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How to get there and where to stay:
There are no direct flights that I can find but as far as connections go Continental has a flight from Houston to San Jose, CR (Capital) and is about 3.5 hours. If you are on the west coast United has a flight from Los Angeles which passes through Guatemala City with an hour layover. American routes their flights through Miami and you should avoid this one unless you love Miami airport which I happen to despise. You need a passport but customs are very easy especially if you have only carry on bags. Unless you look like you fit the profile of someone from the dark side you should have no problem as it is pretty loose. There is a number of taxi’s outside the airport and they will actively solicit your business. Price to any downtown hotel is $10 and they accept American currency so you don’t need to exchange money at the airport. Have a number of $1’s on hand as well. A man will handle your luggage and will consider a $1 tip as generous. On the language, a fair amount of Spanish is extremely helpful for the girls but not necessary for the hotels. I learned enough Spanish from 1 Baron’s workbook (available at any book store) that took me 2 weeks to get through working on it in the evenings. It is immensely helpful.

Stay at a downtown hotel many of which you can find on web sites. Hotel Don Carlos has a registered travel agent that you can make reservations through at no extra cost. Their web site is Depending on your budget there is a number of hotels to stay in ranging from $25 to $120+. The
hotels down where the action is is the Aurola Holiday Inn The Hotel Del Rey The Balmoral,
Presedente, Morozan, and Don Carlos. The best I have found is the Aurola Holiday but it is expensive. E-mail me separately and I can probably get you a $108 rate there.

Your best bet is to walk to all the hotels which are close together and ask to see the room they are all very happy to show you. All hotels I have found will charge you $10 or $12 each time you have an extra person in your room. They take down the girl’s identification which insures you will not be ripped off. If you have a minibar in your room it is best to hide the key or they may talk you into the chocolate bars and other stuff in there. The Costa Ricans are pretty honest people but it is my policy to always exercise precaution. Take taxi’s late at night and verify the fare before you get in. Everything local to the downtown hotels should be no more that 500 colones ($2.50). Bandidos are not uncommon, stay away from walking around corners and watch for groups with one person having a stick. Midnight on be very cautious. I have never had any problem but I am fairly well built and do not appear to be an easy target and I always look alert (not daydreaming or intoxicated). I don’t want to blow this out of proportion as it is not like there is gobs of gangs, there is not, but exercise the same precaution you would in any big city walking the street at late night.
The local currency is colones. There is $238 colones per dollar or roughly, a $1000 colones bill (called 1 mil colones.) is $5. The most fun I have found is to grab a girl and head off to the beach (Playa). There are several to choose from and all the good ones are on the pacific coast. If you like to be with lots of people I suggest Playa Tambor, an all inclusive resort that will cost $140 a day/night for 2 people ($70/person). Includes drinks, food, room, entertainment and much more.
Their web site is but be aware the telephone numbers on the web site are incorrect as the numbers have changed and their e-mail does not work. Don Carlos can set you up there but they want prepayment. Playa Tambor’s fax No. is (506)683-0304. They will request a credit card no. but wont charge it until you arrive. Getting to any beach is simple and you can find a number of the on the internet. Quepos is another really good one. Travelair or Sansa Airlines is the best way to get to the beach. Travelair web site is they are a little more expensive than Sansa, fly out of Pavas airport (10 miles from city) and the planes are older as well. Sansa is a division of Lacsa, the local airline company, and they fly out of Santamaria (main airport in San Jose). Planes are new, the outfit is professional, and the cost is cheaper. Don Carlos can set your flights up with Sansa and prices can be viewed on Don Carlos’s web site shown above. One thing to note is that Sansa wants you to check in an hour before the flight. I showed up ½ hour before the flight with no problem. It’s simple, Taxi to airport to Sansa is 2,500 colones. (about $12.5) and round trip for two to Play Tambor is $160. Where the girls are: There are 4 sources of women: escort services, bars, adult night clubs, and massage parlors (lavanderias).

