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Acuna is located just over the border from Del Rio Texas. A long 3 hour drive west of San Antonio or about 160 Miles. There is no walking to the Zona so you’ll have to either drive or take a taxi.

Hunter’s RanchTT
The ladies charge about $70 or more and the rooms are now $25 for 30 minutes. This place is pure pleasure with an attractive dancers. The Rio is next door with the same.

Just want to re-emphasize. The posts on here about Acuna are true! I just went there a few weeks ago on a Thursday night. That little town has lots to offer Americans looking to stay away from the big scary towns like Juarez or TJ. For full 30 minute service, 2 way cab fare, tips, and 2 beers, I spent about $110. I have spent more in two hours of sitting in topless bars paying for lousy lap dances. Get to Acuna if you can. It’s outstanding

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