Tel Aviv

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Club 38 on Allenby, just north of the sea shore…impossible to miss. Place is a little run-down, but seems reasonably clean nevertheless. First time I was there I had 3 girls to choose from – went with Karina…blonde Ukrainian girl.

Small room with bed and shower. 175 shekels (less than $50US) for 30 minute session. Mutual oral (with condom), delicious shaved pussy, light kissing, followed by ••••••• in numerous positions before pulling out and coming on her tits & neck. Definite repeat.

Visited Club 38 about a month later – saw Karina again – hoping perhaps she would go a little further with a repeat customer – ie. bbbj and/or facial. No luck – although service was as good as the first time, I was nevertheless a little disappointed.

So, headed out to check out the other action – there are some street walkers in the the same Allen by road area – but its hard to tell, given that many Israeli woman look and dress the part on a typical night.

Was approached on the boardwalk by a petite, very good looking Arab woman who offered to join me in my room for 250 shekels…would have definitely gone for it, expect that I was actually walking back to my hotel after just seeing Karina for the second time. Got her number to call her later, but was not able to connect.

Tried a place called Club 101 on Yiktzak Sadeh near the Ayalon freeway. Seems like a very high volume place. Was about 20 girls there when I arrived, and at least as many customers. You enter this place and sit on couches on one side of the room, while the girls sit on couches on the opposite wall preening and trying to make eye contact with a potential customer. Actually, not a bad setup – you can sit for as long as you like – they serve coffee and water while you wait. No pressure sales job, you just enjoy the view until a girl catches your fancy. Then its simply a matter of smiling, raising your eyebrow and then as soon as a room is available (which might me 5-10 minutes on a busy night), she’ll get up and lead you into the room.

Nice facilities – shower, large bed and cleaner than Club 28. I went in with Axena (spelling???), and petite, firm bodied, brunette Russian with amazing full lips. We both showered and then proceeded to have one of the best “GFE” type encounters I’ve had in a long time. Full French kissing, mutual oral (without condom), deliciously sweet shaved pussy, lots of anal fingering and licking, amazingly tight pussy, ••••••• in any/all positions, followed by a hefty cum shot in porno style onto her face and open mouth.

Absolutely DEFINITE REPEAT – in fact, will probably attempt to bring her back to my hotel for a lengthier one-on-one session next time. Cost – 200 shekels (just a little more than $50US) – there was no entrance fee or room charge. I gave her a 100 shekel tip – which she seem genuinely surprised and pleased by. Looking forward to my next visit.

During my recent stay in Tel Aviv, I found one place that was absolutely exceptional and outstandingly priced. CLUB 38 located about one block from the
Beach near the corner of Allen by and Benny Yheuda. You can’t miss it. It has a Giant sign, and I think a character of a gal in a bathing suit or sexily posed.

The doorway is a curtain, that leads to a small hallway, with yet another curtain that opens into a seating area of about 4-5 sofas with girls sitting on them, as
well as the guys who run the place.

Everyone is pretty friendly, there’s not much chatter, as the expectations are that you eye and select a gal, walk back and negotiate.

As with all other establishments, the gals there are 9/10 or better and Russian. The going rate was 170 NIS or US$40 cash for 30 minutes. This usually bought
a nice BJ, sometimes with and sometimes w/o a condom, and straight sex with a condom.

Some gals are somewhat mechanical in action, others not. It seems to work best if you are nice to a gal and remain as pleasant as possible and comment on how nice she looks, etc. I have found that if you come back the next night, and select the same gal, that the service is better. In the case of one gal, the first night she didn’t allow me to put my fingers in her. The second night she had no problems with me doing that. The second night for another gal, she allowed me to attempt anal sex. Either I was a little too large or she just wasn’t used to it or both, but we stopped after a bit.

(I think I had the dark haired Brunette with bangs as mentioned by the previous writer. She’s excellent and you could almost cum looking at her, she’s that cute!)

Timing is critical. The boss times the girls in and out of the room, and if they’re not out in the 30 minutes or so – or if the girls don’t come back with more $$, they’re in trouble. One gal was kind enough to go maybe 5 minutes over (she was close, having a good time, and reached orgasm!) and she was really worried about the overtime. I gave her an additional 10 NIS and that pretty much calmed her down. It wasn’t a ploy, these gals were generally and genuinely concerned about their bosses. The gals here seemed to be in their late teen’s or very early 20’s. Very young.

There is a club down the way, on Allenby, towards the beach, just across the street called “The Playboy Club” or something like that. There is a cover charge to get in that wasn’t too steep, but was unexpected. The cover was like 20 NIS or about US$5.

