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San Jose is great, as I am sure most of you already know this. The Del Rey is a great place to stay because you have the action downstairs and are a short taxi ride to other action. It is better to have your room upstairs in case you find someone. The girls at the Del Rey are expensive but can and will be talked down, the later into the night the better price you will get, offer to buy them a dress in the morning (don’t worry they are cheap) and they will spend the night with you. Arte Sauna is also a nice place in town, get there before 2am because they sometimes close early. All the other tourists will pile into the other clubs, stay away from them. At Arte’s, for $40 you get a massage, sauna w/girl, shower w/girl and a full service. The girls are very young and have nice bodies. Do not walk the streets at night, take a cab. Also be aware of “friends” who will offer to show you the clubs, all they want is a referral fee and they will hound you to spend money so they can get a cut.

Quepos is a nice place if you know where to find the action. There are little red cabs driving around everywhere, ask a cabbie about getting a girl. My cousin and I went down there and had a cabbie go and fetch us a girl and bring one back to our hotel and then pick her up hours later; it turned out she was a girl we saw earlier in the day when we were on our ATV’s about 40 minutes out of town. I like the cabbie named Leo LaMancha, have someone call for a cab and ask for him, he will come quick. Tell Leo you want “Pussy Pussy” and he will set you up. Also, if you stay in Quepos stay at the Villas Mymosa www.villasmymosa.com . The rooms are beautiful and cheap, plus it is almost empty because the owners of the property leave during night time so you will not get hassled by anyone. Remember to negotiate, never underestimate the power of the American dollar.

I agree with Anon’s description. Quepos/Manuel Antonio is a nice place to spend your time. Depending on the season and the weather, your experiences will vary. And though there many local working girls, it is always best to make your choice in San Jose, where the selection is great, than be disappointed.

I have had many friends call me a day or two after arriving there to send them some girls. Of course, I always oblige, making the trip myself and with an extra woman along for me.

dont pay 200 dollars or 125 if you can almost the same for 25! BAR LA ROSA in Quepos has girls from the dom.rep. , they charge 10.000 colones /half an hour are very funny and do their best. on monday there was a karaoke show and real fun in this place between the bridge and the harbour of quepos. taxi drivers dont tell it to you so insist to go there.

Escort Services
Richard’s Costarican Nights rates are $150 day. You pick the girl, they bring them in a minibus. Girls were 7 and 8 one was a ‘Nica’ Nicaraguan the other ‘Tica’ Costa Rican. BBBJ is normal.

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