La Ceiba

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Strip Clubs
In the back of the Patenon hotel and 2 blocks left. No cover charge was asked for here. Out of the 15 girls, at least 9 were 7+. The best chance to get a real pro stunner is at this place. There is however a bar fine if you choose a girl. I was told 500 Lempira for the bar & girl all night. One note, if you buy a lady drink, be sure to pay for the drink up front. Otherwise you may be charged for a double. On Saturday the place is open till 6:00am. You may be able to get your girl when the club begins to close. But be discreet since you are bypassing the bar fine.

Bars and Clubs
On the beach, 2 blocks from Cherries. Good clubs for Sunday, high cover 30 Lempira. cover. The quality here is better than most clubs and the girls are much younger.

African Club
One block from Cherries, cover was 10 Lempira. Same type of club as Arenas.

Bolaras bar
2 blocks to the left of the Patenon Beach hotel Live band but not many girls. Couples seem to frequent here. Cover charge was 10 Lempira on Saturday.

Cherries Disco
This was the establishment that I found that most of the girls were working or looking for men. The busiest night here on Saturday and the cover was 10 Lempira. Went in around 10:30 club was not full try to come here around midnight.

El Mussol
A block from the Patenon hotel. This place seems to be a dance club that attracts the non-pro La Ceiba girls. A cover is required, but I not sure how much. Very crowed on Saturday’s. You can tell by just watching the parking lot fill up. Quality is very high for seeking a non-pro action.

LA Kosta
Didn’t go inside, they wanted a wanted a cover charge of 20 Lempira on a Saturday night place seemed a little dead so moved on. Music was loud and sounded like a live band. Did see they are not open on Sundays.

Motor Club
All the way down the end of Calle 1 make a left on the dead end street. No cover on a Saturday night. Look for the girls drinking from a plastic cups, work for the club. You will have to pay a bar fine here for the girl. Quality was average at 2:30am on Saturday.

Patenon Beach Hotel
Tel 443-0434
A/C, cable T.V.
$334.00 limparius ($1.00 US = 16.67 limparius 9/27/02 or US$21.00) per day, for a room residing on the first floor attached with an outside balcony. The hotel allows you to take women to your room with no surcharge. A 5 star hotel here 3 star in the United States.
This hotel is about 50 yards from the beach, with beach access. They have a swimming pool, a hot tub, a bar and a restaurant. The pool is well maintained and many local people stop by and swim there.

Most importantly, many young females swim there with the hope of catching the eye of one of the guests. Do not go out on The best part of the deal is that it is in the Zona Viva and there are between 50-75 discos and strip clubs within a couple of miles and most are safe to walk to at night.

The Zona Viva is an area along the beach where most of the restaurants and nightclubs are

There are two open-air bars where the girls were hanging around the walkway leading to Cherries Disco. About 5 or 6 females hang in this area during the late afternoon until 10:00pm. Another option is the Hotel Paris and the area around it if the street scene is what you are looking for. Its on the east edge of Parque Central

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