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Brothels where permitted in Lebanon, but a couple of years ago they all closed off suddenly!!! They say that there is a new law in process to legalize prostitution in Lebanon…any way my last visit to Lebanon I found out that all the Lebanese , Syrian and Philippine whores have moved to massage parlors spread out in Beirut specially in the adjacent (10 km away) city of Jonieh…In the massage polar you get to sleep on a small bed (like the one found in a clinic) and you get to chose your girl. Girls are very cautious but if you give them a tip. they would relax and start negotiating is for about 3000 ll (20 US$) fucking (condom is a must anal is out of the question) is for about 65-80 US$…You also MUST buy a drink for 10US$ and an entrance fee for also 10US$ or maybe 8… Girls are great talkers…but they tend to rush the act unless you come several times to the same girl then you can easily become “a friend” and she might even visit or go out with you for free…she might also give you a full service for free (since the parlor owners won’t know ) you just pay (20US$ 10 for the drink and ten to enter) …most Arabic girls in the industry are hot..Filipinos are lousy..but watch out don’t listen to the stories of lives since you will be obliged to pay more …!!! Also watch out don’t give unnecessary tips to doormen and bar tenders, as they will rip you off …keep you valuables and un needed money with a friend before you enter…. make sure you discuss DETAILS with the girl or she wont give you 10% of what you expect. and you cant do any thing about …(lots of body heartless bodyguards..)

Beirut has changed quite a lot since the last review. You may be aware of the worsening economic situation and therefore prostitution is plentiful. It is not uncommon to be approached by girls throughout the city Beirut or Jounieh and Kaslik. Most of the pros are actually Lebanese. In the past most girls were foreigners, as prostitution is considered a taboo. Ask at the hotel you’re staying for some action and they will gladly accommodate for a tip ($10-$15) Girls charge $200 and upwards. They stay with you for a minimum of 5 hours and you can fuck as many times as you like. The girls are mostly students from schools and colleges, they are generally 18 and upwards. They are very good looking with some model types that can be had for bargains. They will allow most things, but are reserved with extreme bondage or extreme fetish. I asked a bellboy at the Marriott hotel about the action. He took me to south Beirut, to an apartment. There were 6 girls all averaging 18-19 and all very good-looking. They were managed by a woman pimp calling herself Um Ahmad (apparently she is well known in the business) the asking price was $200 for 5 hours. I wanted to treat myself so I picked two girls. The girls led me to a house for the sex. They prefer not to come to the hotels. They were both genuine Lebanese (I could tell as I am by origin) The house had a large double bed and very clean. After they had a quick shower we got down to it. It was the best session I have ever had. They were both very hot and sucked me off gently, played with each other and let me fuck them any style. We were there for some 4 hours (I came 3 times) and then they called me a cab and I went back to my hotel. What I loved most about my experience was that the girls were working to pay off their college fees; they were not pros by profession. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against pros, but I prefer girls that are ‘naive’ and have not been on the game long. I recommend you check the scene in Lebanon, it is great. There are also plenty of Gay bars and clubs, if you prefer otherwise. Stay well away from the ‘cabaret’ establishments with Russians or Eastern Europeans, they are all a rip off merchants out there to con you. Go for the Lebanese they are great.

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