Strip Clubs

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The premiere strip club in Winnipeg is currently the Gentlemen’s Club on Notre Dame. It’s a relatively new joint, but the woman are beautiful and erotic. Only been there a couple times, but it blows away the other joints in town. Waitresses are attractive and friendly (not that kind of friendly) as well. So far, I’ve only seen a cove charge once, and that was because the place was booked for a party.

Another place is Teaser Burlesque Palace on Archibald and Marion. Used to be the top, but the area has gone downhill a bit and the quality of the girls seems a little poorer as of late. Alot of A-cup honies. Not too much silicon. Waitresses can be hot. Typically a cover after 6 or 7. Satellite dances are available by lottery or straight cash.

Bumpers on Ellice is apparently owned by the same people as Teasers. Occasionally quality dancers, but sometimes really poor quality. Recently refinished as strip bar, but not the best set-up. Near the airport and caters to the college crowd. Never encountered a cover charge.

Another strip bar in Winnipeg is Club Fantasy at the Balmoral hotel. It is on Ellice near downtown. Never been there because the area is reported to be bad.

Many smaller bars have dancers at lunch time or after work hours. Most do not require a cover charge. The girls are often booked into one of the larger strip clubs and are just picking up extra cash. Occasionally get university or college girls trying to make a buck. The Canadian on Notre Dame is one such bar. The Princess on Pandora was another, but managment changed recently so policy may be different.

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