San Jose

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First of all, I’m not gonna bore anyone with the escorts stories….But what I do want if for travelers heading down to Costa Rica like me. This is just to warn you and you can benefit from it..I’m an American, was raised in Costa Rica for 4 years, came back to USA, and know how it is to earn the dollar. The escorts I’ve been with have not cost me more than $50. Plus they stay the whole night and we have sex quite a few times. I think that the escorts at Key Largo and Blue Marlin are very nice and awesome in bed. But the fact is this gentlemen, nobody gives us money for free.

These escorts have been over rated. I had arrived in Costa Rica and visited my uncle’s bar out in a suburb of San Jose. He has some FINE women and young girls working there. I met them the first night and then we had some GOOD SEX…The thing is that WE need to pamper these women..We need to make them feel special and treat them like people. And then they will LOVE you for it. it has happened to me all the time.

The escorts in Key Largo are very quick of the mouth. I saw once this Dominican cutie…AWESOME BUTT, and told her that all I had was $40, and that couldn’t get anymore due to the banks were closed at the time and I had just arrived from the states. She came home with me, and we showered together, had sex in the shower, picked her up took her to my bed and continued for another hour. I pampered her, we woke up the next day to revive another great moment in SEX…I mean it was awesome!!! Couldn’t get any better. The only problem is that the day I arrived was at the end of the month, meaning that its payday for ticos. All the BARS will be packed and out of hand…butI will find my one night princess and have a great time. Just remember that pussy is great, but we should put the price and not the pussy….Keep up the fun, and please be safe people. peace

Costa Rica Escorts
This service is one of the better services. Since escort services are illegal, this service acts as an online reservation service. You pay a fee to join – $49.95 for basic and $79.95 for VIP membership – make your reservation and then deal with the escorts directly.

What this means is that the escort is not sharing her fee, which can be as much as 50% or more and as such you are free to make your deal with your girl direclty.

G&G Escorts
Just back from a week in Costa Rica. I’m not much into the bar scene so I arranged for someone for the week though G&G Escort. Run by Johanna. They also have a website but not much info other than the above. Let Johanna know what type of girl you are looking for and she will send you description, no photos but she’s pretty accurate. I had a girl named Jacky. Very loving and a girl friend type. Speaks good English. Shaved puss. Big tits. Unfortunately halfway through she came down with a cold. No problem. A call to Johanna and she had another girl to me the next day. The time lag was because I was at the beach Los Suenos Marriott at Herradura (West Coast). In San Jose probably would have been immediate. Second girl was Mary Elena. Little English but great legs. Johanna runs a great service and is very accommodating. Give her a call next time in CR.

Also had a decent experience using g&g escorts through Johanna. I requested two bi women and that’s what I got. The only thing was that one was quite a bit overweight and I has specifically requested slender girls and was promised the same. I stayed at the Marriott resort near the airport (semi-business trip) and Johanna was very accommodating. I’m headed to Jaco Beach next month and will fill you in more upon my return

I read your reviews on San Jose and find some fairly correct and others full of bull. I have been traveling to San Jose regularly for 15 years and here are some of my observations. New York Bar and Tiny’s are gringo drinking bars, seldom any women. Happy Days is OK if you like your music loud and your women old and fat. The Hotel Del Rey has the most and widest variety of women. Prices run from a low $35.00 to over $100, depending on supply and demand. It is worth taking a look in Key Largo but you may be disappointed. Bar Iden is clean and safe. A girl and room for an hour is about $37.00. Vipps, dirty. Many massage parlors of various prices and quality. Arte Sauna is hit and miss but it is free to look. Park Hotel was the place to go 15 years ago. Green Door, closed. Josephine’s. Olympus Club and Hollywood are expensive tourist traps. Stay away from street girls. If they are not allowed in the bars there is a reason. Underage, drugs, thieves, etc. or they may not ever be girls.

