Dance Clubs

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32 St. Catherine West
Tel. 514 875-5757
Web site
Biggest dance club and located within the red light district, just outside is a pickup area

4483 St.Laurent
Tel. 514 845-8443
Web site
Lineups outside on busy nights.

Club Sunset charges a $6 cover which includes the first drink. They blast the music they are playing outside of the club which is house on Thursdays, Rap and R&B on Fridays and Saturdays. I went in on Thursday. Because of the heavy snowstorm, there was not much action going on in Crescent St and there was only 6 people in the club at that time and plenty of dance space to even do some breakdancing. It was easy to meet women here because I liked the setup of the club in which the 2 bars are facing each other. If you see a woman on the opposite bar, it is easy to go to the other side and talk to her even if the club were to be packed. I walked out with a nice girl’s cell phone and hung out with her the following afternoon.

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