Escort services advertise in the English written newspaper which is published every Thursday called Costa Rica Today. The escort service called Costa Rican Nights is run by an American guy named Richard who use to run the BBC. He’s a wonderful person and will help you any way he can. He has an internet sight and his telephone number is (506)380-5389. His e-mail address is He has some excellent women at a price of $250 per 24 hours. If you describe what you want he will do his best to get you the right girl. One shortfall is that some of his girls you might find in the local bars for a price quite a bit cheaper. Another service is (506)222-8502 and is run by a guy named Tony from Louisiana. His girls are so so from what I have seen. He will bring girls over 3 at a time for you to view. Tell him what you want and tell him you have time for 1 meeting, if he doesn’t have what you want, tell him you will go to other sources. Otherwise he will bring the ones that have not been chosen for a while. He can be bartered quite a bit on price and he will originally tell you $300 per day (24 hours). There is a couple other services in Costa Rica Today which, by the way, can be picked up in the lobby of Hotel Del Rey at Avenida 5, Calle 5. If there is none sitting on the coffee tables ask the bellman (botones). The other services are (506)380-0878 (no name), (506)381-8496 for G&G, (506)441-3878 for Zuberth. I don’t have any experience with these.The bars in my opinion are the place to get the best value but if you are picky like me, it will take you a little time to find Ms. Right.

The bar in the Hotel Del Rey is the prime source and is called the Blue Marlin Bar. Girls start strolling in at 2:00 in the afternoon and about half are overweight except during the tourist season – Jan through Mar- at which time prices are a little higher as well. Hold out because there is usually a few 8’s or higher which stroll in. Make eye contact, lift your glass like “cheers”, when she smiles(and she will) walk over and buy her a drink. Its very laid back. If you are picky about the service verify oral sex without a condom and if you like 69, kissing etc., don’t be bashful about asking. Again a bit of Spanish is helpful.
The Key Largo bar is one block east of the rear section of Hotel Del Rey. This is a well known meat rack and anyone can tell you where it is. It opens about 9:00 PM and has a large selection of nectar ranging from 3’s to 10’s. The higher ones are more expensive. Always verify all the services you want. Don’t just say todo la noche (all night),say hasta nuevo en la manana or mediodia (until 9 in the morning or noon). Verify “Compania para sexo cuando yo quiero” verify “cuatro o cinco vez ok?” 4 or 5 times OK? She will giggle and go WOW but ultimately say yes. If you find one you want to take to the beach you can probably barter a good deal ($100/day/night) because the love to go to the beach. Its nice to take them to your room for a test drive first. Key Largo has a 600 colones. cover charge and did not use to allow re-entry but they have changed that policy and give you a hand stamp now. The place really picks up at 10:00 PM and if you see a 10 move quick because it may not last long. I like to get the early and view them as they come in.