Most hotels add on extra when you take a girl to your room. Presidente, Del Rey, Grand Hotel Costa Rica and Balmoral are $60 and up per day and add-on for girls. Holiday Inn is $130 and $30 extra if you take a girl up. Hotel Bella Vista is about 4 blocks from the action. North American owned and $19.50 per day with no add-ons. It even has an 800 number. 800-637-0899. Park Hotel $40 with no add-on but needs a good cleaning. La Amistad, Don Carlos, most Bed & Breakfasts, and many other hotels don’t allow girls. Ask the desk clerk before you check in. Also make sure the price quoted includes taxes, over 16%. Beware of Taxi drivers recommending clubs and hotels, they get big commissions for expensive places. I have never tried any of the escort services but who needs them in San Jose


says: Hotel Balmoral supports
the fight against sexual exploitation,
and invites you to do so as well.
I think it depends on the fee if she or the he-costumer is getting exploited. Well, of course I do not support any sex with minors or children.

A good hotel at a good rate in the middle of town. If you clip out a coupon in the Tico Times you can get a standard room for $28 plus taxes. A great deal!

Hotel Del Rey
Be careful of the Del Rey hotel. There are lots of other bars with pretty girls and prices around $20=40 dollars.
Besides the shooting there recently I was robbed at check-in. I have professional camera equipment and it was while I was signing the hotel register.
The hotel did nothing to help me retrieve. They suggested I hire one of their security guards to seek it out and he ripped me off for $300.
If they had acted fast my $3,000 worth of camera equipment was for sale at the Key Largo around the corner for $150.
The Del Rey is a suckers rip-off place. I’ve been to Costa Rica 5 times and never go there. Someone mentioned the Idem. There are several great small bars like that with fine girls, not worn out by experience, and around $30.

Yeah, I stayed at the Del Rey….and it’s a shit house. I didn’t get robbed, but the management are a bunch of cheap bastards, trying to suck the last nickel out of your pocket.

I found one of the Black security guards to be a decent fellow, he was from the part of Costa Rica where all the Jamaicans live. Maybe the guard who ripped you off was tryng to get some medical attention to remove some bullet wounds? (joke)

Stay away from this hotel……but then Costa Rica is really not that great for the whore boys.

There are much better places to go in Central and South America. The girls are all scarred up and have fleshy bellies from childbirth. Once they take off their clothes, they start to talk about the marks, and you start to think that you really don’t want a medical education at this time.

The dancing/strip clubs are a rip off too. If you don’t look like a Tico, get ready to rumble when the bar bill comes.

I hate this place for sex. Great fishing, surfing and exploring though. But also, watch out for banditos. Some young girls were recently killed here on a road to the beach. This place really sucks.

Yep it was my forth time in San Jose!! I always stay at the Del Rey..epicenter of the pussy capital. I just got back on 5-1-01 and needless to say yaaaBaby another fuck feast! The Blue Marlin still rocks and I believe the best nights are thurs and Fri. Me and buddy hit town on April 26th and we had a goooood ole time. We started at the Marlin and my buddy roped a Colombian ( They’ve started to come to town and they’re fucking HOT!! Watch for a girl named Sammy).

I didn’t find anything I wanted so I said to my buddy its Key Largo time. As soon as I walked in these girls are ready to roll. I sat next to a little hottie but I wasn’t sure yet. She said she’d go for $50 and I thought about. I decided to stroll around a little and I find two girls that looked real nice, so I said girls how much for some fun? I finally got them to go back to the Del Rey for $100 for both. I had the cuter one on the bottom bangin away and the other was licking my balls!!

Friday night I had a Tico named Daniella she reminded me the hot brunette from the movie Stargate with brown eyes not green. Damn she treated me like a boyfriend, we had a great night. Ohhh earlier I hit the Idem to see my Amigo Roberto (7:30). I said where’s Elieonna ( hot page boy haircut Egyptian looking) Roberto. She married some American and lives 30 east of San Jose. ••••..she was hot then I looked over against the wall and there was Marsella. Way nice and about 5,7 nice wheels great tits. She was a good fuck and looked real good naked! OK needless to say I had a good time and I think I might go again this Dec.

The Marlin has the hottest bartenders..Jessica blond Cal. girl..Catherine HOT!! blond from Montreal and there is a tall 5,10 brunette the name slipped me because of all the Ron Centnaro Rum..shes hot. Keyna was real hot and a great personality. In closing have fun its really pretty easy!

