15 Tips to Better Sex

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Tip #1:
Since what you eat and drink hours before sex strongly affects the way you taste, try to keep your diet somewhat bland. Alcohol, garlic, saturated fats, soy sauce and spicy foods give your secretions a bitter taste. Less spicy foods give you a more neutral taste and sugary foods will leave a sweet memory on the tongue.

Tip #2:
Use birth control. Sex is much more enjoyable when any anxieties about pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted disease is put to rest.

Tip #3:
Next time you suffer from a headache or bad PMS, don’t avoid sex. Studies have proven that the release of endorphins is a powerful painkiller.

Tip #4:
Don’t let condoms interrupt your sexual extravaganza. Make putting the condom part of foreplay. If you want to put it on your partner, try holding it very gently in your mouth, with the opening facing out. Then, use your lips and tongue to gently roll it down your lover’s penis. Just make sure you cover your teeth with your lips so you don’t break the latex.

If you don’t want to or can’t use your mouth to put the condom on then still make the experience exciting; masturbate yourself for your lover to watch; lick and kiss his nipples; tell him how badly you want him to fuck you. Just don’t let all foreplay come to a screeching halt because it’s something that has to be done.

Tip #6:
Emptying your bladder makes it easier to stimulate your g-spot.

Tip #7:
Plan a trip to the amusement park. The surge of adrenaline and endorphins make us feel more lusty.

Tip #8:
Give your lover a deep tonsil-touching kiss, at a time when sex is not possible. This allows both of your juices to get flowing and helps you anticipate your next sexual encounter.

Tip #9:
During foreplay and sex, look into your lover’s eyes as you are satisfying him/her.

Tip #10:
When performing cunnilingus on your woman, tell her how deliciously sweet she tastes. Same applies when performing fellatio on your man, tell him how delicious his juices taste and how much you love his hard hot cock in your mouth. For more great tips on cunnilingus, pick up a copy of the Clitoral Kiss.

Tip #11:
Give each other a tongue bath. Start from the fingertips and lick every inch of each other’s bodies, leaving not a single patch untouched.

Tip #12:
Next time you perform fellatio, take a sip of hot tea then wrap your mouth around his penis. And ask him to do the same for you. A really warm mouth, will make you both melt with pleasure.

Tip #13:
Manually stimulating a man or giving a handjob is beyond most women. It’s all about technique, your speed, your grasp. Well, Lou Paget has solved all our problems girls, in her new book How to Be a Great Lover, Lou Paget teaches us exactly how to give a good hand job. There are 21 techniques with detailed illustrations and instructions. So pick up a copy of How to be a Great Lover, sit your lover down one Sunday afternoon, grab a bottle of lube and start learning the techniques. Believe me, with the techniques you’ll be trying, he’ll be very patient.

Tip #14:
Although sex in the bath, is a wonderfully sensual activity, it can actually dry out your juices, so next time add a few drops of oil to the water to keep things more lubricated.

Tip #15:
By yourself a large blowup kiddies pool. Get yourself a couple of bottles of mineral oil, pour them onto the bottom of pool. Get your favorite sex toys. Get naked and get into the pool with your lover for an afternoon or evening full of well lubricated pleasure. Mineral oil is the best lubricant, it never dries up, so you don’t have to worry about things drying out. Important Note: If you plan to use latex barriers during this sexual encounter, keep in mind that mineral oil is not latex friendly

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