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Accommodations: I stayed at Holiday Inn Bayview. This most recent addition to 4 star Haifa hotels is quit and nice. Not many locals there as it is definitely expensive. At least all cars in the parking lot had been rental.

Currency: New Israeli Shequel (NIS) is worth about 25 cent and can be easily exchanged in the hotel or in one of many bank branches. ATM’s are abundant and will usually let you have some cash in exchange for whatever information they read off your VISA, MasterCard or Amex plastic.

Transportation: While relatively expensive (~$500/week for a compact automatic), I would recommend to get rental car. You can go around day and night with taxi, within the city, but it is less convenient. Driving can be hazardous to your health though as Israeli driver is usually honking already when the lights change from red to yellow and will squeeze in in front of your car even if it gains him just a few yards.

First night: I figured that jet leg was not an excuse (it is usually worst when flying eastward across Atlantic), so the first night I went together with my friend to one of a few strip shows. It was called SAXOFONE and is located in the downtown. This one is actually lower part of the city (Haifa spreads on a Carmel mountain), where most of the traditional part of the business goes on during the day. We showed us around 1:30 am at the same time when taxi dumped a few sailors from the US 6’th fleet whose ships obviously called the port this day.

Paying NIS 50 for the entrance and passing through a couple of Russian guys with the magnetic scanner we went into the main hall. The only non-Russian I saw there was a waitress and visitors.

I think that the beer was about $3-4, but I kept mine single for about an hour I was there, as getting even slightly drunk was not part of my plans (you can get into trouble with police for drunk driving and my personal performance, together with jet leg, suffer from alcohol).

There were 5-6 girls who where slowly going around trying to get invited on the lap of one of the visitors. While there, they are supposed to be tipped with anything from $5 (NIS 20) to $12 (NIS 50). One of them offered to sit on my lap, but commented that NIS 20 I handed over was “change, not the money”. It seems that most of them would speak basic English, at least describing what one can get in the back room. I told her to get off and continued looking at the show and girls around. I did use this 20 shekels to get some information from this girl later. Show was not bad, but not close to the one I saw in French Maid (Calgary, Alberta Canada) recently. In between shows (usually single girls or couple) girls would go around and try to hook one of the ready visitors. Wearing G-string only they would grind on one’s lap until client was ready to visit one of 2 back rooms, where he is offered a nude hand job. I think that what happens inside is pretty much up to the tips one hands over to the stripper (NIS 100 goes to the “management” before you enter).

I tried to check with a couple of girls if they would do some extras like French, but all had been non-committal, even after I started to speak Russian with them (it helps to be a Russian born Israeli who currently leaves in the US to communicate at any of the 3 languages one may encounter in the “fun” business in Israel).

So about an hour later I decided that I wanted some “sure” business and off we went. I split with my friend who went to see his girlfriend. Checking the appropriate ads in the local paper I bought exactly for this reason I called the nearest massage parlor or club and got their rates and directions. You don’t have to read Hebrew to get through these ads. When featuring a few lines of text they are usually accompanied with one to three phone numbers and have a women’s figure somewhere in the graphics.

So after going around the target block a few times I finally found the place. This is probably not the place you would visit in NY, Moscow or elsewhere, but I was absolutely confident that it was safe to get out of the car and leave it even with half a dozen 16-18 year old boys sitting at the entrance of this “club”. Prostitution is serious business in Israel and is dominated by Russian organized and not so organized crime with all necessary security infrastructure, so I was sure that nothing was going to happen to my rental car. Some may think that it was stupid, but if this place was in a business of making money from sex, stealing cars or robbery was unlikely event.

Anyway, 5 minutes later I was through 5 girl selection with the nice 24 year old brunette, less NIS 200 for half an hour and eating her pussy. We went through a reverse BBBJ and enthusiastic screwing in 2 positions and I was done for the day. Some cuddling and it was time to find out how she got into this place. Obviously an illegal tourist she was only 4 days in Israel coming from Ukraine (former USSR, if you do not recall this country about the size of half Europe). She hasn’t seen anything outside the “club” or parlor that they call “mahon” in Hebrew. 50 NIS for a tip ( I have a soft spot for the working girls) and out I go. I knew that I could get the same experience once or twice a night for the rest of the week, but I was looking for an all night out experience and on my way back inquired what would it cost me to get this girl (her performance was not bad) for the evening. Clerk at the entrance couldn’t tell me the price and suggested calling next morning to talk to the boss.

Feeling hungry after the exercise I drove a few miles to the Yaffo street where food stalls are working 24 hours a day and got a Shawarma (sliced beef roasted next to the gas heated grill in a pita bread – this food is very typical in all Mediterranean countries – it’s Greece equivalent is called Gyro for example). Back to the hotel and a wake up call at 6 am to be in the office early.

Next day: As I was coming back from visiting my relatives, I decided that I should give another try to one of the many girls serving sex industry. I pulled to the curb to read the magic ads section of the paper and found myself within a mile from another place I visited once about a year and half ago. I called in and was quoted the same NIS 200 for half and hour, NIS 300 for an hour and availability of anal action.