SHAME on me boys I forgot the best story about the Monday night before I left ( 4-30-01) At the Del Rey my new buddy “Romanian” Musta tell me friend I have coming over tonight they are friends of mine. I said what do they look like? He says you will like..tall very good looking.( ya right) he said they will be at the DR at 12:30. I said I’ll be back( Arnold Schwartz)so me and my buddy Nick from Miami went back to the bar. Later Musta says one of the girls are here. Nick took the tall red head $100 , he said she was OK. Now it’s 12:55 Musta says she’s here so I walk out thinking the redhead is OK but no $100 girl ( in my book).Well my girl was a 5,8 brunette Danellia ..Romanian .FUCK she was hot~~ great legs/ ass/ feet/ hands/ face.. Holy crapgold mine. I am talking a rocket bod..I took her up for a cool $100 and she let me take pics and the fuck was outstanding. Tell Musta that Billy from Phoenix said you want the stripper looking hottie Daniella!

The Del Rey is where I stayed on my last trip to Costa Rica. It is centrally located and is walking distance to most of the bars. The rooms are real nice at $60 per night last time I was there. It has its own casino, restaurant and bar, which is the Blue Marlin Bar. Security is tight as far as getting girls to the room. You had to bring the girl to a desk near the lobby where the guard takes her I.D. and makes a copy of it. The quality of the women overall wasn’t very impressive but once in awhile you meet a hot one.

The Blue Marlin Bar scene at the Hotel Del Rey is picking up steam as we head into high season, 2002. More than a few Colombians are showing up after 10 PM. Nicas and Ticas, even a few Venezuelan ladies (well, she SAID she was from Venezuela — why would she lie?)
Some of the girls from Bar Idem and Club 40 also work the bar and casino area after 1 AM. (Of course, you can get them a lot cheaper at their main workplaces.)
Rates are still $100, but you can often get a better deal from the women hanging around the roulette table and pay phone, as the new ones hang out in this area.
But booze, cigars, food — everything, in fact — is at least 20% overpriced. Except the food in the bar area, which is a good deal.
Blue Marlin also has some of the best action on weekends, particularly on Sunday when many places are closed or don’t attract as many women.

For lodging, the Hotel Del Rey remains a very good choice for your first trip to San Jose — some of the nicest rooms in town for around $60, lots of fellow gringos to hang out with, and a constant show of hotties from all over Central and South America. (After a trip or two here, you will be comfortable enough to scout for other convenient lodging with less of a circus atmosphere.)

Park Hotel
Once a wild and wooly place to hang out, the Park Hotel is now just wooly. Definitely NOT a place to stay, unless you like dirty rooms and a “could care less” attitude from the staff. If management had even the vaguest clue, they would put a casino in the Park Hotel — because the only people who hang out there are losers. Used to be a lot of hot young Nicas and Ticas here, and a great sex show on weekends. That has faded into the Hooker History Books of San Jose.
What happens with the show now is that the owner stalls starting it as long as possible in order to sell more booze. And tho you may see some lezbo action on the bar, it is difficult to get excited about a line of fat girls with scars. (The price is now nearly $25, a major and unwarranted increase since last year.)
This part of town — Avenida 4, in the Red Zone — has also grown more dangerous to walk around in. If you do venture in the area, take a taxi back and forth.

Presidente is undergoing major renovations. The lobby, restaurant areas are 90% complete and so are most of the rooms. Great location, right downtown on the boulevard (Avenida Central) and good rates.

Centro Comercial de la C. Real
San Pedro, Costa Rica
Phone 253-8012
Cost $5 to $20
Downtown San José
The navy-blue canopy of an open-air shopping mall heralds this chic restaurant in San Pedro. The menu is international, featuring inventive salads, soups, pasta, and fish dishes. Start with sopa Neptuna (a creamy fish soup with tomato and bacon), and follow with either the light fettuccine ambrosia (in a rich cream sauce with ham and oregano) or the corvina troyana (covered with a shrimp and tarragon sauce). The atmosphere is relaxed, and the informal decor matches the adventurous cooking: watercolors, wood and cane chairs, and plants. AE, DC, MC, V. Closed around Easter and last wk in Dec. No dinner Sun.

