Transportation Security Administration

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As a result of 9/11 our government has implemented Transportation Security Administration or TSA

These new government paid workers cause many of the delays when you travel. A higher level of security you ask? They also reserve the right to cut off locks to examine checked bags “without your permission”.

Not only are security checks more common, some airports have mulitple checks.

Have you had to remove your shoes to run them thru the Xray machine? Im sure that dude that had explosives in his shoes a few months back has something to do with this new process

I’ve heard that they do random inspections of bags and suggest that we do NOT lock our bags. On the other I’ve had things come up missing out of my luggage. So I prefer to lock my check in luggage.

It may come to a bit of a shock the first time collect your luggage and find the locks cut. After closer inspection you’ll find the cut lock and a printed form from TSA explaining the intrusion or random inspection as they call it.

My actual cut lock

I really don’t have a problem with these inspections except they do leave our bags vunerable to theft after the inspection. The solution would be to re-seal the bags with some sort of seal. So at least we would know no one else was in the bag after the inspection. Even a simple tie wrap closure would work but this is not the case. Your bag is basically just closed without a lock or seal.

This is one side of the form which is placed in each compartment of your luggage. I had one placed in my main compartment and one in a separate zippered compartment.



Here’s the other side of the TSA form.
You can go to the TSA Travel Tips site via this LINK
Email them via
Toll Free 866 289-9673

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