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A. If you’re on a budget and prefer to spend you money on girls rather then fancy hotel rooms make your way to the central bus station, standing there are a lot of home owners who rent there rooms to tourists, most of the rooms are very decent (and if they don’t feel free to continue looking)the best thing about these rooms is the price, about 1/5 from a hotel room and 1/2 from a youth lodge or something similar, and it has better conditions from the latter.

B.(and most important) THE GIRLS: I had two great experiences with beautiful women. I think the best way to go in Eilat is call for a girl from one of the many escort services. If you have a private room, it’s certainly better than the massage parlors which are very sleazy places. The first night I asked for a blond (I have a weakness for blondes) and 15 min. later a stunning 19 old Romanian appeared at my door. She was actually one of the best looking women I saw (5″6 very thin with a beautiful pair of small tits)after paying her (250n.i.s = 60$) for a full hour she undressed me let me undress her and she started to suck my cock sans condom, although her oral technique was a bit lacking I was compensated later with a tight pussy that I had a great time fucking in many different positions (with a condom). After I came for the first time we just lay in bed watching TV, just laying next to her just coping a feel of her breasts was great. I then fucked her again for about 15 min. more and I came again this time it felt even better. The only problems with this girl were her lacking oral and the fact that she didn’t speak neither English nor Hebrew and that made communicating a big problem.

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