Café Mundo
C. 15 and Avda 9, Barrio Otoya
San José, Costa Rica
Phone 222-6190
Cost $5 to $20
Downtown San José
You could easily walk by this corner restaurant without noticing its tiny sign behind the foliage. Walk in and upstairs, however, and you’ll discover an elegant eatery serving some excellent food. You can dine on the porch, on a garden patio, or in any of several dining rooms. Chicagoan chef Ray Johnson offers a creative array of salads, pastas, pizzas, hot and cold sandwiches at lunchtime, and grill dishes for dinner. Start with the soup of the day and some fresh-baked bread; then try penne in a shrimp and vegetable cream sauce or lomito en salsa de vino tinto (tenderloin in a red-wine sauce). Save room for the best chocolate cake in town. AE, MC, V. Closed Sun., around Easter, and last wk in Dec.

Casa Luisa
Avda. 4 and C 40,
southeast of the landmark
Controlaria building;
Sabana Park South,
San José, Costa Rica
Phone 296-1917
Cost over $10
Downtown San José
The moment you enter this homey, upscale Catalan restaurant, you sense you’re in for a special evening. Its ambience is eclectic and artful, with wood floors, arresting artwork, soft lighting, and Flamenco music in the background. Start the meal with gazpacho or eggplant pâté, accompanied by a glass of top Spanish wine. The wonderful main dishes include rosemary lamb chops, suckling pig, and grilled lobster. Finish with a platter of nuts, dates, and figs drizzled with a wine sauce or, for the decadent, a crema Catalana with a brûlée glaze. For paella, the popular seafood and rice dish, call and order at least two hours in advance. Reservations are recommended. MC, V. Closed Sun.

Avda. 8, between Cs.
13 and 11,
San José, Costa Rica
Phone 222-4475
Cost under $10
Downtown San José
Between the baskets of fruit and vegetables at the entrance and the glass-topped terrarium tables, there’s no doubting you’re in a vegetarian-friendly joint. Serving breakfast and lunch, the restaurant offers soy burgers, pita sandwiches (veg or chicken, for carnivorous dining companions), macrobiotic shakes, and a hearty plato del día that comes with soup, green salad, and fruit beverage. The ensalada mixta is a meal in itself and features a large variety of root vegetables native to Costa Rica. The atmosphere is on the bohemian side – incense burns throughout the afternoon. Good food makes this a popular alternative to the meat-based lunch specials around town. Reservations not accepted. No credit cards. Closed Easter and last wk in Dec. No dinner.

II Ponte Vecchio
100 yards east and
25 yards north of
Fuente de la Hispanidad,
San José, Costa Rica
Cost $5 to $20
Downtown San José
A simple, romantic setting and good food have kept this little Italian place in San Pedro popular for years. After a Caprese salad, tuck into one of the many homemade pasta specialties, such as seafood pasta with oysters and shrimp or traditional tomato lasagna. Cream sauces are excellent across the board. To top it all off, there’s a wide array of Italian wines. AE, MC, V.

Mama’s Place
Avda. 1 between Cs Central and 2,
San José, Costa Rica
Phone 223-2270
Food under $10
Downtown San José
Costa Rican
Mama’s is a Costa Rican restaurant with a difference: the owners are Italian, so in addition to arroz con pollo and corvina al ajillo (sautéed with garlic), they serve homemade seafood chowder, an array of pastas, and meat dishes with delicate wine sauces. The brightly decorated coffee shop opens onto busy Avenida 1; the more subdued restaurant is upstairs. At lunchtime, it’s usually packed with business types drawn to the delicious and inexpensive daily specials and macrobiotic shakes. AE, MC, V. Closed Sun., around Easter, and last wk in Dec.

Manolo’s Restaurante
Avenida Central between Calle Central and Calle 2
Open Daily 11:30am-10pm upstairs;
24 hours downstairs.
Tel 506 221-2041
Downtown San José
Latin American Inexpensive
All items $3-$10
Credit Cards: AE, MC V.
Spread over three floors, on a busy corner on Avenida Central, you’ll find this large popular restaurant. Take a first-floor table to view the action passing by on the street, or catch the live folk-dance performances that are staged nightly upstairs. The open kitchen serves: steaks and fish, also a popular buffet that includes several Costa Rican dishes: plátanos, black-bean soup, etc. for about $5usd. The first floor has the feel of a diner. A good place for a quick sandwich or the fried dough churros and a cup of coffee–or espresso. There’s another Manolo’s located on Avenida Central and Calle 11.

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