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Los Algodones is less then 10 miles from Yuma (about 20 minutes). The biggest issue when visiting this small town is when the border closes. Once the huge King Kong style gates close you’ll be forced to take the long way home. This means driving or taking a cab down to San Luis to cross back over the border. From what I gather the border closes around 10pm so keep this in mind when getting lost in Los Algodones.

Olympico Bar (Green Door)
Is still the place to go, $40 plus $10 for the room. Hotel is located above the club.

Hawaii Bar
Prices as low as $30, not hard to find as this is a very small town. It’s just a few blocks away down the street. Look for places that have music and a bar.

El Sonorense
has been newly remodeled and the outside has been repainted white.

The owners want to compete with the Olympico Bar. This may be tough to do, as the Olympico Bar is the best-known and is still where the money is. The younger, prettier girls will always follow the money.

Take the 8 west bound from Yuma towards San Diego. Look for the turn off marked highway 186 Los Algodones. Take the small 2 lane highway south to the border crossing. The town is rather small so finding the bars and clubs is simple.

If you’re in Algodones, you’re a heck of a lot closer to TJ than Juarez, which comes in a distant second place. TJ is 160 miles west along the fence (about 200 miles by car, about 3-4 hours, unless you drive like I do). 200 miles east won’t even get you to Nogales! BTW, there is some stuff in San Luis Rio Colorado, but it’s spotty. Mexicali has a strip bar called the Aquarius on Lopez Mateos (the main drag, about 3-4 miles south of the fence). Personally, I prefer the dance-hall cantina atmosphere of Adelita’s in TJ.

To whom it may concern,
I visited Las Algodones it’s true the border crossing at Las Algodones closes at 10pm. If you get caught behind it then you need to go to San Luis. As far as the action in Algodones. It was my first time there but I had a great time. The best bar in town, and perhaps the only, is called “The Green Door“. It’s located directly across the street from the local Police Station. It has a red flashing light above the entrance. There’s a hot dog stand nearby. The guy who works it is named Pepe. He’s trustworthy and will get you a good rate for the girls and hotel. We were told we arrived too late for the best selection of women. We arrived at 10pm, and Pepe claims it is best to hit it around 8pm or so. All in all The Green Door is laid back and low-key. The girls are not tens but they are attractive enough for me and I have measurable requirements. One final note, I parked my car on the street all night and had no problems, but there is a parking lot at the border crossing.

Here is a brief summary of what I encountered while visiting the border town of Algodones. We arrived at about 9:45pm sat. night. This is cutting it close because the border closes at 10pm. Anyway, the one bar that I went to was the Green Door. About 6 working ladies were there. I paid 40dollars plus 10 for the room. There is a flashing red light above this bar. It is located across the street from the police station. I would give better direction but the streets were under construction so the way I went is not the fastest plus i had a guide. If you venture to Algodones look for a hotdog stand near the police station. the man who works it should be named Pepe. He has the hook ups. Algodones is laid back and not bad for a quick stop on your way somewhere else. I was told for the best selection get there about 8pm.

I just got back from Yuma, AZ and Algodones. I visited two topless bars in Yuma. Platinum and Toppers. Platinum is the classier of the two and more expensive. I had a much better time at Toppers for half the money. I stayed at the Travel Lodge on 4th for 45$ per night. Algodones was a lot of fun. I went to the Bar Olympico Green Door around 2pm on Dec. 31st. I wasn’t there for more than 30 min when I was approached. She asked for $60, I offered $40, she said OK. We went next door and it was $10 for the room. They ask for 1$ for a condom if you don’t have your own. I brought mine. This was my first time there and I was testing for honesty and safety. I held out several twenties and other bills. She picked through them and took only what she bargained for. I speak very little Spanish but am now studying. We went into the room and she put the condom on with her mouth. The rest was very nice and I gave her a 5$ tip. She would not let me take pics of her naked but I got one with clothing. Then I went upstairs, had lunch (good food) and met the owner’s son, Albert. There was a van across the street with the name Pepe and sexy girls written on the side. I never did find Pepe. Albert told me that they had around 40 girls working there and that 24 were available that day. I showed him the print out of this web site and he was impressed. He did not know Pepe. He highly recommended a girl. I returned the next day. I was there for around an hour when in walks a beautiful woman who goes behind the bar and I’m thinking she is a bar tender. She charges 50 and I think she was worth the extra ten. I tried to negotiate but she was firm. We sat together at the bar for a while first and I bought her two margaritas. She was very nice to me. I brought an electronic English/Spanish translator. We all had fun with it. Same drill as before up stairs. The rooms aren’t classy at all. The girls shower after each session. Make sure to pull the covers back to get clean sheets or they’ll do you on top of the bed where the last session took place. I suggest a travel pack of baby wipes. I went back to the bar and around 5:30pm more women arrived. I was about to approach a woman when another woman sitting next to me offered to dance naked on the bar for 20$. I accepted if I could take pictures and she agreed. It was a lot of fun. Everyone was applauding and several other patrons put money in her panties etc. Others bought her shots of tequila. Then I sat with a girl for a while, bought her drinks and she negotiated for $50 including a massage. I agreed and we went next door. I held out my money and she took 40 for herself and 10 for the room. For her, evidently 50 included the room. It is rare that you feel real animal magnetism with a working girl but it was there for me. The session was awesome. These women were very honest. They were a lot of fun and there was no trouble. I had asked Albert how much for an entire evening. He replied $30 for the room and $50 for the girl. There is a parking lot on the US side. It has a sign that says all cars will be towed at 8PM. The border closes at 10PM. I talked to the attendant and he said they don’t enforce the 8pm time and don’t tow any cars away till after 10pm. I would suggest verifying this for yourself if you go. I left around 9pm and there were still several cars in the lot and no tow truck to be seen. Learn Spanish, treat the women with respect and have a great time.

Things change so often it’s hard to keep track of who is good. If you have time you might also stop by Mexicali as the San Diego bar has more selection. Remember when visiting Algodones keep in mind that the US border gate closes in the evening. Should you get stuck on the Mexican site be prepared to pay for a long cab ride via San Luis and then back to the US Algodones entrance.

I would check out all the bars listed above and see what catches your eye. Some knowledge of Spanish will help, ask about time, what they include (as not all girls do oral). It’s common practice in Mexico to bargain a bit so if you’re the only guy in the bar or things are slow make a lower counter offer. Ask about the room charge as you’ll also have to pay that most likely.

Went to Algodones at about 7:30 pm Friday. I walked from the Parking area right next to the border crossing (about 50 – 60 feet). The parking area was large, well lit, and very secure. I paid $3.00 dollars to park my car there till it closes at 10:00 pm California time (the Border Crossing closes daily at 10:00 pm as well). I walked to the Olympic Bar about 2 blocks (3 mins walking time max). Before I could set foot in the door good (about 35 seconds max)a fine, very shapely, sex goddess approached me. I said hello and she replied “quatro dollares” then smiled. Well needless to say I knew exactly what she meant and she escorted me right next door to a hotel. Everything was cool as hell. The hotel keeper asked for $15 dollars (and $1 for a condom). So away we went…she took her time, we weren’t rushed at all, she gave me a blow job then fantastic FS from out of this world! (I kid you not gents!)and everything was private and safe. What a time I had. The bar had many pretty, beautiful women there and the prices are pretty much the same and it was very early in the evening.

I have been to the Green Door many times almost a regular. Sometimes it’s kind of hit or miss on the quality of girl you get. I have been with one or two that are approaching “10”, and they know it. But, they also had the sexiest attitude, meaning they were more believable with their porn star act. I have a lot of fun at the Green Door

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