Where is the BEST place worldwide for…

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The Twin Towers situation has had some effect on border crossings. Immediately after the terrorist incidents, The US Customs Service, Border Patrol and Immigration Service instituted total searches of all cars and individuals crossing the border into the US. As with any Federal operation, it only lasted for about ten days. The hard core inspections are now random, but expect to be questioned more thoroughly about your visit and where your point of origin was. Expect your border crossing to take about twice as long as usual…

Does anyone know if the New York twin tower situation has had any effect on TJ and the border? I’ve heard that there are some restrictions for crossing into Mexico now.

this may sound corny, but you know what really pushed me towards BKK? The movie “The Beach”. I know I know, it basically had nothing to do with Thailand in general. It was the message behind it. Richard (played by Leo DeCaprio), was basically at an impasse in his life. He graduated college and was like, “now what?” He then searches for “paradise”. Of course in the end paradise wasn’t all that it cracked up to be, but he EXPERIENCED it. Another movie along the “soul searching” theme was “Fight Club”

Well, I’m in the “disillusioned” category. One and a half years ago I was flying high only to learn it was on borrowed wings. dot-coms I want to experience debauchery and massive self indulgence either to see if that’s what I want or to get it outta my system before I face the reality of “living in the USA”. Don’t get me wrong, I love and respect this country it’s just the “grass is greener” thing that I’ve been feeling as of late.

Sorry for the rambling folks. It’s just something I thought I could share. Perhaps some are in the same boat as I am. Who knows.

to sparky:
-> if Germany is out of the question Bangkok is the obvious choice. don’t let recent crackdown’s worry you it’s just affecting the closing times a bit. talks is already mentioning a back to normal scenario soon. most likely it’s back to normal before you get over there…
sure you can find girls that will amaze you with their uninhabited performance, but also you will find a lot of SHY girls though willing to please (do the agreed deed)!

to the ‘cherry’ guy:
-> in most Asian countries virgins are so popular sales objects that many greedy pimps arrange for the young ‘cherry’ girls to become virgins again after each virgin encounter! e.g. many men believe sex with virgins will give them supernatural powers, they will be free from HIV etc… so prices are high$ Cambodia is known to ‘sell’ a lot of virgins so are others…

best sex in the world:
-> the guys putting up list are on the right track to finding paradise as said it really depend on each individual & what their references / preferences are.
I’ve been most places in Europe & Asia & my list would look something like this:

1. Beauty — Anywhere (up to you – follow the miss world competitions) – Spain, Latin America
2. Youth – Cambodia, Bangladesh, India
3. Value – Indonesia, Thailand, Germany
4. English-fluency – Philippines, ÚK, USA, Australia & Scandinavia
5. Ethnic variety – Germany, USA, UK
6. Numbers – Thailand, India, China, Indonesia
7. Low cost – India, Bangladesh, anywhere you can get it for free!
8. Passion – Cuba, Brazil, Latin…
9. Personality –
10. Service – Vietnam
11. girlfriend sex – Indonesia, Cambodia, Philippine
12. girlfriend feeling – Thailand, Indonesia
13. blow job (oral sex) – Vietnam, Thailand
14. anal sex – Cuba, Brazil, Cambodia, lady boys!

Hi, Sparky —

Regarding visiting DE/taking the FKK tour:
Airlines offer better rates for Monday or Thursday departures and Saturday stay-overs. Maybe you could arrange to join the October tour one day late (depart Monday instead of Sunday). That would make it somewhat easier to meet your budget, and still give you plenty of time to enjoy yourself. Last time I looked at the Germany Tour page on this site, there was one more seat left.

Need some advice guys.
I’ve been doing a lot of research on a trip, but I’m having problems deciding where. I narrowed my choices down to 3 places, well 2 actually. Let me explain. I’m planning a trip later this month or early next month. My 3 choices are Bangkok, Philippines, and Germany.

Germany: this is a place I really want to visit, especially the FKK clubs. Here’s the problem. It’s seems that the difficulty curve in visiting Germany is daunting. Getting around to and from the clubs and such. Yes, I thought about the FKK tour, but I can’t find a reasonable airfare for the Oct tour. And due to my schedule, a window for adventure is limited to late Sept and early Oct. Dammit, I’m a sucker for blondes too :/ My budget is $2500, I know I’m a cheap bastard. Blame the dot-com implosion.

