Santo Domingo

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Tel 562-6678
Near the casinos and larger hotels. Outcall and incall, Day, evening, even hour rates.

Casa Rosada
Paraguay 230
Tel 567-7303
Close to Manola’s, about 15 girls. Drinks $2 Rooms are available, Many of the girls will stay with you all night.

Hermina’s Night Club
Maximo Gomez Avenue
In small strip bar, way up off Av. Maximo Gomez past 27 de Febrero in a bad area of town. There is a ton of working girls on the street in front of the place. A word of caution don’t go alone.

Guadalajara Del Dia
Location unknown

Check out the Remington Palace and Casa Teresa $200US per day or $90 for a long session

Came to Santo Domingo after finding Boca Chica with a lack of action due to the murder of three prostitutes in Boca Chica and spent the rest of my vactaion there. I had to pay 800 pesos (about $45US) to get here from Boca Chica. I spent my days at the Mercure ($50US per night) where they allow you to bring women. I visited a bunch of Casas. Here is a list with my reviews:

Casa de Modeles: $100 US for long session $175 for the day. The first time I went which was late at night, there were gorgeous women about 8s to 10s. The cutest one was Vanessa, a 10. She was petite, dark-skinned and had an irrestibly cute face. I chose her for the night. When I took her to the hotel, she did not want to show her midsection for some reason, but she did show her tits and tight ass. She didn’t give me a blowjob but wanted me to fuck her all night because this girl loved having a huge cock in her. I fucked her until I came three times during the night. I went to this house the day after and didn’t see a good selection but luckily she was available again so I chose her for a long session. She gave me a short massage and then sucked my cock for a short time and begged me to fuck her again. I fucked her for a long time and kept switching condoms after fucking her in different positions. Her pussy was wet and she had muliple orgasms with me. She can’t have faked it because she came all over me and moaned as though she loved having my cock in her. She also wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my butt to shove it in deeper. The intercourse sessions more than compensated for the short blowjob. I get a great feeling of having sex if the girl likes it too. And Vanessa seemed to enjoy having sex me me very much.

Club Michelle: $100 US long session, $175 per night. This place at least had a bedroom and shower. The girls there were about 6s to 9s. I chose a girl who calls herself “La Barbie”. She was about an 8 in looks and gave a phenomenal blowjob. She is excellent with her tongue and knows where to lick you on your body to give you an orgasm. Her pussy was also tight. It was so tight that she complained that my dick was too big so she’d rather give blowjobs than to fuck. I didn’t mind fucking less because her BBBJs were excellent. I also took her for the day the day after and she sucked and licked my huge cock all night until I came on her tits and neck. However, she didn’t really want me to fuck her that much because she kept saying that my huge cock is painful to her so I stopped and let her suck me.

Club Jazzie’s: $200 US for the night. This club is a strip club and you must pay an entrance fee of 100 pesos or buy drinks. They didn’t mention any backrooms to have sex in but they only offered that I take the girl back to the hotel. The women here are 6s to 9s. I came here with my travel companion so we both chose girls to come back to the hotel with us. I don’t remember the name of the girl I was with but she was about a 7. She started me off with a BBBJ which was good then she sucked me so hard that it started to hurt because she was digging her teeth into my cock so I told her to stop. I then put on a condom and she wanted me to fuck her for the entire night. I fucked her about three times so I have no complaints about the sex, just the outrageous price for these women who are only as good looking as the cheaper places. My black travel companion on the other hand had a horrbile rip off experience with his woman. The woman sucked him with a condom on and then only gave him a hand job. When my friend wanted to fuck her after cumming, she refused. He tried to fondle her leg but she had a cut and she told him not to touch that wound. She seemed to be afraid of bodily fluid tranfers so my friend was horrified that she might have some venereal disease or AIDS. My friend slept at the other bed and not the same bed as her (There were two beds in the hotel). Based on what happened to my friend and the outrageous price for this experience, I would NOT recommend this club and would recommend going elsewhere.