There is another bar on the same street called Happy Days. Girls are scrubs here and my suggestion is to stay away. Rogers bar is across the street from the Blue Marlin bar and has some descent women at night because Hotel Del Rey (Blue Marlin) only lets so many in there at a time. Stay away from “Yesterdays” on the same street as the Blue Marlin. Its a gay bar!! As I walked in the fellow told me how attractive I was. I almost •••• my pants. The adult
night clubs: The Olympus Club is a 3 minute Taxi ride from Key Largo or Del Rey. There is a number of nude dancers some of which are really hot. Table/lap dances are $12 but be careful with their drinks which are $16 each. You can hire them for the next day to do to the beach – usually
$150 per day or more. The club gets a cut as they lose a worker for the evenings they are gone. The place is honest. I have always checked my tabs over here and they were accurate. Cover charge is $3500 colones. ($17) and there is a 2 drink minimum. They have gorgeous bedrooms in the back and you can hire the girls for 2 hours for $250 but its a better deal to take them for a day. You can also get a righteous blow job in one of the smoked glass rooms where you can watch the show as you get serviced. Another good similar club is called Club Hollywood. It is a $5 taxi ride away and the cover charge is less but there is a 2500
colones minimum so it works out roughly the same. The club is lighter but has a larger selection of women. There is also bedrooms in the back. STAY AWAY FROM JOSEPHINE’S AND CLUB ELITE. These 2 night clubs are shady and do not tell you all the details of the cost there. They will tack on a 10% service charge for a credit card, a charge they say is a tax, and then a tip for the waiter which is bull because service charges and tax are included in everything else in Costa Rica. I hired an awesome looking babe to go to the beach from Josephine’s (they are owned by the same owner- Clib Elite is in Paseo Colon -$5 taxi from Del Rey). They want $100/night for the club every night the girl is away and then the girl wants $250. You can barter it but it is a big hassle. After a fair amount of hassling I was able to leave with the girl. She got to my hotel room and I gave her a lingerie gift I bought from Frederick’s of Hollywood. She ordered room service and made several telephone calls. I gave her $150 as a prepayment and was not going to pay more until I got her at the beach. We got down to the fun stuff and she would not let me go down on her although during the private dances in the club she acted as if she would. I don’t have a picture but she had an absolutely awesome body with slim firm tummy, large firm real breasts and the nicest round ass you ever saw. After the sex she said there was a problem and she pulled a tampax out. I said that’s a real problem as our flight leaves in the morning and it was now 1:30 AM. I had already paid the club $300 for 4 nights with the babe. We went back to the club and there was a hassle as the girl wanted another $100 for the sex. I told the club manager bull, she took the lingerie, ordered room service, and then bagged out on the beach deal. He spoke with her and told her to get lost. The club manager said I could pick out another girl or have my $300 refunded. I saw another awesome babe not quite as good looking (but very nice none-the-less) and she made it up on personality. I just had it and did not want to pay anymore for that night so she said she would meet me at the hotel in the morning after we negotiated $200/night for 3 nights at the beach. Well, she never showed up at the hotel. I had to rearrange my flights and beach hotel reservations then worry about going there that night and getting my money refunded. That night they did not have it until they took in some money from customers. I finally got it back at about 1:00 in the morning. They really push the wine and tell you its cheaper to buy a bottle for $100. Ok if your gonna be with the girl a while but the other girls come up wanting to try the wine and chug an entire glass. The girl walks away with a full glass and returns with it empty thinking your a drunk idiot. The entire place is a big scam as is there sister club Elite. Stay away from both; you can do better ANYWHERE else. I ended up getting Rosana from the Key Largo bar and negotiated $350 for 3 nights and 3 days. We stopped at her apartment and she got clothes for the beach. The girls from the night club expect you are going to buy them a bathing suit and maybe a couple outfits since they come from the club. If you go that route you better let them know they need some clothes. Also let them know you are paying for company and sex whenever you want it, tell them you get a “no” from your esposa (wife) and you want to be sure that won’t happen with them. They will laugh – you can be nice about it, don’t be a dick. Massage parlors are the lower end of the spectrum but a good value for those on a budget. They are called Lavaderias as you get a sauna, massage, full service sex, a shower, all for $7000 colones. (about $35). The places are run down, not the cleanest, and have girl’s that range from 3’s to 6’s. You may find a better one at one so check them out, you might get lucky. The places generally have a mildew odor but its not overwhelming. There is Arte’s Sauna 2 blocks south of Hotel Del Rey on Calle 5. Also there is Dandy International and Bar Idem which is a taxi ride away -Dandy International Ave. 10, Sts. 12-14 (506)233-2688/223-7332, IDEM Bar Ave 8-10, St. 11 222-3352/233-1977. Area code in all of Costa Rica is 506. If you don’t have a map, give the address to any taxi driver and they will know it.
Sample Itinerary would be get there Friday night. Work the bars Friday and Saturday night. Have a flight for 2 to the beach scheduled for Sunday. Stay Sunday and Monday night at the beach and fly back Tuesday. Get another girl Tuesday night and have a flight out again Wednesday morning for Wed and Thursday night. Return to San Jose Friday. Get a last great time in Friday night. Back to reality on Saturday. Remember to take your own condoms.  A dozen for a week is not enough – trust me, get 2 dozen.

Gotta love Costa Rica!! Everything written here is true, but I had a week of great girls and never had to leave the Del Ray. This was my first trip to CR and was prompted by many of the postings here. I stayed at the CR Morazan hotel, which was great. $30/ night, no charge for girls to the room, clean and convenient location. I met a couple older guys from Miami that are veterans of the sex scene in CRand they showed me the inns and outs of San Jose which was great.

My first night there we hit the Del Ray and it was packed with ticas of all types, 1-10’s. A 21 girl year old named Johanna came over to our table. She was real cute, great body, lots of fun. After some gambling, heavy petting and a few beers we headed for my hotel room. I gave her $60 and she rode me like a bronco for an hour. I headed back to the Del Ray about midnight and found another tica of the same quality and had a similar experience with her.

The second night I went straight for the Del Ray. Still packed with girls, I didn’t find any to my liking so I held out and played some blackjack. An hour or so later I met a little cutie named Hilary who was with her older sister. Hilary had Blonde hair, nice tits and ass, a real cutie. She said she was 20 but I later found out she was only 18. I got the full girlfriend treatment from her all night, kissing, hugging, she even wanted to hold my hand. About midnight I took her home and we went at it for hours, she was so horny. I got a BJ w/out a condom, she rode me fast and hard and I banged her in every conceivable position. She spent the night and I had not even paid her anything. I banged her again in the morning and she spend the day with me , shopping and eating in San Jose. I got the girlfriend experience again as I bought her a couple small trinkets as we shopped. She had to go home about 5pm to check on her son, we made plans for her to come back that night and head to the beach the next day but she never showed up. I was upset she blew me off because I could have spent the entire week with her, but that’s what I get for being the nice guy!!!!

