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Hi guys,I would give you some info of sex scene in Tehran. Buying sex is weird although easy to find a worth of money girl. I’v born in Iran and exactly can tell you what’s going on here. Alsooften uses these HOT girls because I’ve divorced for years. Since that seems not to be any kinda sex service exist around but you could easily get the wettest pussy you could have had.

The best way is to drive to “Vali Asr” or “Mirdamad” Boulevard close to midnight where there are many of street walkers but you gotta treat them individually since the hookers wouldn’t show themselves as western hookers do. They don’t wear “I’m a prostitute” type shirt. When a girl wastes her time not doing anything and just looking around and replacing her scarf you must know that’s yours for the night. So stop to her and ask the price without hesitate.

The prices vary from 20,000-60,000 Toman for one hour.(800 toman=1 USD) Even you could find some stunners for 70,000 or upper,But first negotiate to beat the price down and tell her what you really want. Remember, They’re worth it. The girl may do everything anal,kissing,…

I had a very cute girl 19 yrs named “Mona” had large breasts,was tall,black hair and a full and skinny round ass that stands any man’s cock at it’s full attention.was very free to do anything ,even kissed her on lips without any complain and had a very satisfying experience that night.

Also there are some escort agencies around but they do not advertise anywhere as it’s dangerous because of Islamic law, but is accessible by knowing someone whose into that. All in all can’t give you their numbers while it can be a big trouble for them if police find out you know ,wanna use them , don’t’, hah.I think can’t get this kinda good quality girls even in the Europe as they’re very friendly and my favorite type and a sort of a woman must be.

Well come to the mysterious land where you can do almost anything in the hidden ways. I’ve lived for 3 years in Tehran.So as there was not a useful comment I thought I must share some. I have to admit that Iranian girls are that cute,sexy and like a mixture of Italian and Arab, WOW. In my opinion they’re the best in the middle east and even Asia.

All in all Iranian girl is a “men’s favorite”. First of all I must say “sorry” to those who used to be relaxed and enjoy nudity and for those who would call an escort agency. I guess I enjoyed as much as I could during my visit and you have got to just find the key of the mysterious brothel. Also I think I could get sex cause I had a suitable situation too and have never been ripped off. Remember that having an Iranian friend will be extremely helpful .Sometimes pimps may approach you to offer the girls. Actually there are two well known ways to find girls.

Pimps: they’re every where and mostly would approach foreigners as they involve them less . Note: Do not request a girl from someone you’re not sure is a pimp (Hezbollah will horribly involve you).

If they (pimps) find out that you are living alone and making $$$ every day they will stick you and never wanna get off. Normally the price would be from 20000-50000 toman (25-60 USD) for full service for 1/2 hour that is really worth it, Trust me.

I have had some stunners (8 of 10) for 55000 toman who sucked the life out of me and left me incredibly satisfied. Usually the girls are not very professional that is better for me,I love armatures. They may start with a poor BJ but most will give you a GFE experience afterward.They will deeply kiss you if you’re nice and respecting them.

Some girls are very shy ,so they don’t like to be touched specially from ass and cunt that may turn you off, so they’ll cost less. Always tell the pimps the kinda girl you’re looking for otherwise tell them that you wouldn’t give money.

Street walkers: This often works when you’re nice dressed and riding with a nice car too.They never give you BJ or anything in the car because it’s very dangerous and if you’re caught with police it equals your dead or some thing like that.

I have had a beautiful 25 yrs girl.I was calling with my cell phone beside the street into my car and suddenly she came in and said “Hi” so I got what’s going on and negotiated for all night for only 90 USD.

I fucked her kissed her fingered her ate her pussy and came 3 times and felt completely satisfied since she was hot and had a full body with long black hair and rounded ass which make any man’s cock at it’s full attention.(7 of 10 at body-7.5 of 10 at face). But unfortunately next morning she rubbed about 50$ from my wallet.

I will be posting other useful reports for you guys . Tehran has a large number of pro’s but you need to know where they are.Just be patient.Good luck!

Here is scoop on Tehran, it exciting and crazy. the economy is very poor, thus prostitution is active and wild. However, if you get caught, you are fucked for the rest of your short life. The girls are fun and cheap, for about 20-30 US$ you can have the finest girls spend and they are even willing to spend the night and make you breakfast in morning. Your only problem, finding a place as you can’t take them back to the hotel. you need a private house or visit a brothel. there is a street in central Tehran, called vali asr. there you will find you girls 7-10, waiting on the side of the road pretending for wait for a cab. You can easily find one and go back to her place. there is also a possibility that you might meet someone while walking in the streets, these girls are very smart and they can pick a tourist from a mile away. they way you know she is interested: see if she opens her scarf as she walks past you. this here is the secret language of “I’m interested”.

I was there 10-2000 and after smoking the best hash of my life, went for a walk in the park around noon. I had chicks walking past me like fruit flies and opening their scarves for me. I stopped and pretended to ask for the time. after noticing my watch, she asked me where I was from. I told her states, and immediately fell in love with the mack. After we met a couple of more time, she came over and we started fucking like rabbits. I became this girls sugar daddy for the month, and she even brought her girlfriends over. I was fucking having three some almost every day. before you knew it she was buying groceries, cooking and cleaning and she even hooked me up with some opium. It was the greatest time of my life. No oral, these girls aren’t into sucking dick but lot’s of anal and regular fucking. Now, I have to tell you this if you get caught by the moral police, consider yourself fucked unless you can pay the off which is really easy. These girls don’t want to be thought of as prostitutes so make sure you don’t treat the like one. Don’t just hand them the money and thank them after you are done, be graceful and slip her the cash. it’s a weird country, but one with a very lively underground. The brothels are also nice, but I didn’t want to risk it. you can easily find pretty girls out and about.

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