Another industrial area and walking into this club called ‘Fata Morgana’ I had a larger choice then the previous night. I didn’t spent a lot of time picking up girl as my reference to the previous phone call and a girl who would do anal immediately produces a nice girl about 5′ 2″ with small bust. I followed her into her room (you enter into the hall which is surrounded by a corridor leading to the girls rooms) and she started her short speech reading broken Hebrew words from a piece of paper at hand. As before I stopped it right at the beginning explaining in Russian that I know the rules and the rates and I would like her company for an hour and I would like some anal action. She left with 300 NIS to the “receptionist” at the door and another 100 to her for the anal action. Quick shower (I had to go through the same corridor and it was around the corner) and …

This was one of the best sex sessions I had in a few years. Not because of the extensive foreplay (covered BJ this time) and getting into her ass, but mostly because she seemed to really enjoy it. I know that it can be professionally faked, but somehow you will feel the difference. She came at least twice – once when I had it up her ass, which surprised me greatly, and another time when I used my tongue for about 10 minutes while resting from the first blowout. Second time was doggie style and coming with my finger massaging her anus we still had 15 minutes to talk and cuddle.

Luda (that was her typically Slav name) was from Ukraine as well and a divorced mother to 2 children (I’d never believe by her tightness, but 2 scars at the lower abdomen made it look like 2 Caesarian). Had to live off prostitution to feed the family and came to Israel for 6 month. 14 hour day and everything that club was spending on her food or dress was deducted from the “earnings”. 14 hour working day and she is supposed to make 2000 NIS a day 6 days a week at least. That would get her $1,500 a month she was hoping for plus tips from satisfied customers. That would make it about NIS 50,000 a month of which she was only seeing 6,000.

She didn’t actually asked for a tip and I didn’t offer any as I decided on the spot that I will take her out for a few hours next day.

Obviously getting a girl out was not unusual, but the fact that I wanted her for 4 hours surprised him. I didn’t want to explain that I was looking for a GF experience and not a 4 hour screwing in the hotel. We settled for NIS 1000 ($250), which was probably expensive, but I hoped it would be worth it.

My GFE experience: I got back around 9 pm and and barely had time to shave in preparation for “muff diving” as she was at the door. 1000 NIS in cash and she left to give them to the driver. I was a little worried about hotel security, but she was back in a couple of minutes. I told her my plans to go out for a dinner, but in 2 minutes we were French kissing and in 2 more almost tearing apart whatever dress we were both wearing to get naked and start screwing. About half an hour later nearly exhausted from the effort we took a shower and I drove to my favorite seafood restaurant in Haifa. “Dolphin” is considered among the best restaurants in town and is accordingly expensive, but I will die for the roasted pita (Israeli/Arab round bread) in with butter and garlic spread on it and a main course of fried calamari with a glass of wine.

I took time driving back to the hotel and showed Luda some of Haifa places. I even stopped at one of the high grounds of the city to show her the bay and suburbs, but as soon as we hugged, she just pushed me back to the car saying that she is so turned on that we better get to the hotel fast.

Another half an hour wild sex escapades and I blew my second load. We talked about different things and she called her family in Ukraine from my cell phone, with my permission of course. Some rest and with only an hour remaining I went to work on her pussy again. She came twice during this third session, but I couldn’t finish, so it was hand and mouth work at the end with me coming into her mouth and she swallowed most of what I squirted there. There was no condom for BJ this night, unlike when she was in a club and although hers was not the best BBBJ I had in my life it was still very good.

When we finally parted with me tipping her almost the same amount of money I paid for these 4 hours. I was left with her address and phone number in Ukraine and a promise to call in autumn when she will be back from Israel. I am definitely going to fly her into one of European capitols this autumn and hope to indulge in an uninterrupted week of pleasure of sex and sightseeing. I hope that this is going to be fun.

Definitely my most pleasant experience. And I think it was from being able to communicate in girls’ native language and treating them with respect and yielded great reward of GFE.

I’ll be going to Russia later this summer or autumn too and will post the practical test results on my extensive theoretical research of sex industry in Moscow. It seems to be growing and still inexpensive.

Most of the working girls are Russian and the rest are local. I would recommend to buy a local daily newspaper and look through the ads, you can easily identify the desired section even if you don’t know any Hebrew. There are many young girls that rent an apartment and start a business. All my encounters were very business like but better than nothing… rates are about the same if you call a girl in or go to her Flat, about 100 – 250 NIS (25-60 USD) for about a 1/2 hour They expect you to come fast. They give a 2 min BJ and a 100MPH •••• until
you come or die…(you are doing the work and they tolerate it for a while). All describe themselves over the phone as very young and very good looking… it is seldom so… The aftertaste is NICE, not thrilling but nice..
The street girls are found on most cities, they are about half price but don’t deserve it. Take into account that the Israelis love sex and Flat or Call girls are very busy and have a tight schedule.

Most give straight sex only and Condom only (MOST…) but there are ads for Bi Lesb Gay Fem Dom etc.
Tel Aviv is the best City for action. Best girls, most variety. In Tel Aviv there are many Health Parlors – they are cheap, filled with Legal and semi Legal immigrants, OK

Try the local papers where the brothels run ads on a regular basis. You’ll find many Russian women from 20-30 years old, One of the popular brothels is on Arlozorow Street. 5-15 women can be found. Prices run about $30 US or 150 Shekels

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