We hit a couple other places that night like Happy Days but they all sucked, so we went right back to the Del Ray. Packed again, I gambled, drank and enjoyed the atmosphere. I found an attractive tica and she flirted and did her thing as we haggled on the pricing. She wanted $100 and I had to talk her down to $60 and we spent an hour of normal romping in my room.

The next afternoon I ventured to ….you guessed it….the Del Ray and found plenty of working girls. Same old song and dance, hung out til I found one I like and haggled the price from $100 to $60. I spent an hour with her and we had a good time, but nothing noteworthy. I was a little tired at this point so it was more my fault than hers.

The next night things got interesting. I bumped into Johanna who I had on the first night I was there. She had seen me with at the Del Ray getting cozy with Hilary a couple nights earlier and was extremely jealous. She was all over me, very anxious to show me a good time. I hung with her and her group of friends for a few hours and had a great time. They were a riot, just a bunch of college age girls out having fun. I got the girlfriend treatment from her as well. We settled on $65 and went back to my room. This girl can really ride a guy. She bucked fast and hard for 45 minutes, I was tired just watching her. I passed out after a couple hours of wild fucking and screaming.

The next night I saw Johanna and her friends at the Del Ray again. The welcomed me to their table and we all had a great time. I was surrounded by 5 great looking 23 year olds that were kissing my ass, American women should take lessons from these girls I was in heaven.. Johanna was sitting on my lap, rubbing me all over and promising me a good time that night. I had taken a liking to her friend Grace who was slim and very pretty. She had a natural beauty that no other girls in the Del Ray could match. Johanna knew I liked Grace and got jealous again so she made extra effort to make me happy and horny so I’d take her home. I wound up negotiating for Grace and Johanna to come home with me for $100 for both!!! Her I was, naked with two HOT ticas, one sucking me while I fingered the other, then they’d switch. Foreplay lasted awhile as the two girls got very into things. The stroked, massaged, kissed, sucked, licked every inch of me, concentrating on the good spots of course. As things progressed the girls got a little playful with each other, sucking on each other’s tits. I banged Johanna first and she came in a few minutes, I rolled over and Grace mounted me. Graced rubbed her tits as she rode me while Johanna played with herself and Graces tits. This went on for a couple hours, it was a mans picture perfect dream of a 3 way as these two ticas treated me like a King… After a couple hours I ran out of energy and lay on the bed with a pretty tica in each arm when suddenly Johanna got very frisky with Grace. They starting kissing, Johanna was the aggressor and Grace gently resisted. I spent the next hour watching these two have hot and steamy foreplay and sex. Johanno buried her face in Graces crotch as Grace wrapper her legs around Johanna’s shoulders. This was the first time these two ever did lesbianism, neither one had ever tried it. IT was unbelievable to watch as they had so much fun.

OK, enough with my stories. CR was great, the girls are asking for $100 but you can still talk the down. I tried the Artez Salon, it sucked, all the girls were 1’s – 6’s at best. It was cheap, about $35 but screwing on those wobbly massage tables is a waste, Id rather jerk off. My buddies tried another massage place, they said it sucked too. The street girls are nasty, stay away from them. Don’t bother with the strip joints either, they suck. The Hotel Morazan is one block from the Del Ray and you can’t beat this place. For any first timers to CR, LEARN TO SPEAK SPANISH!!!!! Nobody speaks English down there, not the girls, bartenders, waiters, NOBODY. After a week I was so tongue tied I couldn’t wait to come home.

San Jose-The action keeps getting hotter and more plentiful downtown. Three new hooker hangouts-a casino, a cocktail lounge and a brothel-opened between late June and mid-July. Hotel Morazan is the site of the independently owned casino, where some extremely attractive hookers with a young Polynesian look have been asking for $100 at the plush bar. It is a few steps east of the Hotel del Rey.