Now my two viable choices are Bangkok and PI. Here’s whats got me in a bind.

Bangkok: I’ve been monitoring lately the curfews and shutting down of some places in BKK. The opinions I read are that the govt. is trying to shake Bangkok’s image as a “sex tour” nation. Also, I’ve been reading a lot of uncertainty and such so I’m a bit gun shy.

Philippines: This is obviously the easiest place for me to adventure solo. My target would probably be Angeles city. I’ve read some good reviews and such but I’m wondering if I’d be missing out.

My goal is to have a mind blowing adventure. I want to recharge myself after the dot-com madness. I’m a pretty superficial bastard, meaning that looks goes very far for me. Also I’m looking for the most uninhibited sex I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve been weened on US women for far too long! Now I’ve read that BKK women are far more uninhibited than PI women, that also adds to my confusion. Damn, if I could only find a sub $500 ticket to Germany from the west coast I’d be there with ya guys. BTW, Priceline gave me a 2% chance of getting a $300 ticket :/ Anyways, any advice on PI or BKK or whatever would be appreciated! Thanks guys!

I bet you’ve never been to Russia, a country that makes Thailand look like a village. I would also expect that you could find a fat ass on a Thai woman too if you looked. My point is that if you see one or two fat Russian women that does not mean all Russian women are fat. Where we find the best sex in the world is really set by what each of us need or want. Cheap might be nice for some but to me that still does not make Cambodia worth a visit. How many times do Cambodian women win Miss Universe? For that fact there are poor women all over the world that will fuck you for a dollar. How desperate do you need a woman to be to say it’s the best. Ok so that is my take on cheap, it may not be be the same for others. In fact I doubt what I think is the same as everyone else. My point is that not every woman in Cambodia is worth fucking nor does every woman in Russia have a fat ass. Maybe this should be considered like a beauty pageant, they have categories and area’s which when combined produce a winner.

The best sex in the world goes to the….
Best looking women
Least expensive sex
Most skilled sex worker
Best selection of women, only one race or color?
Can you communicate with the women? English?
Safety, disease, health checks?
Clean place of business
Free of crime and pickpockets
Funds needed to travel there?
Finally some men want porn star looking women while others might like a young teen style Asian woman. Some prefer blond while some like only darker features. To each his own but lets not compare one girl to all women or an entire country.

Where the best sex is has many faucets not just cheap. Sometimes I get the feeling some guys will fuck anything if it’s $5. This also leads me to believe these same guys might want a slave to do anal on rather then a sex partner. I found this all so strange while guys are angry that an American Blond asks for $300 an hour we have a guy thinking the best sex must be for for $5. I see this more as a cheap bastard compared to a wealthy guy who does not care about money. Ok so Asia is cheap but how many women do you find that have anything other then dark hair or eyes? The point is that your stuck with basic Asian traits. So while Asia wins in the cheap department it loses in the selection. Please don’t reply they have fat Russians there too, as it’s obvious you know nothing about Russians. Can we say ALL Americans are CHEAP because one poster will only pay $10 for sex?

I have not been to the Philippines and have no plans to visit. Lately the press gives the impression that you have to be concerned about your own safety. The fact that it’s dirt cheap really does not make it appear to be the best place. Please bare in mind this is only my opinion as are the other posts under this topic. While it might sound as a positive to have a virgin it’s not realistic nor a benefit. A virgin could also be considered an unskilled person in sex. Some of the best sex I’ve had worldwide has been with skilled women who knew what they were doing. Then again to each his own, if your idea of cherry popping is fun then so is mine of mutual sex talent for the best quality experience. Some skills are learned while some are built in. How you could say the Philippines is the best due to a higher possibility of virgins to me makes no sense.

I’ve heard that many of the “cherry girls” in places like Angeles City aren’t really virgins; that really they’ve probably been with a Filipino boyfriend before, but just haven’t been with a foreigner.

In your experience, what would you say is the percentage of real virgins amongst the so called “cherry girls”?

I agree with SP.Wonderful post BTW.

I have been going to Nevada since 1979 and I have stopped a year ago for the same reason outlined here.