Remington Palace: $150 for the night (2500 pesos), $90 for long session, no cover. This club is more relaxed than Jazzie’s or Lapsus in that they are more confident in their women and I could see why. The women here are 9s or 10s. I came back here twice because they quoted this price to me and remember me from last year or maybe my translator tour guide talked them down because Anon said that the going rate is $200 US. And each time I come here, I always fall for one of the women. My black friend also ends up choosing one as well. The girl I chose the first night (I forgot her name because so many of these women came up to me at once and said their names) was okay. She did the BBBJ and sex twice. She was kinda mechanical about it though and didn’t put any feeling into it. The girl I chose the second night was kinda freaky. She would ONLY give me a BBBJ in the 69 position. She also let me fuck her all night after agreeing to eat her out. She also tried to finger my butt but kept pulling it away. She then kept slapping my butt as I fucked her missionary style. I rather she did that than the former. My black friend had a similar experience with his girl so maybe some of them are that freaky in this club.

Lapsus: $100 for the day plus $10 US cover charge. And I could see why they sharge a cover charge. They make money on the huge number of people that walk out because the women here are butt ugly (about 1s to 5s) and they don’t have to do anything to make this money. They collect the cover charge money and split it with the ugly women. This cover charge shows they have no confidence in their women. None of the women were to my liking so I just lost $10 US. They also force you to buy a drink which I paid $3 US for bottled water. I just walked out with the bottled water and apid the cover in desperation to leave.

Elegant Massage: $100US for long session, $175 for the day. The girls were about 5s or 6s this time around but last year there was a 9 who no longer works there. The sex was good with the 9 with excellent BBBJ, massage and sex but the only complaint I had about this place was that you had to have sex on a narrow massage table. This place had a shower but I had to walk naked across the hallway to get to the massage room with just a massage table and no bed. I’m sure the 5s or 6s give the same service only they are not as good looking.

Club Mona Lisa: $100 US $175 for the night. I came here last year but didn’t know the name of it until a tour guide and translator I hired for the day told me the name of it as we drove by it. ALL the women were 10s and elegant and the best looking womenin the entire island of DR. I chose a girl named Pamela. She was tall, gorgeous but apparently had a big boob job (Most Dominican women have naturally small perky tits). I don’t know if she is still there this year but the other women are just as gorgeous and probably do good jobs as well. She gave a great BBBJ, a phenomenal oil massage with her tits and great sex.

This is a really poor country, but the people are extremely friendly and the ladies lovely. The attitudes of the people make it all worthwhile. Also you can get a lot of good sex for free too. No need to pay all the time. On my travels there recently I was walking by the UTESA university on Maximo Gomez Ave. and saw a lovely student, light skin black girl, tight pants, long hair, lovely smile. A definite 8.5 I gave her the eye and went over. I do know a bit of Spanish so that made it easy. Invited her to my place, and to my surprise she accepted. Soon as we were alone, she was kissing and hugging, and all over me, like I was her boyfriend. Took her into the bedroom, and all hell broke loose. What an experience. D.R. girls like anal too for some reason they think practicing anal, keeps them pure if they don’t use their pussy much. I still think of that experience even today. And she never asked for any money. She wanted to marry and leave the country, so fellas be careful. You may pay in one way or the other.

Go to the Remington Palace and you will find some beautiful girls. $200 for the whole night.