You could sit around, and the gals there would dance, and the waiters would whisper and ask if I was interested in one of the girls, and it was something like 250 NIS. Definitely more money than Club 38, and the gals here were definitely oler in their late 20’s or early 30’s and were more like 7/10 or maybe a bit better. Russian gals and Russian mob operated, like all the other clubs.

Seems like most of the 30+ guys there just sat around, watched the girls dance, and drank their overpriced drinks. I didn’t see anyone go “in back” with any of the gals. Probably something about 30+ sets of eyes knowing that you picked a gal and were about to have carnal knowledge of her within 10 minutes. I left about 20 minutes.

During the Spring and Summer (now), there are a number of gals that work “the streets” along the beach in Tel Aviv. They’re pretty obvious and after striking up a short conversation, it’s clear that they are working girls. Talked to a few, but passed on most.

Interestingly, one night there was an Israeli gal standing on the sidewalk / walkway along the beach. I talked to her a bit, then was surprised that she was working that night! When I asked her, her prices, she said, 100 NIS. And when I looked at her funny because of the low price, she ask, “Is that too much?”
Clearly new at the business and no basis or reference. I took advantage of the situation and had her in my room for nearly 2 hours. I gave her 200 NIS and she was very happy.

The long and short of it is, that there’s more than enough around, it’s a buyer’s market, and if you are a businessman of reasonable means and enjoy this sort of activity, it’s there, readily available, and comparatively very inexpensive and safe.

Of course, if you just want to play the odds, you can always meet some nice gal on vacation in Tel Aviv, play the worldly business guy, and you will likely get it for free, or for the price of a nice dairy dessert you treat her to, as you express interest in her life and all that is going on with her and her country.

I visited Tel-Aviv for 2001.While there I found a few brothels around the Alemby, Ben Yahuda street junction. The best one was Club 28, you need glasses if you cant see it! There were 8 Russian girls to chose from. I chose a very tall very beautiful brunette. The standard rate was nis175,£30. for half an hour.

I got a shock when she started giving me head with no condom. We had good sex and she let me finish in true porno movie style. The next time I went there she had moved on much to my disappointment so I chose another girl, same price but had to wear a condom for everything. I went 3 times in all and had a good time every time, the girls were friendly.

List of phone numbers of some of the Tel-Aviv escort agency’s catering mainly for the local trade. If you are a tourist then all the hotel give out free magazines with ads in the back from escort agency’s at higher price for tourists (but the quality is about the same ) a lot of the ads are in different name but very often the same agency . (look at the phone number if its the same or a number with the same 4 first digit its all the same agency) Now for my recommendations
Escort Amsterdam 5243216 300nis per hour I used to use this one a lot but I am not familiar with the talent recently

Escort International 5256693 300NIS P\H This is one of my favorites but presently have a small selection of girls they also offer girls from other agency (some kind of a pool) The Girls; Alexandra 25 Russian Very tall model looks her performance can be very good but is a bit moody Julia very young about 18-20 very good service looks quite attractive allows kissing Yana not so great on looks is a bit broad in the hips but has magnificent service get really hot and noisy recommended Monica (she also works for Beautiful\Pesatsot long blond hair nice body small tits a bit cool but generally a good lay.
Escort Beautiful 5259925 300 P\H aslo advertises as Pesasot I haven’t tried many girls from this one but they have about six or more girls available from 18-25

Escort Perfect 6203070
also have about 6-8 girls 300 NIS P\H Tried one girl recently with Orange dyed short hair big boobs did all that was asked but was very cold and uninterested not recommended

Escort Daniel 051 224841
Escort Diamond 525 2323
Escort Hollywood 051 963500
Escort Keff 050 425 613
Escort Koko 058 735 432
Escort Orchidia 052 417 477
Escort Princess 050 658 406
Escort Sherry 6302442
Escort Signon also Style are the same
Escort Karnival 5298860 300 nis p\h
They have about 6 good girls have used them recently but don’t have any particular ones to recommend at present.

If you are looking for beautiful women for any price then i know that Escort Lambada offer these girls and charge depending on looks about 800 NIS per hour plus taxi cost but I think you are just overpaying for something that you could get from one of the cheaper agency’s. There must be another 10 -15 more agency’s working from Tel-Aviv and i can post more if there if needed but i think these ones posted will be enough for now .

Massage parlor at 12 Borgoshov; basement. It’s 200 Shekels ($50) for a girl of your choice (there’s usually 2-3 girls hanging out on the couches in the lobby unless they’re occupied in which case you’ll have to wait. I picked Diana, a cute blonde from eastern Europe. Shower in the room followed by full service. Ate her shaved pussy until she came and fucked her. The place is a little run down, and I gather by some of the other posts that there probably other nicer looking places, but I didn’t know. I was very happy though.