The Sex scene has become too ‘Corporate’ and ‘High Roller Style’. I wonder who are those fools who bargain pussy for $300 per shot and where they come from ? and from what levels of desperation and despair? I cannot believe that tiny little neon decorated lobby and bar at the Moonlight Bunny Ranch has become so expensive and outrageous.

No girl there is worth less than $400 per shot and that’s what they start out with. The add-ons get ridiculous and I have seen guys going in the room and immediately coming out with annoying expressions. Same women in other Ranches can still be found for $200 per shot.( Remember they usually allow one shot no matter how much you fork-up).

Than there are those obsolete and forgotten 1980’s (not to mention devalued) Porn Stars who probably will never get employment in San Fernando valley again. Those Porn Stars are on the videos that you have probably have thrown away in a dumpster behind the grocery store. Those ‘Golden Aged ‘ Porn actress are not like Wine and I sorry they have not aged well. There are lots of scars and mileage on those faces. The Porn Stars in their final act are now clinging on for anything they can get even if it means a stint at the Moonlight Ranch which is usually a $500 demand for sex in exchange for a Name Fuck from the past.

I was unable to relate to that scene and after 20 years of patronizing Moonlight Bunny Ranch (even when it was one-room dump)I used to just drive down the Highway a few more yards and turn right on Kit Kat Ranch road. There you may find some fucks for $120-$150 range but quality is compromised and good ones are rare to get.

Kitties is the low-end of Moonlight Ranch but still pricey and with some attitude.

Maps are good Wizard but one needs to allow time to find the clubs. They are not always easy to find. Bernd’s Scheiferhof is a good example as this club does not even look like a club. Buying a good atlas is your best bet and allowing plenty of driving time. Finding these places at night is also more difficult. Did you know the German highways have no lighting? Next time your on the autobahn please take note of this, even the street signs or off ramp signs have no lighting. First time visitors need to understand this as I found out without notice. It’s also been noted here several times about trusting people you meet on the internet and meeting them in a foreign country. I don’t care what they tell you and if you talk to them for hours on the phone. Don’t trust people you have never met.

SP-I couldn’t agree with you more!! Nevada is an absolute joke. If they were smart they would have German style FKK clubs & make millions!

I was born in Germany, but grew up in the US. I can speak like a local German & have lived there half of my life.

I love the fresh young innocent girls that open themselves up to you! I also have been to Prague twice in the last year & it has been fun. My recommendation is to forget Nevada……Go to Europe. Drink fine beer, eat fine food, & have the best sex of your life!

Maps and GPS are two totally different things, especially when using them. You use the map to find places while a GPS guides you from where a satellite sees you. Yes they both work from a map but they are light years apart. If you have actually been to Europe and spent time trying to find these places then you know the value of a GPS. Even the Germans who live locally use GPS to find some clubs. If you have plenty of time to travel and search then sure a map is fine. Most first time visitors think it’s as easy as reading a map to find these places and it’s not. Streets are rarely to never straight as in the US. it’s often cloudy and you can’t count on the sun for direction. Asking for directions from the general public and not speaking (fluent) in the local language makes things even worse. Eventually you’ll find the place which might cost you hours of time and gas, don’t forget it’s as high as $5 a gallon. At least with a GPS you know where you are, you can’t always see where you are easily on a map and something as low grade as map quest makes it even tougher. Think twice and invest in a good detailed map. If your so cheap that you need to print your maps off the internet then you might as well stay home. You’ll end up saving pennies and paying dollars in time and fuel.

The drawback to the GPS is you have to know where you are going and to program the GPS, even Auto Route 2001 won’t find street addresses. I know this as I’ve owned 2001 and the previous version Europa 98. You can search by city not streets, maybe a few major roadways but all these clubs we seek are not on common roads.

If you have time, buy a good map at any German book store. GPS will make things easier (if you know where the place is located? Most instructions on club directions on web sites are in German. Auto route does point to point but not actual address input. In other words don’t expect to put in Babylons address and the airports and have it plan a route. Streets and Trips 2001 for the US does this but you’ll soon see that the European version is way behind.

It’s not rocket science! I’m going to give you a very simple formula, with prices. Follow it and have the time of your life!!