I recently returned from 3 weeks in the Dominican Republic. This is very popular destination with Europeans, particularly Germans. As the second largest country in the Caribbean it has a variety of scenic attractions. Coupled with a fairly good infrastructure, very
reasonable prices, friendly people, good food, and enjoyable availability of sex make it a great spot to enjoy one’s self. All of my visits to brothels took place in the capital, Santo Domingo. This is a large, extremely congested, city with absolutely nothing of value except the women. And they are great. With a rental car I was able to take long trips throughout the country and return to the capital for “tune ups”. Initially I hired an overpriced taxi to take me around for several hours. I later returned on my own, using local taxis ($4-5 each way) or my own rental. Your price will be higher if you walk in to a place with your driver. Mona Lisa is an extremely nice massage parlor in a central area. It is on Calle Danea just off of Independencia. The price for a full session was about $100. That included being showered, a great massage with oils and honey, time in bed, and showered again. The gal I picked from a group of about 8 or so, late afternoon, was very friendly, cute, responsive and just plain nice. She seemed representative of the others. I hung around in the comfortable lounge for several hours afterwards meeting some of the other clientel and gals. They get a lot of foreigners there along with a nice local group. The manager is quite friendly and the whole place is relaxing. It is easily one of the nicest places/experiences of this type I have ever been to. Casa Teressa is a place that I had visited before on a prior trip. Calle Jose Ortega and A. Lugo. It looks just like one of the houses in the neighborhood from the outside. There is a nice bar area, a drinking/socializing area, and the front lounge. Bedrooms are upstairs and are clean. They open at around 8PM but I went several times in the late morning to get someone for all day. There were probably 20 gals or so. There is a nice selection to chose from with some real cuties. Bodies in all of these places are “real”. Pricing is strange with $85 for an hour there and $100 to go for all night or all day. I would try someone out upstairs for an hour and then come another day to take her out for the day. It is really fun driving out of the city into the countryside for the day with one of these gals. Other times we went shopping. (Oh look what’s on sale!!! Please!!! I need one so badly.) Still, it adds a whole other dimension to the experience when one gets out of the actual brothel and spends some time together. I went to a number of other places, including Manola Piano Bar (about 5 blocks away in a rough area) and Casa Luz (about 4 blocks from the San Geronimo Hotel). Some of the places were real hole in the walls (read: dumps) where you picked someone to go. I don’t know how many non speaking foreigners would ever end up in a few of these places. None of the gals I met spoke English (I speak fluent Spanish) so that obviously would have an impact on one’s experience. I would feel comfortable sending someone to either Mona Lisa or Casa Teressa. I will end by touching briefly on the subject of the actual sex. I purposely avoided discussing what I received/gave. 8 times with 3 gals is not enough to generalize for a whole society. Each gal was different in how they performed. And I am sure that who I am as a person has an effect. Between the 3 I found everything I enjoy doing. I don’t think anyone would find fault with the women in this country as a whole (no pun intended). It was different from Tijuana but neither better nor worse. It was definitely better than anything I have ever come across in Northern Neveda, although I suspect if I was willing to spend the money I could find the equivalent there both in technique and, more important, personality. I wouldn’t recommend that anyone travel to this country purely for the sex. However, as an overall vacation

