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I visited Cyprus in May and stayed near Paphos. If you want paid sex there is only one option: Go to a place called “Cabaret” I found four of these places in Paphos and all the taxi drivers know where they are. If you enter, you see a bar and an area where girls are sitting around. They are beautiful and very friendly. Most of them come from Russia, Moldavia, Romania. It’s a pity these places rip you off. You pay $10 for a drink but if you buy the girl a drink you pay $20. The girls have orders to finish their drinks within 15 mins. You have to buy the girls at least 3 drinks to even have a chance to take one to your hotel or apartment. In most cases you’ll have to pay a bar fine of $100,- as well. One positive aspect: The girls are worth it! They stay with you all night and you’ll pay them approx. $60, – The frustrating thing is that the bar makes nearly all the money. The best option is a place called “Veus Cabaret” in the old town of Paphos. Mainly locals come here and there is no bar fine. The owner of the place is a bit careful letting the girls go out with foreigners. But discuss a plan of action with the girl and you probably end up ok

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