Across the street from the del Rey, Rico’s reopened after six months of waiting for a license. (They simply opened without one last year, which didn’t quite work out.) The girls here were quoting 10,000 colones-about $33 — and were just as hot and well-dressed as the $100 girls in the del Rey and the Morazan Casino.
With a Vegas cocktail lounge ambiance and dark windows, Rico’s has the feel of lounging in a sleek stretch limo. The upstairs steakhouse is due to open soon, and they have an excellent menu at the bar right now. When Rico’s was open last year, it served as a defacto “holding area” for
girls waiting to get into the packed Blue Marlin bar at the del Rey.
Also lots of semi-pros worked the bar on weekends. Young Girls with Big Hooters! For a walk on the wild side, the brothel formerly known as Tangas (which means thong) is open again. It is next-door to Josephine’s Nightclub (Jo’s
is recommended only if you have a big-time expense account and don’t mind shelling out a few hundred bucks without even getting laid). The exterior looks so much like a haunted house, they should consider turning into a “Haunted Whorehouse” for Halloween. Tangas was shut down this spring when one of the owners and some of the staff were busted for pimping-which remains illegal, even though prostitution is still legal at 18. This is a Tico place, which means rates are low and the variety of girls more erratic than at the hooker bars. However, you can find some nice young girls with big hooters for around $15, so it is worth checking out. Also, it is conveniently around the block for 747, where the girls go for 3,500 colones, or about $13. Underage Girls Means Big Trouble (The tourist board announced their semi-annual “attack on sex tourism” in June, but underage prostitution remains the focus. They are serious, and even Ticos are going to jail for sex with underage girls, so don’t even think about it in Costa Rica.)

Other Highlights The top three spots remain Club Idem, Krysis and Eros (also called Lucy’s Massage). Rates range from $33 to $59 for an hour with a good-looking girl. Some will arrange to meet you for overnight or a hotel visit, but you need to know a little Spanish. (But as always, Ticas are less than reliable at keeping appointments, usually arriving at least an hour late.)

Pirate Taxi Alert A gringo was robbed by a pirate taxi driver and another Tico in July. Before entering a taxi, check to see that it has a meter, and always sit in the
back seat. Weather Great! Little rain for a week or so, which is rare. Often we get a break from the rain in late July, but it happened early this year. Still cool in the evenings, so bring a light jacket.

Recommended Hotels We still like the Presidente, a block from the del Rey but less of a circus-and they don’t charge a guest fee for taking a girl to the room (the del Rey pops you for $12). *This report is adapted from the “Update” column of COSTA RICA CONFIDENTIAL
HERE, which features a weekly update of the San Jose action as well as a 10,000-word travel guide about legal prostitution in Costa Rica (with info on over 50 hooker hangouts, plus a map of the top

About Jaco Beach–the strip club there is a Hollywood Club, same ownership as the Hollywood Club in San Jose. Okay show but overpriced if you want action.

Also suggest checking out another website pay site but excellent map and maintained by a San jose resident and updated regularly).

Girls at the Blue Marlin Bar at the Hotel Del Rey will ask for $100 but usually go for $50-60. Key Largo girls usually same but more Dominicanas (dark skinned).

Club IDEM at Avenida 8 with Calle 11 is a bar with rooms. Price is 11,000 colones in the upstairs rooms for an hour or 14,000 colones in the nicer room downstairs. Across the street is EROS, also called Lucy’s, a nice brothel for 10,000 colones (rate of exchange 300+ colones to the dollar). Appropriate tip for good service is 2000-3000 colones. EROS has showers and girls will furnish the condom. At Club IDEM, they charged 200 colones for a condom.

I read your reviews on San Jose and find some fairly correct and others full of bull. I have been traveling to San Jose regularly for 15 years and here are some of my observations. New York Bar and Tiny’s are gringo drinking bars, seldom any women. Happy Days is o’k is you like your music loud and your women old and fat. The Hotel Del Rey has the most and widest variety of women. Prices run from a low $35.00 to over $100, depending on supply and demand. It is worth taking a look in Key Largo but you may be disappointed. Bar Iden is clean and safe. A girl and room for an hour is about $37.00. Vipps, dirty. Many massage parlors of various prices and quality. Arte Sauna is hit and miss but it is free to look. Park Hotel was the place to go 15 years ago. GreenDoor, closed. Josephine’s. Olympus Club and Hollywood are expensive tourist traps. Stay away from street girls. If they are not allowed in the bars there is a reason. Underage, drugs, theives, etc. or they may not ever be girls.

Most hotels add on extra when you take a girl to your room. Presidente, Del Rey, Grand Hotel Costa Rica and Balmoral are $60 and up per day and add-on for girls. Holiday Inn is $130 and $30 extra if you take a girl up. Hotel Bella Vista is about 4 blocks from the action. North American owned and $19.50 per day with no add-ons. It even has an 800 number. 800-637-0899. Park Hotel $40 with no add-on but needs a good cleaning. La Amistad, Don Carlos, most Bed & Breakfasts, and many other hotels don’t allow girls. Ask the desk clerk before you check in. Also make sure the price quoted includes taxes, over 16%. Beware of Taxi drivers recommending clubs and hotels, they get big commissions for expensive places. I have never tried any of the escort services but who needs them in San Jose.

