Agua Prieta

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Agua Prieta
Just over the border from Douglas Arizona not far from the old west town of Bisbee. About 100 Miles east of Nogales. 135 miles from Tucson.

It’s best to park your car on the US side and walk into this town (Agua Prieta). Look for the Auto Zone parts store, make a left, then the next right, go towards the border and look for the lot. $5 for 24 hours, opens at 8am and closes at 4am.

Zona Location
The Zona is located on Avenida 2 and Calle 15 near the city cemetery. The clubs are in a group off 6th Ave. Right at the Pemex gas station then the next right.

There are about 3 clubs:
The Flamingo
on Avenida 2

Also in the area
El Paraiso
El 5to (el quinto)
El Pedregal
El Bohemio


El Pareiso
El Quinto
Prices for FS start at $35

Across the border is Tombstone a well known western town you may want to visit during your stop.

The best of the lot usually demands $50 but $40 usually does the trick.

The quickest way to get there is take the I10 East to the 191 south, take the 191 for 66 miles south (about one hour) to Douglas. You’ll hit the 80 and make a left to Pan American Ave. then right to the border.

From Phoenix it’s a 4 hour drive or 250 miles.

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