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El Zocalo
There are usually one, two or up to 5 hookers in the Zocalo. They hang out close to the Costera, so the guys driving by can check them out. You can find them on both sides of the road (el Zocalo y el Malecon), you just have to keep your eyes open. Every now and then, I see them very nice ones around there. They stand around Sanborns sometimes too. Prices vary.

Sinfonia Del Mar
A popular party place where you can also find the occasional whore is Sinfonia del Mar. It’s a beautifal place. Almost every night, especially the weekends, the locals get together over there and hang out. It’s located near La Quebrada. I’ve seen a few fights break out around there due to excessive drinking, but all in all, it’s laid back. Thursday through Saturday nights, some nice girls come to hang out. Most are not hookers, but they are still horny and friendly.

Street Walkers
Here’s the lowdown on the street hookers in Acapulco. Of course, you have the Zona Roja where there is a ton of these women, but they are usually the worst of the worst. Near the Zocalo to be exact, in front of the Oxxo mini-mart located to the right of the Post Office, there are anywhere between 2 and 10 streetwalkers, almost every night, hanging out. The prices are good, but the girls are average or below average. Sometime you find good street walkers on the Cuauhtemoc, near Telas Parisina all the way to the Hotel Palacios. By far the best (and most) street walkers in Acapulco are to be found around the Condesa. You’ll start seeing them in front of Barbarroja, all the way to the traffic circle known as “La Diana”. The best ones hang out in front of Baby Lobster. Just drive by in a cab or your car, drive slowly, and you’ll see them everywhere. The most I saw in one night on the Condesa was around 25. 5 or so were absolutely HOT. Prices go from 300 pesos the hour up to who knows. That doesn’t count the hotel price. You can probably get them to go to your house or hotel room, but what the girls prefer to do is go to one of the many “Moteles De Paso” located on the Avenue Rancho Acapulco. The most popular and by far the best Motel De Paso is called Motel Eden. By the way, a Motel De Paso is what we call a motel where you rent by the hour. The condesa girls come out around 930 or 10 and stay out to the wee hours.

Zona Roja (zona de tolerancia)
The Zona Roja of Acapulco is a fairly long street called Aguas Blancas that can be found by taking the Via Rapida all the way to the end, where there is a glorieta (traffic circle). You go around the circle, passing where all the buses are parked, and hook a right on Aguas Blancas and you’re there. The best club for meeting girls is Tamikos. After that I would recommend Arcelia. If you speak Spanish, it’s a big plus. There is a small police installment in the Zona. You can ask them for advice. Watch out, because there a lot, but A LOT of transvestites. The majority of the women in this area are not very young or attractive. But every now and then you’ll find one who is very nice. Especially in Tamikos. When in Tamikos or Arcelias, if you see one that you would like to get to know better, you ask her to dance. To dance it is 5-10 pesos a song. The music is usually live and pretty good, depending on what night of the week you decide to go. There are a lot of sketchy types around there, so it is recommendable to leave your jewelry in the safe deposit box of your hotel. All of the clubs on this street (there are a dozen more or less) have bed rooms. It would be advisable to bring some condoms with you just in case the girl you pick up doesn’t have them.

Just up the street from the 3 main strip clubs. Ask a cab driver to take you. I paid $50 total and was able to select from about 10 girls ranging from 3-8. The service was good, no rush but everything was covered. Not the same super babe looks like the clubs but not the $100+ prices either.

Another Brothel like Rebeccas this place is a bit farther away. You’ll have to ask a cabbie to take you. Prices are the same about $50 for a session with 4-8 girls to choose from depending on the night you visit.

La Huerta
3 building complex with grounds, aqueducts, etc. plus a lower class fun zone just up the road. Wear shorts, a T-shirt and go barefoot. Building 1 at La Huerta is circular, built in concentric layout, has a combo band in the center, surrounded by dance floor, next is a concentric ring of tables. Then the 4-foot high wall separates the table area from the circular aisle – with bars and cashier’s cage or two. The girls are friendly and hang out in this one. Drinks were reasonable. The second building is a show lounge. The third building is a motel. If you connect with a girl and don’t want to leave the grounds, you can go to the aforementioned cashier’s cage in building 1 and make motel arrangements for your immediate convenience. A fun place for whoring and meeting friends.

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