Just got back from 8 days, three in San Jose. Del Rey packed but only medium to poor quality these three nights. Still asking for $100 but will go for $50. The rule that they can only do one trick and then be barred for the night has gone by the wayside.

Incidentally, they had a shooting in there a few weeks ago. A drunk former CR cop had to be escorted out, he got pissed, pulled a ,45 cal Browning semi, unloaded all his rounds, striking the security guard 3x, and a tourist in the mouth, blasting all his teeth out.

Went to Key Largo at midnight one night and it was empty, 4 girls, poor quality. The Green Door ran into problems with the govt, supposedly for under-aged chicks, closed down, and now reopened again under a new name, Spanish equivalent of “Sparks”. Same 2 guys still running it. Went there at 4:00pm, 4 girls, all dogs. The cab drivers are now knocking this place, so it’s glory days may be over. $100 for an hour.

Went to IDEM one afternoon-1 girl, dog. Went to Arte Sauna 3x, 6 girls, all dogs. The black elderly woman is still running it. $40 for an hour.

Yes San Jose is Pussy Paradise. I Arrived late and went to the hotel listed, the Bella Vista. Definitely not upscale but clean and the price is right. They don’t charge for girls and they have a great breakfast. I went straight to the Del Rey being way too horny and immediately hooked up with Rachel and another tica. Neither was all that great, I was just horny and took them both back to my hotel. Not a very good fuck and I got ripped off. Oh well live and learn.

The next day I was off to Quepos which I enjoyed. No luck with the girls until I was flying back on the Sansa flight and sat down next to a 19 year old beauty who agreed to come with me to my hotel. Delightful and $100 poorer but very happy.

I checked out the Camelot but did not leave the cab. It looked to seedy for me. From other reports I guess I should have gone in and been adventurous. It is true that when you go to the Gran Hotel Costa Rica and sit at a table you will see the Tica’s gringo hunting. I tried one, Marcella who was inexpensive ($30)and had a great time back at my hotel. She gave me a very nice massage, followed by a wonderful bj without condom and her pussy was just as tight as a 20 year old. She was 37 years old. The Green Door I checked out but it was 11:00 AM. They were open but the guy said the girls come at 3:00PM. By the way the door is now painted blue. My last night I stayed at one of the nice hotels and the bellman was very ready to send a massage girl. She did a great job but would only give a hand job. I liked her so much I called her back later for another one. Personally I can’t wait for another trip to San Jose.

Visited San Jose recently. First things first, the air there is really hard to breather, worst polution in latin america next to Mexico City. And most Costa Ricans speak some English.

Some of what you read in the other notes are true, others not so true. For example, many hotels have dropped the Tica charge for bringing Ticas home with you. I went to Guanacaste and found absolutely no action there. If you have info on escorts, I’d like to know about it. Also, how do you proposition a Tica in the street in mid-afternoon?

My first day/night I went to 10 places. In the afternoon went to Arte Sauna, found a pretty nicaraguan girl who was a fair lay, nothing great in the pleasure department though she did work extra hard. And the tables do wobble too much.

Went to Idem, surprised at how young the girls were there. Average age probably about 23 years old. Most of the girls were thin but none large chested. Did a double with a Nicaraguan and Tica on the second floor. Very cheap. As a rule, the nicaraguan girls I met were very pretty but sucked in the sack. The Tica turned out to have a beautiful body and was very amorous. I eventually kicked out the Nicaraguan and had a time with the Tica for an hour plus.

Hopped over to several other bars. Camelot was very average. Ended up at Del Ray. To give you the lowdown on the Del Ray, that place is packed with guys from all over the world though mostly USA people in their mid 40’s and above. Most of the guys there told me it paled versus Thailand. Many of the Ticas are about 7s there though I saw a few 9s come in who were quickly surrounded by guys.

There were many Ticas and Columbianas there. I settled on a Columbian who was about an 8. We got halfway to my hotel and she wanted 70 bucks/hour, more than I was willing to offer. Disappointed, I said ‘buh-bye’ and went to Key Largo across the street. There I found a beautiful Tica about 5’8″ 36-24-34. This lady was great in bed and I got her for the night for $100. We screwed at least 4 times and she was really a vision. I’d rate her an 8 also.

Key Largo had a surprisingly good mix of women though there were many 5s there. I’d say the average age of women there was about 30.

A special comment. There are many Cuban and Dominican women in Costa Rica. In general I don’t like that type. With their humongous rears and nipple-sized tits it brings the average San Jose quality down dramatically.