Was handed a card in the street and visited a new place at 10 Bograshov. It was good and I’ve returned a few times. It’s a bit different – the sign outside says Bar-Hotel-Striptease and unusually its only open from 6PM-5AM. You pay 30SH ($7.50) to get in (which includes a soft drink) and there is pretty lousy strip show going on. The ‘waitresses’ though are quite stunning and want to get to know you. I found Ena speaks English and she is lovely (shortish, dark hair, happy, smiling, very friendly and open). She began to be affectionate and when she saw I responded and became quite passionate. A asked about the arrangements and she said 200 SH ($50 per 30mins) and we went downstairs to her room. Room had a proper bed and shower. As soon as we got in the room there was more passionate kissing then she undressed me and led me into the shower. The rest was really excellent Girl friend sex. What enthusiasm and I do think she enjoyed it. A few exaggerated moans but she did get very wet. And no holes barred. One thing is tell the guy at the entrance to the bedroom area how long your are staying as after 30 minutes he banged on the door even though I had paid for an hour. She said most of the men coming there are rather rough building workers and she loved to be able to talk. In any other western country a woman of her class would cost much more.

Here are a list of clubs: 1. Bugrashov 10 Tel-Aviv (30 shekel entry 200 shekel for half hour) 2. Ben Yehuda 38 Tel-Aviv (200 shekel half hour) 3. Hamasger 62 Tel-Aviv (50 shekel entry 200 shekel for half hour) 4. Hamasger 64 Tel-Aviv (50 shekel entry 200 shekel for half hour) 5. Shontzino 4 Tel-Aviv (50 shekel entry 200 shekel for half hour) 6. Shontzino 20 Tel-Aviv (200 shekel half hour)

Hahashmonaim st’ 105 is a nice brothel 6-7 young Russian girls 6-8 170 shekel (around 40$) for half an hour I entered with Tania a blond girl full in the right places very beautiful breasts. Had a very nice time with her a real girlfriend sex kisses hugging etc.

A must checkout in Tel-Aviv!!!
Na’chalat benyamin st. 100. Varity of girls age 19-24.Very good looking.
Price 120 Shekel.(Cheap for 1 girl) 30 min.
200 shekels for 2 girls in a big room for 40 min.

Well I have to say I went for the 2 girls and was very pleased. I got 1 Russian girl(looked okay) and a Turkish girl (HOT!!!!).I got a double BJ from them. Then doggy styled the Turkish chick and fingered the Russian girl. Great fun.

I live in tel aviv . I like to see beautiful girls so I go sometimes to one of the many massage parlor . last week I went to a place called kopakabana on 11 allen bI street , tel aviv . it is located very close to the sea . that night I was very hot .to enter u need to pay 60 shekels (15 bucks). u enter inside a nice club ‘ where there are lots of sofas and a bar . There is a small stage where there are nude shows . girls are hanging around and u can ask them to dance on your lap . it costs 20 shekels . I had 4 girls dancing on my lap and I enjoyed it very much .u are allowed to touch them everywhere , but the problem is that they dance with their bra on . still , they got me very wild . Some girls are sitting at the bar . you can choose one of the girls and go to one of the private rooms . it costs 250 shekels . I picked Tanya, a very nice young brunette . we went to the back and got undressed . it was really great . I lay down , and she grabbed my cock and started sucking , without a condom . boy , does she know how to suck … . I felt my cock was just inside a large vacuum cleaner , she got every drop out of me .. afterwards we fucked , and it was just great . she had a very tight pussy ‘ and fucking her was just incredible . I recommend u to go right a way

Recommended New bargains in Tel-Aviv.
One is the Asian Escort agency They have a good selection of Thai girls on offer some of them are very attractive and all offer excellent full service.They only work from 15:00 till 4:00am and they charge is a bit steep 350NIS for the first hour or 600nis for 2hours
They don’t have accommodations at this address so its either your hotel or they can arrange a special rate of 70NIS in a small hotel near the sea on Trumpeldore st.
41 Frishman St 3rd floor flat 5 (on the corner of Dizingoff st open from 11:00 till 4:00 am I think)this is a real bargain it is occupied by 3 girls (Russian’s) and they offer full service including uncovered oral for one hour for only 200NIS in one of the 4 bedrooms with showers and bathroom one rooms has a Jacuzzi but when I asked about it I was told it didn’t work . The only trouble is that the hour is not really a whole one as as soon as you Cum its over and if one try’s to hold off cumming for the full hour one gets knocks on the door telling you to hurry up after about 40 minutes .So that then means you still have five more minutes to finish the deed so I would reckon that its 45 minutes tops. The girls are not knock out beautiful but the ones I have seen so far are rated at 7 in looks and between 7-8 in performance but everyone to their own rating I had Maya 1.6mtr light brown hair nice tits good performance and very active if you get her going. Also Julia 1.75mtr dyed blond\red hair quite friendly and did a decent job in the sack. the other girl i have not tried yet I also think they may have girls as well. This place is a real bargain and has just opened I would imagine when its gets more popular it will most likely get more expensive.

