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Well, I am lurking this board for a while, and decided it is time to become a contributor as well. First, I must say that I am pretty impressed with what this site has to offer. The board is also a really great source of information, and I am sure I will use it a lot.

I joined the hobby not too long ago, but have been around the block for some time. At the moment, I am contemplating where to vacation this year, the options being Thailand or Germany for the FKKs (I haven’t been to either). I am really torn between these options, but have some time before I have to decide. By the way, if someone has some input on this debate, you are welcome to response.

So now for the contribution part…, I have some recent experiences in British Colombia Canada, Victoria to be exact. I just wanted to introduce myself here first, but will post the report in the appropriate section (I hope).

I’ve been to Germany many times and can probably answer any questions you have regarding FKK clubs or sex in Germany. I work closely with 21orover and have learned much about Asia (Thailand in general). From my research these suggestions might help you to decide where to visit.

Both Thailand and Germany have merit and are worth visiting. Both have strong points.

Germany has a a better selection of international women. Whether it be Latin America, Asia or Europe you can almost always find a great selection of women. Thailand is basically Thai or Asian women.
Germany sex short time costs about $30-$50 per session. Thailand sex short time is about $12 per session.
There would be a huge debate about health and medical check ups between the two countries. Germany is very strict with bi monthly mandatory check ups for the woman. I don’t think they are as strict in Thailand. You can’t buy everything or anything in Germany with money. In Thailand I think money (since it has much more value once you exchange your dollars) allows you to buy more as you can offer more.
It appears that the women are more of a pornstar experience in Germany as the women are in tune with what goes on in XXX videos. Cuming in the mouth, bbbj and even swallowing is common. French kissing is also very common as well as sex right in the lounge. I hear in Thailand the women wear a towel in the room till they get under the covers. Thailand the food and hotel is dirt cheap, the women all night are about $25. All in all both countries have great action. I am planning my first trip to Thailand this year. I’ll know more then but some of things I have brought up are indeed fact.

What type of women do you like? Asian or a Buffet of nationalities..
Is cost a factor? $25 a day or $200 a day in Germany.

I had a Thai girl from Thailand Pattaya on a recent trip to Germany and she was great. So I can see that they do have some women that are very skilled at sex. She told me that she makes ten times more money working in Germany rather then in Thailand. I just love having the selection from Blond blue eyed to tanned dark eyed or anything inbetween.

I know there are a few guys that have been to both Germany’s FKK clubs and to Thailand. Perhaps they can comment.

Great response. Thanks.
Well, you raised more than few very valid considerations, and probably different guys will have different preferences.

Selection – No doubt I love having selection. I do enjoy European (east and west), latina, and sometime others as much as the Asian. So there is a slight advantage to Germany, though it is not a determining factor for me because I do like the Asian babes very much and will have no problem at all focusing on them.

The health safety is definitely a consideration. It is hard to be cautious, especially when you don’t think with the right head. I would never consider uncovered intercourse anyway, but definitely DATY, DATO, bbbj, and such. So, once again it may not be the determining factor, but something to think about.

Now what will the girls offer, is definitely VERY VERY important. I did hear about the towel stories as well. At the same time, it is almost unanimously agreed that you get much more GFE in Thailand vs. Germany, and that once you get beyond the “under the covers” phase, they can be as uninhibited as anyone. This GFE aspect is the most important to me. The couch action, and the whole scene and atmosphere of the FKK is very attracting. At the same time, the short and long sessions at your hotel room, the GFE factor, less professional more personal, the soapy massages, and of course the abundance, are the attractions in Thailand. Good points for both options.

The next one was the cost. It is not that much of a determining factor for me (lucky bastard), but with comparison of $25 a day or $200 a day, it does have merit, Especially as I am planning on few weeks vacation, not the one week getaway.

Another consideration that I want to add is the language barrier. I do speak English only, and that comes to play in both places. I do want to be able to communicate with the girl not only through hand signs. As I understand, you can find English speaking babes in both places, but a lot of them will not. Can someone comment on the comparison here?

Once again thanks for helping in this discussion. I hope that others that have been in both places will join the discussion.

GFE is a big factor to me and a strong point for Germany. The service you get from the women is what keeps me coming back. I have extensive experience in Mexico and the same level of GFE in Germany is rare to never in Mexico. Those of you who have not been to Germany can not really compare what I mean until you have actually tried it. Im not talking about spending the day shopping with the girl or even having meals. The intensity of full french kissing with deep tongue action. The eye contact, the freedom to explore her body, her eagerness to touch you and your dick plus allowing you to shoot your wade all over her. It compares more to having sex with a girlfriend for the first time rather then a limited experience with a hooker.

One thing that stands out that a friend stated on a recent trip is that he being older 60+ he was treated the same as the younger guys. Many of the women are in this business because they REALLY enjoy sex. Many moonlight part time because they can’t get enough sex and getting a little cash on top of that is a huge plus besides the unlimited sex partners.