The second night I went to Del Rey, some better looking women. Hit the strip clubs. I found an exceptionally attractive 18 year old girl at a club 2 blocks away from Del Rey paid the price and screwed her upstairs for about $35. I then went to Cheetahs across the street from Del Rey. Again, more fat Cubanas. But there were some truly beautiful Ticas and Columbianas there. I bought a drink for a Columbiana and tried to talk her into coming back to my hotel with me. No go. Cheetahs is a very expensive bar, you might want to avoid it. This is typical with my experience with most Columbian women which is that they are very beautiful and good in the sack but they’re pretty much bitches in every other regard. That whole drug culture in Medellin and Cali has turned them into savages. The Ticas on the contrary are very good business women who want you to come back. Went back to the other strip club and took my 18 year old 36-24-34 tica home. She was very nice to the end. Overall, the Native Ticas are very attractive and well educated, and they don’t make you work too hard. Walking around San Jose during the afternoon is a pleasure just looking at the many attractive women.

My trip started with a trip to Arte`s Sauna for a great massage, sauna and steam. They have a new steam room which works great.(12000 col. for the entire package). From there I had a couple of beers at Bar Camelot where there were a couple of cuties available. Then a quick lunch at Tin Jo(calle 11) which is my favorite Chinese restaurant anywhere. It also happens to be across the street from my favorite whorehouse, “Idem”. Roberto gave me his usual warm welcome and then HIGHLY RECOMMENDED this 22 year old Colombian named Daisy. Not only is she beautiful but she also provided me with one of the finest sexual experiences that I have enjoyed in Costa Rica. When I returned to the DelRey, I recommended her to three different gringos who ALL came back later in the week wanting to buy me drinks as thanks for the recommendation. The rest of the night was spent at the Blue Marlin and the Tropical Casino (where they have pretty good Karaoke on Wed and Fri).

Day 2
I got on the Bus for a ride around the city and got off at calle 36 for Sala Vilma. One hour massage with pretty good sex for 8000 col. From there I went to Peluqueria Bikini(ave 10 Calle 12) for a topless haircut (3000 col) it was a decent haircut and a lot of fun
Then It was the Park Hotel for a few beers followed by a trip to 747 for some 4000 colonne sex. The girls were surprisingly attractive there that day especially for that kind of money. Its a good thing that they invented Viagra or I would never be able to keep up with this pace.

The rest of the time that I spent in San Jose was pretty standard fare for me. I usually get up early and walk to the Gran Hotel Costa Rica for breakfast. Bacon and eggs, OJ, toast and coffee for 1800 col. The best part of the deal is the location…an outdoor table across from the theater where there is a lot of foot traffic …it also is a gathering place for gringos who live in Costa Rica. I highly recommend it to rookies who are looking to get some local info about San Jose.
I like to get on the “Cementario Sabana” bus for a ride around town(cost:45 col.)I get a different perspective on the town while sitting on the bus. I can usually find an interesting neighborhood while riding through on the bus.The buses are frequent and inexpensive.

After noon time is a good time to go to Lucy`s. AND DON`T PAY $55 for their services. The price is 12000 col (or $40) unless you take a taxi and enjoy paying a big commission to the driver.They will try to get as much out of you as you are willing to pay. Insist on the 12000 price.

Around the corner from Lucy`s and Idem is a small operation where you can get a massage and sex for 6000 col.(half hour) or 8000 col (full hour). the place has no sign but is located at # 1321 avenida 8. The mgr is a large blonde lady named Mary. She will take good care of you.

There are lots of places to have great times and half of the fun is finding them on your own. I always try to find at least one new place each trip . It gives me something to look forward to.

Check out Sharkey`s (the old Beatle Bar). They did a greatjob of remodeling the place and they are trying to build up the business with Karaoke, Live Music etc.

That`s it for now. If you want a dependable taxi driver call Juan at 390-2609. Tell him that Don Gordo sent you.

I am returning to Costa Rica for the 3rd time in early March. Staying at the Del Rey for 1st time, drooling reading some reviews of it, but also nervous about theft. Any feedback you could provide on safe guarding my valuables at the Del Rey would be great. just post it here.

I have frequented the Key Largo before and the 1st time met a girl named Nidia who was Costa Rican, we traveled to Montezuma and never saw the beach. All she wanted to do was get naked at the hotel and fuck like a banchee. My past girlfriends never treated me so good.

Last time it was off to Jaco in June 2000. Strange town, it is almost deserted by day but comes alive at midnight till 5AM. Guess everyone who doesn’t surf just sleeps all day. La Central Discoteca is truly decadent–my kinda place. Also the Pancho Villa bar and restaurante is right around the corner. Between Midnight and 5AM this area is pussy central. Me and my buddy went on a relatively low pussy budget and spent most of that banging girls from the disco.

