Cabo San Lucas

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Cabo is known as one of the great fishing spots in the world so I had to try it a couple of years back. I can tell you that the Marlin fishing here was great, the boats, captains and crews all excellent, OK enough about fishing onto the girls.
About 40 girls working in this place cover was five dollars. Most girls look really good here; average girl was an 8. Private dances cost $20 and extras could be had.
This place was topless only about 20 girls 18 to 30 years old. Didn’t like this place girls pushy and no sex extras and dances just average.
Marina Blvd
This place was an upscale club just opened a few years back, Very nice layout but not a lot of girls working 6 in total. They do have private dance booths but looks like two way mirrors in them.
Lord Blacks
Marina Bvld
About 25 girls working in this place ages 18 to 30 average on the young side maybe 20-21. Not a pushy place laid back nice. Can get extras here. Layout was very nice this is a class operation.

Bolero’s and Lord Blacks the girls were asking $200.00 or more for short time. Lap dances were available for $20.00 and extras could be had for an added fee. I did meet a girl who worked at Lord Blacks while getting a quick bit to eat at an outdoor food vender down by the water. She gave me a great massage for $40 dollars and extras cost only about 1/3 of what the club rate was.

At Splash the girls were gorgeous. Ages 18-23 and 8-10 scale. Lap dance costs $20 U.S. I did three for $60 dollars from one girl. We went to a back room and she striped and started a bbbj. Was able to touch her and do whatever I wanted with her.

Saw Street Walker action around town at nighttime near Cabo Wabo and Squid Row.

Mariachi Club
It is about 2 km. south of the airport on the east side of road. $100 US,$12 for beers, $88 room and sex. There is also another club called Pretty Woman in town. Lord Blacks is also a decent place to find some paid sex.

Lord Black’s
(On Boulevard Marina, just off the main drag to your left as you drive into town from the East). Very large, elegant place with pool tables and top quality chicas stripping. $5 cover, $5 drinks, $20 private dances (they insist on 220 if you pay in pesos) and $100 for 30 minutes in anything goes VIP Room (you must still come to terms with the chica on a tip which will exceed $100 by most accounts). FS and bjs are common, though pricey.

A step down is Bolero’s (on corner of main drag just past Squid Roe) which I never visited owing to its reputation for having a no touching rule during private dances. Nearby to Lord Black’s is a large upstairs place called Amnesia.

Check out Mermaids and Splash strip clubs. $5 entry, downtown across from Cabo Wabo.

(On main drag Across from McDonald’s): Owned by a short, bald guy from LA named Bill (friendly guy who freely gives information on his competitors), this huge place offers nice looking dancers and private booths upstairs with no bouncer peeking in unlike some other places. They have a fairly rigid price structure of 1000 ($90) for a bj, 2000 for fs and 3000 for takeout which is theoretically all night. Staff is NOT pushy about ladies drinks or such but it was obvious I was a friend of the owner (whom I met at Squid Roe) so that might have helped. About 10 chicas, several who were 8s. A nice chica sat in my lap and massaged me for quote awhile while I watched dancers and never solicited a tip. She did begin saying, in English, “I give you blowjob”. She explained that the house got 400 and she got 600. I said I was interested but had a concern. I explained that I was interested in trying her if and only if it was BBBJTC. She agreed and off we went. I left a happy camper.

Splash and Mermaids
Right across the street from Cabo Wabo. This duplex like bar has an upstairs topless component called Mermaids and a downstairs all nude smaller place called Splash. They often hand out cards good for waiver of the cover on every visit for you and your group. Ask for a card. Otherwise cover is $5. This American style strip club can be really happening, especially after midnight and on weekends when I counted almost 50 dancers, the majority of which were 6s or above and included several solid 8s. It can also be dead (the downstairs is only open if it is busy). The booths here are less private and bouncers peek in periodically. Still one can get quite physical during a 200 pesos private dance, but better yet wait for the frequent 2 for 1 offers (2 songs for 200). They will still hit you up for tips after private dances but are happy with 20pesos. While I groped T & A in the booth, I had one chica grab my hand and shove it in her nether region apparently feeling I needed to be more aggressive. Some of these girls hit Squid Roe after closing time and can be talked into over nighters but expect to pay in excess of US$100. Lord Black’s girls also hit Squid Roe but will want US$200 or more for all nighters.

El Toro Bar,
formerly called El Toro Bravo: 2 blocks North of the main drag (next to Little Cesar’s Pizza) onn16 de Septiembre & Morelos. No dancers here, just pool tables and a jukebox playing Mexican tunes. Mostly Mexicano clientele, but a fair number of gringos too. This is the classic brothel with private rooms in the back (for which they charge 2000 Pesos payable at the bar). Chicas want at least 800, maybe 1000. They will not approach you; you must approach them or ask the waiter to bring the object of your interest to your table. Quality is pretty decent with most being in the 6-7 range. A couple with huge, real, knockers. They sit at the bar or in a dark part of the room (to your left as you enter) playing with cellphones, chatting and smoking. Drinks are about $3 and you can buy a ladies company at your table (the Mexicans tend to do this more than taking them to the back rooms) for $6. Opens supposedly at 6pm but I’d wait till 9 for better selection and closes at 3am on weekends (2am during the week).

Bar Copacabana
On the street Fco. Villa just opposite McDonald’s about a block and a half North strictly a Mexican place that is very dark. OK strippers with private rooms downstairs. Girls will not approach you. Suggest scoping the chicas in the one place with light, their dressing room which is illuminated behind a curtain. Get a good look as they enter or exit THEN decide which to approach. Drinks $2. Not sure if price for downstairs action but I am guessing $50 or so would suffice.

Mexicano Chica
Bar upstairs on the corner bar by El Toro is another local style chica bar with music blaring (you go up the spiral staircase to enter). Usually dead but at peak hours a few girls can be seen hanging out the windows. Also, on the street between McDonald’s and Copacabana are several low end looking Mexican bars with a few marginal chicas. Might be worth a look, especially later on weekend nights. On the upside, these places are about the only refuge from hearing English spoken.

Finally, there is the possibility of streetwalkers. I saw almost no independents, and nothing like in TJ’s Zona Norte, but I did see an English speaking chulo (pimp) leading a group of 6 or 7 attractive chicas along the main street in front of Squid Roe saying “Ladies” one night. I also had several other all purpose “helpers” ask me in English “you want something” then list drugs and girls. I would never have anything to do with these types (the local surfers like the mota and smoke it openly on the beach at Monuments freely sharing with visitors.)

During the daytime, the best place to meet chicas is Playa Medano. This is the main beach right in the middle of town (near the Pueblo Bonito & Melia resorts) and is usually packed with visitors. This is where you can arrange jet skis, paragliding (being dragged behind a boat while attached to a parachute), boat trips of all types etc.

BYOB – bring your own babe. Most of the women there are already paired up unless you get real lucky. Try for amateurs at Senor Sushi or the Gigglin’ Marlin. Of the few pros I saw, a good were TVs/TSs.

I have always been able to find action in cabo. Maybe the money rule is applicable during fishing tournaments and the marlin seasons. however, this could be said for anywhere a lot of money men hit the town at once for some reason. in general, I like cabo for fun. It’s close to So. Calif and over the years I’ve been able to pick up several single American women too.

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