The city of Santo Domingo has an old section, the Zona Colonial, which has the tourist type historical attractions and is a not a bad place. Its center is at the old cathedral on Isabel La Catolica. The area around it has a no-traffic shopping street and some restaurants and souvenir places. It is less developed than the “old city” of some other places but is not bad. I was a bit surprised that the costs for things like food and clothes tended to be a bit high. Girls- They come in all shapes, sizes, and types. There skin color is from cafe-au-lait to dark brown. If they are pasty white, they are tourists. The ones I saw, except in Feria, tended to be 18-25 years old. A couple times I was met on the street by guys who offered 14-15 year olds, but didn’t take up the offer. Hotels- There are hotels of all types and sizes. Don’t stay at Hotel Hispanola, they don’t allow guests. I ended up at San Geronimo Hotel and Casino which is about 6 blocks past Hispanola, but gives no problems with guests and the food is much less expensive. It was about US$40/night and seemed secure. It also had a pool. Finding a girl- The area along the water is called Malacon and has the big hotels like the Inter Continental. If you walk along the water from the Inter Continental west (away from the Zona Colonial) there is a nice park area (but a filthy beach). At Night, you can find girls along the walkway and gathered around the big hotels. Around the hotels they are looking for foreigners with money and want US$100/night, and many speak enough English to be understood. On the water side, you have less of a chance to find anyone who speaks English, but the prices are lower. If you continue west, past the hotels to the end of Abraham Lincoln, you come to a large globe with a park around it. This is “Feria”. Feria has the dregs of the DR. You can get a quick anything for a Big Mac, and if you don’t wash quickly with Lysol you will probably have more than you wanted. A quick look at this area made me decide quickly to look elsewhere. DR has one of the highest rates of AIDS and other STDs in the world so be very careful. If you go to the tourist area around the old Cathedral on Isabel La Catolica and are recognized as a tourist, “guides” will offer to give tours, find souvenirs, or find girls. If you don’t speak Spanish, they or Taxi drivers may be your only way to find what you want. They can also get you started unless you want to wander around an unsecured city at night wearing out your shoes. Just be careful. At about 8:30, near the cathedral, I was approached by “Andre”, a guide, who asked me if I wanted to go to a bar with pretty girls (in English). Since I had wandered for about 2 hours and had sore feet with no luck, I told him (in Spanish) that I was interested. He told me that there was a great bar with lots of beautiful women and Americans and Europeans love it. I told him that I did not want to see any Americans or Europeans, and he was disappointed, but knew a place. He had his taxi driver so I asked him for a two hour cost and he said DR$200 (US$14) and I accepted. He took me to Bar Hamburger, Jacinto de la Concha, No. 79. It was upstairs and when I arrived it was empty. I bought a beer for for myself and he introduced me to the boss. About the time my thirst was being quenched by the beer a beautiful woman walked out of the back and I watched her as she came to my table and sat down. I offered to buy her a drink, and she wanted a rum-Andre also wanted a rum. I asked the prices and found that a liter of beer was DR$50 (US$3.50) and the rum drink was DR$200- I offered beer and they accepted. After about 15 minutes of conversation, Andre had to make a phone call and left. I told her that I was going to be in Santo Domingo for a few days and wanted a girlfriend. I wanted to have her with me and not work in the bar and asked how much it would cost and she told me not much, but she would ask the manager the cost for 3 days of take out. He asked DR$1000 which was $70.00. When I asked her for a price, she would not give me one but told me very little, so I offered US$40 a day and she accepted. We had another beer and when I was ready to leave, Andre reappeared. He wanted to come with us, and I let him come- since I had his driver for another hour I figured it didn’t make any difference and I didn’t have any easy way out. I should have just stopped another taxi and got in, but I thought that it might make trouble for Jaqui at the bar. By that time the other girls had come in. There were about 8 girls, only one of the others would have been acceptable to me, but she was not as beautiful as Jaqui. When we arrived at Hispanola Hotel, I found that guests were not allowed. The clerk suggested San Geronimo so I went there and got a room. We called for room service and ate then went to bed. Unfortunately, I was wiped out from the trip the heat and the beer so it was not an extremely memorable night for either of us. I was not very active and she was not very creative. When I woke up in the morning I saw that she looked as good as she did the night before and was relieved and happy. When she woke up, we showered and ordered room service for breakfast. At about 10:00 I wanted to take her as I did some sightseeing. Unfortunately, Andre was waiting in the parking lot. He had another taxi driver to take us where we wanted to go. I almost had to fight to get to the street to get another taxi and go to the Zona Colonial to look for some stores where I could buy clothes for Jaqui, since she did not bring extra and I did not want to go to the bar. I saw some sexy bras and panties in a store window and told her that I liked them and that she would make them delicious. She smiled and we went inside and made a purchase. I also bought her a blouse and pants, dropping about US$75 in all. Unfortunately, Andre showed up- I was beginning to think that he was in my head. I got a taxi and went back to the hotel and we had a fashion show and siesta. In the evening, I asked if she would like to go to a disco. I didn’t want one full of foreigners so we went to a little place with locals and some hooker who were her friends. I don’t dance, but I spent the evening dancing Salsa and Machata with her. I was fully dressed, dancing, and having some of the best sex that I have ever had. It was like 4 hours of foreplay. These dances are done with bodies tight together and her leg in your crotch with her crotch on your leg. During some of the dance, you are crotch to crotch, gyrating. In the slow dances, we were crotch to crotch French kissing. In this bar/disco there were about 6 girls working, one was about a 9, the others were about 3-6. The beer was also only DR$50 for a liter. The only problem with Jaqui was that she was not quite as skilled in bed. She did vaginal and oral, but seemed to expect a quick termination and didn’t really seem to know other stimulation methods for long lovemaking sessions which made her a bit tentative. Over the years I have found this to be a problem with prostitutes in societies where men are “macho” and they are used to local’s who can usually only afford short time. They expect to be “taken” quickly and that is what they are used to have their clients expect.

