Jaco Beach

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Club Pancho Villa
Phone 506 643-3571
Club is part of the Restaurante Pancho Villa, it’s on the main strip in Jaco Beach. This is one of the clubs/bars that has working girls in it.

Best Western Jaco Bay
Tel 506 643-1000
Fax 506 643-3246
Web site http://www.bestwestern.co.cr/jacohotelinfo.html
Rates Green Season (March 1 to December 23)
Single/Double/Triple $80 + 16.39% tax
High Season (January 2,to February 28,)
Single $88 + 16.39% Tax
Double $98 + 16.39% Tax
Triple $103 + 16.39% Tax
By mountains planted with coffee with fascinating scenery and tropical weather, 30 mins from San José. Beautiful beaches, Jacó Beach, 125 rooms with air conditioning, one full and one twin size bed. Beautiful panoramic view with palm trees, hammocks and chairs. Swim at beach or the pool. Tennis, volleyball, cycling, horse riding, fishing, surf and the water sports.

Jaco Beach Hotel
800 272-6654 USA
800 463-6654 Canada
Web: http://www.cool.co.cr/usr/jaco/jaco.html#services1 30 rooms, which have:
Twin and full bed
Air conditioning
Complete bathrooms
Swimming pool ,Restaurant, Bar, Casino, Car rental, Tennis courts, Souvenir shop, Travel agency, Daily transportation from and to Irazú Hotel (San José)
Water sports, Adjacent shopping center
Free bicycle lending (only for our clients)
Rates Single Double Triple
High Season US$ 80 US$ 80 US$ 80
Green Season US$ 65 US$ 65 US$ 65
Weekday US$ 76 – Weekend and Holidays (High Season prices)
Prices plus taxes.
130 rooms with air conditioning and furnished with one full and one twin size bed.


I read many of the reviews and am surprised nobody has written anything about the paradise beach town by the name of Jaco. It is about a 2 hour drive outside of San Jose. If you plan on going to the National Park, Manuel Antonio, you drive right thru Jaco. But if you are looking for some hot, young girls, you need to stop in Jaco for a night.

My first visit to Costa Rica, I was in college and went there for a language school. I hooked up with some other gringos from the school I was attending and we all decided to go to Jaco to party. (Totally unaware of the high concentration of whores). Well, we drove down and got a hotel and decided to go to a bar and ask around where the good places were. We went and hung out at a surfer bar and played foosball a bit, then everyone told us to go to the Discoteque “La Central”. We walked in and we were the only white people in the place and had tourist written all over us. Well, it was not long until I had this HOT little bitch with fake tits dancing all around me and holding my hand and ••••. I was like “Man!! They LOVE AMERICANS HERE!!” – you have to keep in mind that this was my first night out in Costa Rica, so I was gullible. Well, it didn’t take me long to get a boner and tell her I was going to fuck her on the beach. She obliged and we left. By this time, I was hammered and I fucked the hell out her and she sucked my dick and she even let me come in her mouth, but she spit it out. I told her that we should go back to the bar and dance for a bit and we did, then I left without paying her!! I totally forgot and I saw her the next day in town and told me I owed her money. I said “OK- I need to go back to the hotel and get it”- so we got into our car and proceeded to go on to the next town on our agenda. I fucked her for free and laughed my ass off because everyone who knows a whore, knows she will shank you in a heartbeat if given the chance.

Now, The second time I went to Costa Rica, I went back to Jaco. This was Christmas eve and I was alone because I was again there going to school and my schedule landed me in Costa Rica over the holidays. Kinda weird feeling, but I have to say it was one of the best times I have ever had. Here is why. When I went, I knew I was going to be there over the holidays and for the Y2K new Year. So, I brought about twenty tabs of Ecstacy. I went back to La Central and I knew I was going to see “Andrea” (the girl I fucked for free). And sure enough, right when I walked in, she was there. She remembered me and came up and gave me a huge hug. She didn’t even mention the money. I told her I was staying in Manuel Antonio and asked her if she would like to come with me to there and go to the beach and take some ecstasy with me. Her eyes lit up like a 12 year old looking at Hustler. She said yes, but only if her friend could come along. I told her I was not paying anyone, but I would give them all of the X they wanted. So, we sat down and we all took a tab of X and danced a little bit and then got into the car and drove about 45 minutes to my beach hotel. By the time we got there, the X was coming on strong and we all started to rub all over each other. Her friend was from the Dominican Republic and she is Colombian. Her friend was plump, but had HUGE tits. Andrea is definitely a 10 and had a tight ass body and fake tits. Well, I fucked Andrea again, but didn’t really want to fuck the chubby one. They were both totally naked and I pulled out when I was fucking Andrea and then came all over her friends tits. We stayed up until the sun came up and then I took them back to Jaco and bought them lunch. I am going back there in August 2000 and will go back to Jaco to get laid again – I have yet to pay for a piece of pussy there and am still on good terms with the girls. JACO is definitely the BOMB!

Chatty Cathy’s
Across from Mas X Menos supermarket,
Phone 643-1039
Cost under $10
Small, second floor restaurant center of Jacó, great breakfasts. Canadian owned serve banana pancakes, bacon, hash browns, cinnamon buns. Cathy will happily talk your ear off if you let her. Note that Cathy and her husband take a break and close up shop for a week or so from time to time. No credit cards. Closed Fri.-Sun. and Apr. No dinner

Marisquería El Recreo
Across from Mas X Menos supermarket,
Jacó, Costa Rica
Phone 643-1172
Cost under $20
Extensive seafood menu, few meat and vegetable dishes, main selection is tuna, lobster, shrimp, and mahimahi, prepared a variety of ways. Dine beneath a thatched roof overlooking Jacó’s main street; colorful marine murals cover the wall. AE, MC, VI

North of Banco Nacional
Jacó, Costa Rica
Phone 643-3354
Cost under $20
Open air restaurant, burritos and Tex Mex treats, pastas, and salads, main item is pizza, over two dozen different pizzas baked in wood burning ovens. Shoot pool or play darts during happy hour (6 to 7). V.

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