We heard about the Hollywood bar just outside town and decided to go check it out around 1AM. The bar was closed, however the girls live there, and our taxi driver honked his horn, next thing you know we have 6 gorgeous Colombianas pilled into a taxi that seats 4. That was torture cause I wanted all of em, but did not have enough cash. We took a ride back to Pancho Villa with all of em, and I had to settle for only one of em. She could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch, and I blew my load in her mouth. I’d marry a girl like this. No matter what I have read here about Jaco being slow, you just did not go with da flow

Costa Rica is the hooker haven of Central america. Beautiful Nicaraguans (Nicas), Costa Ricans (Ticas), Panamanians and Columbians flock there believing the streets are filled with gold. Many of the most beautiful women are in strip clubs though these are very expensive places to go to. It will probably cost you $100 for an hour with a girl at a strip club, full service of course, not like American champagne rooms which are the world’s greatest ripoffs. Most girls at strip clubs are foreigners, contractually obligated to work there for a year. Many of these women are pre-surgical i.e., no breast implants. On occasion you will see the amazing looking foreign woman. I ran into a beauty at Club Olympus but could not manage to talk her into visiting me after work. Alot of these women go back to their countries afterwards. The town is also full of massage places which are packed with women during the day time. Most places will have a selection of 5-10. You can walk down the streets and find these places. If you speak some spanish you can get two women for $20 ($10 each) an hour and have the time of your life. My favorite line is ‘mas propina para mujere major’. Works like a charm. You will find very attractive women at places like the Del Rey and the Blue Marlin. Many surgically enhanced. You should never pay more than $70 for any of them for an hour and never more than $125 for the whole night. There are 3 truly beautiful women there who if they were strippers in the U.S. would make $1,000 per night or more. I tend to go there in the early evening, late afternoon and just go to each one I like and tell them $70 for an hour. If a half hour goes by I make the rounds again and drop my price. I tell them they could have been $$$ richer but instead they pissed away half an hour. These women know exactly what you are talking about and are very utilitarian with their work. The funny thing is that they treat you far better as a person after you bang them than before. Guess they want repeat business. Okay my children, go forth and have fun.

Attached is a Columbian beauty from Del Rey. Surgically altered, 5’5″, 120 pounds, 36-22-34.

Yes, the Girlfriend Experience is alive and well in Costa Rica.
The ability to speak some Spanish is a factor, since the sole reason many women here learn English is so they can work the gringo bars, where they make $50-100 rather than $25 in a Tico place.

Where to Look
Occasionally you might meet such lady in a popular hooker bar such as the Blue Marlin, though the hardcore hookers dominate the scene. Best bet in this bar is to check out the girls sitting at the dining tables next to the casino (not the actual restaurant). Sharkeys, down the street a half block, is a local Tica/gringo hangout worth checking out, esp. on weekends.
I would definitely avoid Key Largo, Bikini Club, Club 40, Park Hotel, and any place that uses the word “club” or “nightclub” in its name.
A good Tico place to check out is Camelot (which locals sometimes call “Came a lot”). Afternoons and 5-7 PM are good times to cruise through. These women will do an hour for around $25, but some won’t even discuss money and treat the entire affair more like a date.
A block away, the Gran Hotel’s terrace dining area is best from 5 PM into the early evening. Local girls, some of whom are not pros, will sit at tables here to check out the gringos. These women are more likely to deliver the Girlfriend Experience. Some will be looking for a gringo boyfriend who lives here. Just tell ’em you are planning to do so and need help looking for a house, condo, whatever.
Club Idem is also worth checking out, as most of the girls here are in their early 20s and still enthusiastic, still chasing the Tica dream of landing a rich gringo.

Variety of Choices
I have not visited Rio, so can’t make a valid comparison – and am having way too much fun in CR to leave! But CR’s central location leads to a great variety of women from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba, in addition to the assorment of Tica types (from rainforest goddesses to Spanish princesses).
We have also seen more Asians (mainly Filippinas) and Europeans in the past six months.

Where to Go Once You Find Her
One more note: when you do find a girlfriend, get her out of San Jose. Head straight for the beach! Jaco is the closest and a lot less expensive than Manuel Antonio. Playas del Coco is also a neat little party town. Many Ticas who live here have never even seen most of the country, so a trip to the beach or the rainforest or volcano can be quite romantic for her, and rewarding for the guy.

PS: You can find a lot more detailed info at Costa Rica Sex Guide).

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