1. Read and study this site (21 or over) – all the information on where is here.
2. Find a discount ticket to Amsterdam. It’s a hub, and you can find round trip tickets for under $350.
3. Find a rental car deal. Hertz has packages for AAA or AARP for great prices. PREPAY the car rental. It will save you 30% or more.
4. If you don’t have a laptop, buy one. Then find the program Auto Route Europe 2001. It’s out of Microsoft UK, so you might have to look at buy.com for UK. The price is about $65 US and will make your life wonderful in Europe. It does point-to-point addresses and will bring you directly to Babylon (not easy to find, but SO worth the effort.) or anywhere else you want to go, including specific addresses in cities (try Ria’s in Amsterdam www.riasadam.nl, you will not be disappointed.) If you have a GPS hooked to the laptop, you are golden. Without GPS, it is almost as good. It also has hotel and restaurant information for quick reference.
5. Don’t just go to Germany. Try Rotterdam – www.parenclub.com is just about all the fun you can have on Thursday nights for under US$100. There are also some great clubs in Rotterdam, and it is very honest – what you see is what you get. Great attitudes and the prices are real – no surprises! Smile a lot and talk to the people wherever you are.

If you follow the 5 steps above and don’t have fun, don’t blame me – you must be an Actuary (that’s an Accountant who flunked the personality test. . . .)
Just one more comment – stay away from the RLD in Cologne (Koln). It is the worst in all of Europe (even Homberg). Two high-rise building one across from the other filled with pigdogs (swinehunt). Everything is bad – gordo e feyo (fat and ugly), dishonest, and a disgrace to the profession. STAY AWAY!!

I have a choice of either traveling to Europe, South America or Asia for some paid sex. Asia and South America do have the price advantage with the high dollar. Europe seems to be the best choice as far as variety of women and security.

Anyone has any input on Australia or other countries?

Just a note to say this is one reader who appreciates yours and LB’s expert advice on this board. When I read about what is available in Germany, I feel like a fish out of water here in the US. Get me away from these Puritans — I want to emigrate back to the Old World!

I’ve spent many years visiting Nevada before the web introduced me to Mexico and Europe. I have many close friends that fill me in on Asia and its wonders. Even Los Angeles has some great GFE in escorts and MP’s.

My favorite still is Germany, why Germany? Well it’s really not that expensive as some might think. I’ve paid as little as $275 for round trip tickets from the west coast to as high as $550. After a 10 hour flight which compares to the 8 hour drives I once made from LA to Reno it’s not that bad.

Germans are really picky about paid sex just as they demand the most from their cars. They build cars to drive at 220kmh not 55mph. Thus the autobahns where there is no limit. Germans laugh when they visit Nevada and think we are all stupid for settling for the poor quality women and ridiculous prices. Not to mention that what we think is sex they feel is driving a car at 55mph which is supposed to go 200. Let me explain a bit here, when I first read about German FKK clubs I had my doubts about it.

First off oral sex with a condom is unheard of. Nevada will always counter with the STD issue but in 5 years of visiting Germany I’ve NEVER heard of even one incident. Even my friends that are German and live there have never had a problem. Can it be that ALL visitors shower, they have bi- weekly medical checks? The women are younger 18-24 and not the IV user types one can find in some places of paid sex? OK so all intercourse is done with a condom, they aren’t stupid. Besides being able to drive without speed limits or with the top down it’s the women and the quality of sex that count most.

Women in the US just don’t get into their work as the European counterpart. I’m not speaking for everyone just my 5 years experience in this hobby. Even Mexico can’t compete and GFE experiences are nothing like those in Germany. Before you can counter on this issue you need to visit Germany (Babylon in Elsdorf) for example and sample the goods. I learned long ago that when reading the web everyone has a different opinion of what is good. One guy says a girl is great, the best he ever had and the next finds her only barely passable.

Im hoping more men will try other countries to make a comparison themselves not take a foolish stand.

Where I once had dozens of friends that visited Nevada and thought it was great now they think Nevada is an overpriced joke. It’s legal, that’s about it, you can fuck a porn star wow. You really have to laugh at the ignorant guys that think Europe means hairy arm pits. European women are US women you idiot or are you fucking an Indian? Germany is the 31 flavors of the world. You go to Mexico you get Latina, hey I love Latina’s, you go to Asia you get Asian, I also love Asian’s but you better be prepared for only one flavor. Those countries are basically those nationalities. Germany has the range, quality, price and selection that you won’t find anywhere else.