If you want to a Escort agency where you can choose your girl from the web pictures then there is they offer a wide selection of girls (about 20)for 400NIS per hour plus taxi and don’t have accommodations so its your hotel only it’s expensive and I have not tried them would like to hear from anyone who has any experience from this agency .

I just wanted to add the phone number for Asian Escort service 057-696962 don’t forget that before 15:00 there is only a recorded message. Ask for Shlomi

The site is in Hebrew so if your looking at it without Hebrew support then a lot of the script will be garbled but I am sure that any of you pro whoremongers will be able to decipher what you need to know and see .

For those of you who are interested in getting the best sex reports from Israeli men reporting about their experience with Israeli working girls – Go and you will get the best field reports about the best sex you can find in Israel. You can always write me and get the best information , in English, about sex services in Israel

You forgot to mention that the Israel yahoo site is in Hebrew and not does one have to know how to read Hebrew but also needs a Hebrew enabled windows system and all the text is not formatted to the right making it very difficult to read .

I still think your best bet and value for money is one of the escort agency’s from what I have heard they will send a girl to your hotel in herzlia (but they might ask a bit more or maybe want you to take her for 2 hours to cover the travel expenses.Ive never done it in Herzlia (about 5 miles north of Tel-aviv)but I remember one time after finishing up with Karina from Karnival she got a phone call from the office telling her next appointment was to be in Hertzlia and they were sending a car to pick her up (she mentioned that she has a regular customer in Herzlia once a week ) All the escort agency’s have a large range of good young willing girls to choose from if you let me know what are your preferences then maybe I could make some recommendations to fit your fancy but of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and what suits me most likely wont be your choice. If you don’t want to have one of the girls come to your room and you will be in tel aviv then quite a few of the agency’s offer a 3 star hotel room included in the price 300nis for one hour . Other than that there are plenty of good Health clubs (Brothels ) where good looking and hot action girls charge from 150-200 for 30 minutes in the room.
They are mostly located in Ben-Yehuda \ Allenby or Hamasher\Chonsino or around the Diamond exchange but all offer much the same service but a bit hurried and very much a wham bam thank you mam type of action .

I was in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago and it is really a Paradise. Best thing is to go in to any local Disco have fun and you can pick up almost any girl you like. In most Hotels you also have the “Hello Israel” weekly with lots of phone numbers for Escorts. Most of the girls I have seen are between 7 – 9

I have come across a couple of Israeli girls but have been very disappointing with the service and their attitude stinks . I would even recommend to try and find an israeli whore they just aren’t worth it when the Russian and ex east block girls offer such excellent service for so little cost . I have seen ads in both Ha-Ire weekend paper also on I think but have never bothered to try any of them as i know the outcome . If you hunt around enough you might if your lucky pick up a student who is looking to make a buck or two to help cover her tuition and if shes not been doing it for to long you might even get some good service .

I have picked up the following phone numbers out of the weekend paper Ha-Ire
I have know idea of what they are like give them a call and see .
03 5276501
03 5757433
03 5252121
051 603295

Having traveled to Israel several times over the last 15 years I have seen many changes. Tel Aviv has gone through several changes even over the last few months. I no longer can recommend that you go into the clubs or on the streets to pick up girls, the escort services seem to be the best option right now. At most hotels you will find tourist guide brochures and within these several advertisements for escort services. Have called around and they seem to offer the same deal all of them. Have used “Harmony” escort service in Tel Aviv : 03-5756030 several times, and the level of service has always been very good. They charge what works out to be around us$90 for around 2 hours. It should be noted that most services claim to have many different nationalities working for them, but the main stay of the working escorts here are Russians. The Russian girls almost 100% are Russian Jews are nice and friendly and I have had several great dates with them. They don’t really come off like harden pros and provide a good time, No stress, and a real good service. I really like this city and hope in the future things will be better here, until then the services are the best option for fun.

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