For example I did a bartender from one of the FKK’s this last trip whom I met at another club where she works only one or two nights a week having sex. I know her well and after an intense 2 hour session (which I was not charged more for) I spoke a bit with her and found out that sex is her hobby and she really enjoys what she does. I find this simple logic as a huge factor when compared to countries where many women do this basically to support their families. There is a huge difference between the women that REALLY love sex and the women that do it to make ends meet.

Letting you do anything to them and them participating 100% with you are also two different things. I wonder how many women that participate in the sex trade in Thailand REALLY enjoy sex? I have read many a review where the author states “she had lesbian tendencies” which leads me to believe she is doing it with men more for the money then the act.

My last trip the garden was open with the sun shinning at Bernd’s FKK. Guys and girls were in the yard nude. A few guys where having full on banging sessions, bbbj, kissing, missionary and doggie style was taking place on the white lawn chairs.

Another huge factor is NO RED lights, no low light bar lighting, no clothing to cover up what you get. You relax in a club lounge or garden and the women are usually walking around TOTALLY nude wearing only high heels. When you select one there are no surprises when you get to the room. There are no surprises like “her tits are smaller then they looked in the push up bra”. Wow look at those stretch marks etc.

Blow jobs are mandatory in the German clubs as almost every session starts with them. I hear you have to ASK in Thailand “do you smoke”. Which is “do you give head”. In Germany you don’t have to ask they all do it.

Yes I have not been to Thailand and I’ll just have to find out for myself so in 2003 I will be speaking from actual experience. I have read tons of reports and seen the many photos but I still wonder about these same issues.

I can only imagine if people were so selfish 5 years ago then most of us would ourselves not have found heaven….

Yeah, I’d still be dodging scam artists in Nevada — wouldn’t wish that fate on anyone. ;^)

I see this more and more over the years as I expand my experience. I get emails from guys who claim that a girl is “THE BEST” or that I’m wrong that my perception of her is different. Well I’m here to tell you that this is why they have a selection of women at the clubs. What rings one guys bell might not ring the other. The guy who thinks he knows what is best is in fact WRONG. There could be hundreds of reasons why a certain woman is good for one guy and not to another.

One of my favorites which I recommended to someone was reported as too mechanical. I guess we have different terms of women too as I would call her too intense if anything but never mechanical. Then I can see why different opinions come about. One guy might say Asian women are the best while another is turned off by them. It’s all a matter of taste which is why we don’t all eat meat and potatoes. Can’t we all agree that this is what makes selection good? Human nature is not like a machine.

The only way we could have a standard that might make any sense is if we all had the same experinces. We all visited the same girls, did the same things, had the same chemistry and paid the same money. This however is almost impossible and if anything we can only be general. What works for me is to figure out the taste of another monger and then see if that taste is similar to mine. I can then get an idea of what they like and what I like. This still does not mean that I’ll always agree but at least I have a general idea.

How many times have they had a Miss Universe contest and you felt the wrong girl won? When they show you the final ten it’s amazing at who we select to be the best.

This is important when people read my reports like F**K Fest 2001 and make assumptions that they know what Im talking about when they don’t. I get guys that have never met me thinking they know more then me or have better taste. Obviously this is about ego and not the subject matter. Taste is to each their own and anyone who thinks they have better taste has themselves a superiority problem. While one girl rings one guys bell she might totally fail with another. This does not make her bad nor the guy an idiot for not enjoying his time with her. It also does not mean that fellow does not know good sex from bad but merely that tastes differ and no one is best.

Then again the same people that seem to have this opinion make many other ASSUMPTIONS about other things they know nothing about. It’s never been too hard to figure out that if a guy can’t even speak German how can he really understand what is going on. Some rationalize “I have good friends that speak German” which is second hand news so how good is that? Please also understand that what the actual club owners think and a few visitors is miles apart.

I’ve sat with a few club owners over the years and had conversations in their language as well as mine. I find what they say to be fact and not rumors, egos or assumptions by a few visitors. When it comes down to it the owners want money, they’re interested in safety and they want customer base. The rest is all bullshit that is based on jealousy and ego by a few guys that think that no one else should know about the FKK scene.

For example they find out about Germany on the internet, visit and are impressed. Now selfish as they are they feel they need to suppress the info and only give it to people they feel need to know. I find this wrong as I found Germany’s FKK scene via the internet (the World Sex and do my best to return info to the web which helped me.

Just remember we are all different, we all have different tastes (standards) and reasons to visit prostitutes. Some of us have respect for how we ourselves came about to find these women or places while others think it’s their selfish right.

So when you read a report by someone you don’t really know take it as a grain of salt. Be open and do your homework and by all means give back to the internet if it gave to you. I can only imagine if people were so selfish 5 years ago then most of us would ourselves not have found heaven….

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