Price, in Nevada you pay what ever price they put on your head when you walk in. I can’t believe how many men paid $1500 for what I paid $150. This was common practice, it’s a car dealer type operation. The girl asks you “What did you want to spend?” What a joke, in other words how much are you worth. OK hands down Germany is better, prices are set and EVERYONE is happy with what they spend and make. The clubs in Germany get $35-$50 entry, you get a sauna, pool, Jacuzzi, drinks and sometimes food with your access to many lovely and willing ladies. This also keeps people out who only come to look and not play. The women get from $30-$75 for 30 minutes in the room. Now remember 30 minutes in the room is for sex NOT talking, foreplay or any other bullshit Nevada women push on you to extend the time. In Germany you can get oral sex BEFORE the clock starts and you enter the room. Imagine this, the guys that build BMW, VW, Mercedes and Porsche set it up that foreplay, oral sex and chatting take place before the clock starts. Simple, your paying for fucking guys not hype of sitting in a room with a woman. Sure if you want to fuck for an hour you can double the cost it’s still less then Nevada.

I never could understand the concept that in Nevada if you paid a woman for an hour of her time you could only cum once. What a rip off, so you settle on $200-$500 for an hour but what she really means is TILL you CUM. Remember that, it’s a loaded question and her goal is to book the time but only work as little as she must. I did this once in Nevada where I paid the same girl $200 instead of the usual $100 I paid her and it got me nothing more. We still did the same thing, just spent the extra time shooting the ••••. Now I can go twice, cum twice by doing the separate sessions at $100 each. It’s very simple but some men still don’t mind paying $500 for an hour just to sit in a room with a pretty girl. Hello, if I did two separate $100 sessions all I’m doing is getting up and leaving the room and then returning but I get more sex for the same money. What’s the deal here guys?

OK back to Germany, you can sit all day in the same room with the women. They are so attractive they are TOTALLY NUDE in the lounge with you. Think of it this way, if your buying a car (German mentality) you want to see what your buying, look under the hood, see it in normal light (not this low dark red lighting). How many times have you paid a girl and then the clothes come off and your mouth drops to the floor. “Where did that gut come from, wow that was a push up bra?, hey why did she turn the lights out?” This is normal practice in Mexico and Nevada. Germany’s offerings are mainly 18-28 year old fresh women that are in shape, friendly and eager to please. They don’t need to hide a big ass or lack of firm breasts, you get what you see and pay for.

Sorry I forgot about selection, what you find in Germany is an international crowd. Brazilian, Venezuelan, Colombian, Mexican, Argentina, Cuban, Dominican, French, English, Spanish, Persian, German, Russian, Latvian, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Korean, African, Thai, it goes on and on. I think I’ve only not seen American women working in Germany. The range is really unlimited and you can find any flavor you wish. I found a Brazilian on my last trip that was unbelievable. They take pride in offering NO TABOO sex, which means kissing (yes kissing) anal (with condom) and don’t forget killer oral. While the US Nevada women are stroking your ego, covering everything with latex and stretching the time to bill you in Germany your having GIRL FRIEND SEX.

I’m sorry but US women have made paid sex fucking a hole, often they don’t want you to even touch them during sex. OK so you can find an escort that provides the German style service. You just have to go thru lots of trial and error finding one. God knows that figuring out which ones are a rip off and which ones are good can cost you.

Hey I wish Nevada would magically change and turn into a legal FKK club scene then I would stay in the US. I love the USA and I enjoy coming home in more ways then one. Why are we driving Japanese cars instead of American? THEY ARE BETTER, this was not always so but the US is famous for buying what is well made or worth the money. The US has slacked off in the LEGAL sex department. please visit Germany page and More details on German clubs and consider trying something new.

This is not a sales pitch, go by yourself, it’s still a better deal then driving to Reno and paying thru the nose for women that should be paying YOU…. That $2000 hour with a porn star at the Moonlight could pay for a week 7 DAYS with 20 very hot, young, eager women in Germany.

