Street Scene

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I’m a “lifer” in Vancouver, Canada, and it’s time to give back to the “GUIDE”, because it’s been such a useful “nugget”. Total A1 accurate advice. Ok!!! So if you’re a tourist in Vancouver, then bummer, because there’s a shitload of gorgeous woman, but most are “stuck up”. So if you’re looking for an “SFC” (SuckIt, FuckIt, ChuckIt), then odds are your going back to your hotel room with the Jergen’s… Best bet is to save your efforts / time and spend some loot on the darkside, rather than waste your efforts on a nightclub pickup. HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST Massage Parlor’s, and Strip Clubs. Too expensive and even though your a pig, you still should not have to spend $300 – 500 per hour, of your hard earned money to be treated like a dog / rat bastard. If a guy puts up $400 then he bloody well should be treated like royalty… LOTS of Escort Agencies in the Yellow Pages (at least 40), usually $225 – 300 for 1 hour. HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST…. Have been seriously disappointed with the goods… FALSE ADVERTISING!!! Honestly – YO, I really don’t care how bad your kids are, and how your boyfriend is such a goof… Blah Blah Blah… STREET ACTION is also VERY RISKY here because lots of scams, violence, drug addicts, disease, and Vancouver has a WORLDS CLASS *#(@* VICE SQUAD… DOH!!!! BEST BET is to purchase an issue of the Buy/Sell ( Go to Personals section and you’ll get about 100 ladies. For 1 hour, prince range is $100 – 200. Most ads are descriptive and accurate. Ladies are independent, friendly, and price is very negotiable for more than 1 hour. Most will travel to you, but save some loot and go to them, because most have their own place, and they are usually more comfortable, appreciative, and her place is much better than your shitty hotel… Most cities in the Lower Mainland are covered. Also at least 10 ladies are available 24 hrs. However, use your brain – obviously “slim pickings” at 5:00 am… :-0 Stick with the Used it about 15 times, always A1… Email me and I’ll give you the number of a 26 year old, blonde, Russian, (34/24/34), whom you will make you believe in miracles.

Vancouver has a very active street scene maybe the most beautiful street walkers in North America. Many different levels of girls to choice from everything from prefect 10’s that will charge you as much as the Escorts & Massage Parlors to young girls who are on drugs and just looking for a quick fixes. Because things change very fast on the streets here I will not try to pinpoint the area’s of the city by tracks or strolls like many others have on this and several other boards. If you play the street scene game you already know what to look for. Girls that make and hold eye contact with you, girls that are dress in a manor that doesn’t fit the place they are at. Girls who are standing on the side of the street watching the cars go by etc. Many of your upper end girls can be found around the corner of Seymour St & Richards St from about Helmcken St to Nelson St. The street walkers here tend to be the top notch & first class, also the highest priced on the street. On the east sideis another area that has been very good Cordova and Hastings street run parallel to each other, look past the police station. At night the area of town known as Gastown is a great place to look. The Royal Drake Show Lounge(see strip club reports)is located right in the center of the area at Cordova & Princess Streets you will find girls all around here. From East Cordova & Hastings Street to Gore Ave & Clark Drive. Moving away from Clark Drive head towards Semlin Dr and north to Powell St along you can find street walkers. The closer you get to the Powell Street area the higher the price will be. Several girls have been on Commercial & Victoria Dr from E Hastings St to Frances St. Over the last few years Kingsway from Boundary Rd to Rupert St and to Broadway has been good.
The cost on the street in Vancouver can run from a low of C$20 for a quick bj with a junkie to over C$400 for a first class street worker and full service. A couple of thoughts, it’s a buyers market and must girls start high so negotiate the price with the girls don’t just take the first offer. If your looking for a good value for your money stay away from that prefect 10 girl you see, because she knows if you will not pay top dollar for her the next guy will a better value is with a girl that is not prefect and needs to work harder to make the money. If you want to work the streets get a good map and drive around you will find the girls. Street walking and street hooking is not legal here and the police are trying to cut it down, several reports of undercover decors working the streets so be careful but still play in this great play ground.

Lots of streetwalkers many of them high quality on Kingsway from about Joyce to Fraser. I saw a fair amount of police activity too, but didn’t seem to be prostitution related. The numbers of girls on the on low-track were below normal, and the mid-track had a few on Franklin and Victoria but nothing worth taking that I could see. Drove around for about another hour around 2:00 am was on Hastings St and picked up a nice looking girl about 19 years old at Jackson Ave. Told her that I wanted a BJ and anal she agreed to C$40 plus C$20 dollars for the room. We went to the Gastown Hotel. After being with her for a few minutes could see she was a crack head. Started with covered BJ I’m not taking any chances and fingered her ass and pussy while she was doing the oral thing. After about 10 minutes I wanted her little ass put some lube on two fingers and started working it into her asshole hard. Then mounted her and went for penetration in that little ass she was tight and you could tell his was not something she did a lot. At first in the car she had said no to anal but when I told her I would drop her off and find another girl she came around. Not a bad deal for C$60 dollars.

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