This is an update on the action in Santo Domingo. I departed for Santo Domingo on March 23, 2001 in search of adult pleasures. I selected Santo Domingo primarily based upon the prior reviews of “Dr.M and Big Poppa” and must admit I was not disappointed. There reviews were very accurate as all the establishments were still open for business and as advertised the going rate is 1600 pesos or about $96 US. This rate IS for all night only if you take the girl out of the establishment – if you stay “in-house” because your hotel will not allow “guests” this rate is only for 1-2 hours depending on where you are at. At Casa Teresa it was 2 hours but at Casa de Modelos it was only 1 hour. So it definitely pays to take the girl to your room. Now here it is… the BAD news: contrary to prior reports the Jaraguar Hotel DOES NOT allow you to take girls to your room. I was told this on the first night I was there when attempting to take a girl to my room. The hotel told me that they had changed their policy regarding guests over a year ago due to problems with guests being robbed by the girls. I didn’t buy that explanation because in my 5 days in Santo Domingo I did not have any problems with any of the girls from any of the places I went. But then again there are many girls who work the streets that may not be as reputable. Back to the Jaraguar, suffice to say I was very disappointed in their new policy as I became limited to on premises activities at Casa Teresa and Casa Modelo. The reception clerk also informed me that most if not all of the “good” hotels have implemented this same policy. The only way to have a guest is to check her in to the hotel with you on the day you arrive – you cannot do it the next day, believe me I tried. Of course, I came to find out that if you are willing to pay “security” about $30 US they would look the other way. But then again this will only work if you are staying in the Garden Rooms. If your room is in the tower there is no way you will get a girl in. But my philosophy was if I’m paying $200 a night why should I have to pay extra to bribe security – it’s just not worth it. And Yes you heard me right the rate at the Jaraguar was $200 US not the $130 reported last year. I am sure the fluctuations are seasonal so before you go check the rates as they will vary greatly depending on the time of year but if you go in March expect to pay $200. All that being said I must admit the Jaraguar is as advertised. It is a beautiful hotel with large rooms containing a safe and minibar. The facilities are magnificent with a large pool, health spa, beauty parlor, 3 restaurants and a casino. It has everything you could want if your are traveling with your wife or girlfriend. But if you are traveling to Santo Domingo for sex DO NOT stay there if your objective is to bring girls back to your room. To get “full” value out of your trip to Santo Domingo find a hotel that will allow girls and verify the policy before you book the room. You don’t want to be like me and find out after you get there and after you already paid for the room. All that said I must admit I had a great time anyway. If you like sex, sun, beer and gambling there can be no better place than Santo Domingo. I definitely plan on going back as soon as possible.

Santa Domingo’A nice little Island shared by Haiti a warm tropical region. You walk into the Jaragua Hotel into the merenge bar to find a bevy of local beauties lined up along the bar you immediately make eye contact with several golden skinned goddess’s I sat down at the bar and ordered a Rum and coke a tall very well endowed beauty approached me and sat down beside me the next thing I felt was hand sliding up my leg WOWWWW. After a quick negotiation we settled for $80 US and boy was it worth it full service. Then after being totally satisfied you can return to the Casino where you are approached several more times if you decide to go for round 2 with another beauty

After being laid off from a major Wall Street investment bank I decided to take some time off and spend a week partying it up and getting laid. What better place than Santo Domingo. It was a solo trip, the first time for me. I’m used to traveling with friends or my girlfriend. Let me just say that if you can speak Spanish you will have the time of your life. Being a 29 year old American that can speak Spanish fluently and is considered good looking I practically had to beat women off with a stick. I had the time of my life.

My hotel was totally cool with me bringing back girls for the night. It was the Hotel Palacio and it’s smack middle in the Zona Colonial. It also had all the basics including phone, TV and a fully stocked bar. I didn’t even have to go clubbing to meet girls. The first girl I met was working in a cigar store and after buying 2 boxes I asked her if she had plans for dinner. She said she’d love to have dinner with me and we had a perfectly normal date. Of course we wound up back at my hotel room where I must have fucked her every which way possible. Other places to get laid are the casino bar in the Hotel Jaragua but they’re a bit pricey there — but the women are hot! My favorite place was Remington Palace. It’s a club filled with hot sexy women that are mostly college students. I walked in and the ratio of women to men must have been 10:1, the exit fee for the women was $100 but you don’t have to give the girls any more cash for the night. Me being nice always made sure they had cab fare to get home. Just be careful not to fall in love. I almost practically did and if I didn’t have a serious girlfriend back at home I’m sure I would have imported one of those girls back home with me. In 4 days I had 4 women but one them was named Carolina and she looked a lot like Beyonce Knowles from Destiny’s Child — mega hot. I hung out with her for the last 4 days of my trip and we had the best time ever. I felt bad saying good-bye to her, but what can you do? I would definitely go back there again but this time I’d want to hit Puerto Plata with some of my Wall Street buddies. Shit, we’d tear that place up.