Never thought I’d live to see the day when Germany was being touted on the Web as a great place for sex. Hmmmm. Have you every been to Pattaya, in Thailand? Reason I ask is that it is absolutely FULL of German men, coming by the hundreds of thousands in search of Thai girls.
Far as I know, that traffic is all one-way. I’m not aware of hordes of Asian men heading for Germany in search of great sexual adventure.
Also, I just have to chuckle at the Asian-American guys on this site who are constantly moaning that American girls don’t like them, and talking about places like Brazil and Germany.
Here’s a news-flash, guys: A huge proportion of the members of this site, probably the majority, make Asia their prime destination for great sex. And, guess what? Over there in Asia, the people are not prejudiced against Asian guys. I suppose that must come as a big surprise…Still, you might want to check it out.

About the horrible sex in Nevada, I brought my Brazilian Capoeira friend to Las Vegas in one of the sex ranches and they charged $300 for not even an hour of sex. My Brazilian friend felt ripped off and wanted to hit me for taking him to this place. He described the situation in that he could only cum once and had oral with a condom. He explained that in Brazil, the sex spas there give you oral without a condom AND you can cum as many times as you want. He ended up not going to any more of these places in Vegas and convinced me to save my money and take a trip out with him to Brazil for some REAL action. I wished I listened to him and took a trip with him 10 years ago instead of taking my first trip to Brazil 4 years ago. I found out he was right. I went to a sex spa called Terma Centaurros and paid only $50 US for the girl and $25 for the room (a total of $75). Way cheaper and Much better than the Vegas girls. And the girls don’t feel ashamed of doing sex as much as the cheesy women here do. These women in Vegas are fat. The ones in Brazil are in top shape. I also went to a cheaper club called Termas de Copacabana and the women were still better looking than the ones in Vegas. And these women cost only $20 for the hour (room included!). There are spas that cost anywhere in between. These women are also different skin colors as well. Some are black, Latina, dark Asian looking (some women from Sao Paulo are part Japanese because of the large immigration of them from World War II) and even white (women from Portugal). The white women are like Europeans except they only speak Portuguese. You have all flavors in Brazil especially in Rio de Janeiro. (In Bahia, you get more black or Latina looking women and no whites though). I haven’t been to Germany but I am very curious. I am heading there next year. I been to Thailand and they are great women but there are ONLY Asian women there. I did like Thailand women because they were friendly towards everyone, even the black guy I was with. But I liked Rio much better because of the variety and that Latina women are more passionate. The sex in Thailand was very cheap and plentiful though. My group of friends got laid at least three times a day. I also been to Dominican Republic and the sex there was also much cheaper and better than Vegas. You can take a girl home for an entire night for $50 to $80 US dollars for 6 hours and they sleep with you too. You can cum as many times as you want in them as long as your dick stays hard. She also gives you a morning blowjob before she leaves. The only complaint I had about DR was again the lack of variety of women. Also, the ugly ones hassle you while you’re trying to find one you like. I then find one I like as soon as I can and ignore the ugly one following me. It is hard to get rid of them if you don’t speak Spanish. There was also only black or Latina, but they know what they are doing sexually. Most of them have weird looking tits though but at least they are natural unlike the silicone stuffed breast of Vegas women. I think that’s what you pay for, their tit operation.

My personal experience the best looking girls are in Hungary
if you look for a GFE experience try Yugoslavia, not a world wide sex destination but really interesting
if you want a great choice, professional attitude and technique your place is Brazil for sure
Thailand is an average place in my opinion as well as Singapore
at the bottom of the stairs I put USA, Italy, Germany and England in all categories

Interesting how Nevada always gets a black eye from people who have actually visited some of the better places for paid sex. Rio, Germany, Mexico, Thailand the list goes on. Prices are so outrageous in the US many guys end up feeling ripped off when they sample the quality of the exports. The US is the worst place to look for sex, even Canada has better options. South of the border Mexico offers far better deals and women. What’s worse is just stop by the Cherry Patch or Madam Butterfly’s in Nevada to see the lineup, American men actually pay money for the women they have? I guess so as they’re still in business. Now if you want pretty girls you’ll have to go the Chicken ranch or Sheri’s and then many of the women ask for $1000 up for basic sex per hour. What an insult to American men. It’s only sex not brain surgery. Then there’s the Bunny ranch near Carson City and their $250 plus prices or $10,000 porn stars. What’s wrong with men in the US? Wake up, take a chance and try some of these other places. I bet many of you are driving Japanese cars and when you found out they were better you bought one. Well this is the same thing, some American things are just not worth it.

