact is in third world countries if there’s no club or management that might be held responsible for a girl who was working infected then who would make her stop. Thus a club which makes money on regular customers and repeat business is safer. The logic to this is that should a customer become infected he could complain to the club and the club would have to make the girl stop working. Women that do this due to poverty are more likely to work infected then those not in a poverty situation. This is not a rule that needs to be proven as its very simple. Work, make money or starve…. Infected? Who will stop me, why stop, who cares? Make sure a club you visit ACTUALLY does medical checks. Crime is another factor and Im not crazy about countries where your car can be broken into, pick pockets, muggings or scam artists. Just because someone tells you it’s safe does not always mean it is safe.

What do you get for your money, kissing, french kissing, bbbj, total access to a woman’s body, generous time, extras? Time with a woman that is unskilled is not value for me, a woman that allows multiple cums and works the entire time is more of a value to me. Then again some guys like taking their time which is also OK but is sitting and talking worth the same cost as actual sex? This is one problem with places that start with a low rate and have all sorts of rules or tricks. Taking off articles of clothes cost more? More posititons, oral without condom? Multiple cums etc. While some places everything is included other places or women will mark things up for each little extra.

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