good post. Brought back recent memories of my trip to DR so I will summarize my experience with a few tantalizing details. We stayed for 4 days at the Hotel Jaragua. This was back when the girls were allowed in the rooms. Girls actually used to roam the halls on the lower levels, but we stayed on the concierge level with controlled access. Anyway, the Jaragua was the epicenter for the action on the island. There were so many chicas to choose from it was mind boggling. I hopped in a taxi with my associate and fluent espanol speaker and headed to Casa de Modelos. It’s almost embarassing as they line up 30 girls in front of you and ask you to choose. I chose this 19 yr old hottie about 5’10” and mammoth tits. She was a 9. As you will read in all my posts, I like big tits. Anyway, I paid $90 for all night and we went back to the hotel for a little gambling and dancing to get her warmed up. A real GFE from the outset as she ws hugging and kissing me publicly all night. When we finally got back to the room and showered, I proceeded to eat her bearded taco for close to an hour. She came at least 6 times and kept screaming “papi, papi!!. I was really getting into it. Her bbbj was too short and uninspired though, probably due to lack of experience. I pounded her pussy good though and we finally collapsed after a few hours. I woke up with a morning boner and proceeded to rub it between her ass cheeks until she woke up. She didn’t seem responsive though so I let it go. We had breakfast in the room and I gave her cab fare home. Casa de modelos – Recommended.

Next night – Freelancer
Hit a bar with the guys on the way home from work and got pretty tanked on El Presidente. Met a real hottie at the bar that wanted to come to my hotel the next night. A beautiful red head – a normal girl – non pro. I got her number and we went on to the Jaragua. Once back in the merengue bar, a beautiful mullato walked up to me at the bar and brushed my cock with her hand. She said “I give good massage for you”. I said “Cuento cuesta” and she said forty dollars. I agreed and off we went. Once on the concierge level she assumed I was rich and ask if I wouldn’t mind paying her sixty. I said no problem as I was about 5 feet from my room. As we walked in to the room, the phone rang and I was talking, she dropped to the floor, unzipped my pants and started sucking my cock. I let her do this for awhile and then we individually showered. Her body was beautiful with big full breasts and big nipples. The ass was to die for, and I ended up pounding that backside good shortly after that. She got real juicy quick and I didn’t last too long. I pulled out and yanked the condom off and she milked it out on her stomach. We played around again for another hour and then fell asleep. Got the wake up call that we were leaving for the office in 30 minutes. I rubbed my morning bone up against her beautiful ass and she responded by getting up on all fours. I banged doggy style for about 10 minutes before I shot my load. I let her stay in the room and she asked if I wanted her to come back again tonight. I said yes not thinking that she would. She left the room spotless and when I got home from the office the next night around 9 pm, she was waiting for me in the casino. When I told her I wanted to be a butterfly, she started crying. I tried to console her and ended up giving her taxi fare home. Great experience from a freelancer at $60 !!!

Casa de Rosada – Recommended

Located somewhere in the suburbs, you go through a gate and come up to a ranch style house with a multilevel dormitory on site.(the girls live there) As you walk in there is no pressure and the girls are all kind of assimilated about the rooms. You walk from room to room and sit wherever you like. They bring a beer and you pick your girl. There seemed to be around 30 girls. I chose a strawberry blond named “Doris” (fake name)She was a real cutie with petite body, b size tits, but incredibly sexy. I paid $100 for all night. We got back to the casino about 11pm. I gave her $20 gambling money. She promptly turned this into $150 at the blackjack tables. At one point, I was there at the blackjack table with 4 gorgeous babes (her 3 friends were there) hanging on me. I told her to keep her winnings and she was very happy with that. The ultimate GFE all night. She always had a hand on me caressing except when she was at the tables. Once back in the room, we showered separately and I was very anxious to eat her pussy. She was so cute and delicate with creamy colored skin and beautiful pink nipples. We rolled right into 69 (bbbj) for about 30 minutes.
She came twice and kept getting wetter and wetter. Great sex followed by cuddling. She was a definite keeper and gave me a passionate kiss before she got in the taxi the next morning. I would have spent the day with her but we were leaving for the airport. She gave me her numbers but I never called. You know the score.

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