1. Germany has the best sex
2. Thailand is more fun and has good sex
3. Holland has beautiful women and OK prices
4. CZ has lower prices and pretty women
5. Mexico has some good options
6. Canada has some beautiful women and lower prices
7.US if you must has some MP’s, escorts and Nevada

I’ve yet to try Brazil but some day. also Costa Rica.

“In any case German FKKs have largely E-European women anyway, maybe that’s what makes them so great.”. Perhaps you can share all the clubs that you visited in Germany which brought you to this conclusion.

In my experience yes there are some E European woman but I would not say “largely” this is more true of the Frankfurt area with the likes of Atlantis and Oase. As you go north the selection in my opinion varies more with Asians, Latina’s and western Europe.

Safety is a big factor for me and I never feel really at ease in places like Hungary and CZ. Plus the language barrier.

Have you been to Adelita Bar and Chicago Club in TJ Mexico? Those are probably the two best clubs along the Mexico US border.

Would love to hear more details about your Nevada experience also.

In my opinion Brazil probably has the best sex period, regardless of money and prices, Brazilian women are easily the most sensual and beautiful in the world. The icing on the cake is that sex in Brazil is very cheap but the quality is phenomenal, it is like buying a Ferrari for the price of Hyundai, the only catch is that you are getting a real genuine Ferrari, it is that good. I have rarely paid more than 50 dollars US for a full night with some rather beautiful Brazilian women. Germany has an excellent FKK scene but whenever I got to Rio it is filled with German tourists, both men and women, looking for Brazilian men and women. The only main downside of Brazil is that it can be a dangerous place, crime there is no joke and it is easy to wind up in serious trouble if you are not careful, also you need to get a Visa from the Brazilian government, in addition you have to eat and drink very cautiously. In Western Europe, you never have to worry about these things as crime is actually much lower than in the States and in terms of hygiene, Western Europe is the cleanest place on Earth.

I personally like Germany the best. In Thailand you get Thai girls, in Brazil you get Brazilians, in Germany you could have woman from 20 different countries in a week. So Variety is the best in Germany. Also IMHO the FKK scene can’t be beat, the woman are beautiful, you get BBBJ, can CUM in their mouths for a little extra. However< I would say that Brazilian girls are the most passionate and seem to really enjoy sex (I had 1 girl who would not let me leave her apt. until 1pm the next day even though I was starting to try and leave around 9am. Some are really wild.) The Thai girls are so small that you can have lots of Fun with them but some don’t have as much skill (especially at BJ’s) that the above mentioned have. Montreal is the best in N. American for me. And Finally the girls I’ve had in Prague that are part-Timers all seem to like sex and want to CUM although BBBJ is not the norm. I think Russian woman are the most beautiful in the World but have not had sex in Russia (on the wish list). Holland is weak because of attitudes. So for me I’ll take GERMANY!

Speaking of Germany, I am going for 2 weeks. The first week, I am going with the FKK tour. The second week I am still trying to decide where to go from there. Should I take a trip to the Prague’s my second week then come back to Frankfurt when my week is up for my return flight or should I see other parts of Germany like Munich, Berlin, Hanover, etc? Guys, your input is appreciated. Darkseid

IMHO Munich, Berlin & Hanover all suck for sex (stick with the Rhine area & other FKK’s in Germany). Munich is a nice city though. I’ve always had good sex experiences in Prague (and it’s Defenitely one of the nicest cities in Europe). The sex options in Prague are endless. Check out:

http://www.escort.cz (a great site with tons of updated info.).
Around Frankfurt don’t forget to visit Oase & Atlantis FKK’s.

Hi Travel100, how far is Czech Republic by train ride? And how do you get there from Frankfurt? I decided I should go there for 5 days of the second week and then come back to Frankfurt for the last 2 days before leaving back to New York. Darkseid

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