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Around the park (Centro)at 8 at night you will see girls out. If she is wearing a dress she is working. There are several little dive hotels where you can go for about 50 pesos. Also on the Northeast corner of the park there will always be girls here. Just on the other side of the taxi station, across the street at the banco inverlat. Here from 8:00 pm until daylight there will be girls here. Up until midnight you will have to approach them. After midnight they get more aggressive as they are wanting to get some action before they call it a night. Calle 26 this is the street right in front of Jardines. From Jardines all the way down to the Pemex Station. There will be girls here but not until late at night usually after midnight.

There is only really one worth mentioning. It is a house near Playa Dorada a woman who goes by the name Chayita (shy – eat -a). You have to know someone to get in here but every Mexican in Del Carmen knows her. She has some tables out side and the girls will wait on you. She serves Modelo beer for 15 pesos each and if you see a girl you like just tell her and then you go to a room. They start at 100 pesos and for about 400 you can get 2 hours. Girls are hit and miss. At times she has some fresh young girls. There was one there who was a 9. I spent 2 hours with her there one night then to a hotel for all night. I bought her dinner and the next morning when I asked how much she said 500 pesos. This is not a place where 4 gringos want to get together and go there but if you go with a Mexican you will be fine. After she gets to know you you can come anytime you want. She usually wraps it up around 11:00 PM. There are a couple of other ones in Manigua but stay away as they are terrible.

Anytime you don’t want to go hunting here send a young Mexican to centro (give him a 100 pesos) and tell him what you want and he will deliver. There are tons of hookers in this town. Like I said it is not somewhere you would go on vacation as it is an Offshore Oil Port but if you have to go there for work or are passing by there is plenty of action. Some spanish is essential.

Club Blackjacks

go there and for $200 pick a girl go upstairs… the girls are hot. You might want to have a lap dance with them first to see how they react.

Casa Blancas
inside the girls parade around on a stage and you sit at tables. They will walk around tables seeing if you want to buy them a drink. I chose one girl there. She was a 6 or 7 at best. But you know they all look good when you are drinking. The selection of girls there was not great. if you want to leave with the girl at Casa Blancas you have to pay the bar fine of $10-$15 and then you negotiate the price with the girl. Some of them have hotel rooms right down the street, but don’t use them take her to your hotel it’s safer. I was at the Cancun Palace and had no problem with the front desk. The girl cost me about $130 for the night

Went to Cancun about a year ago. Heard about Club Blackjacks and had to see for myself. I couldn’t believe it when I got there the place was about 45 outside of Cancun and felt like we were driving to the middle of nowhere. When we finally got there, there it was, Club Blackjack and a couple of other places looked like it was right out of the movie From Dusk Til Dawn. Girls are 8-9’s. $200 will get you any girl upstairs for anything you want. Went upstairs, took a shower with a beautiful Latina. Afterwards she gave me an awesome BJ and finished off with FS. I speak Spanish so I think I may have gotten a little bit of special treatment especially when she agreed to do it a 2nd time! Highly recommend this place.

Cancun is heaven for free and payed sex! My recommendation is for you to take a taxi to Zona de Tolerancia Red District about 5 kilometers outside of Cancun City, here you will find a true Heaven. The tolerance zone is a government regulated Brothel Mall, here just like a shopping mall, you have several, they work as strip bars, so you can spent some money on drinks and private lap dances, but you can also take any of the girls to a room in the premises. Expect to spend 300 USD includes Drinks, some brothels ask for an entrance fee, but shop around, many do not have a minimum consumption and entrance fee. My favorite is in the back, on the right side of the internal patio, I do not recall the name but has an Arabic name, there you can find extremely fine and juicy South American girls, very professional and a lot of fun, Full with locals and foreigners, very safe. The taxi drive both ways may be around 30 USD, there are taxis waiting outside the bars at all times. Good Luck! Now if you want some romance and passion go to the local Mama Rumba bar in Cancun City and you can find many local girls looking for some action, you just have to move your hips to the rhythm!

Met this beautiful Cancun Call Girl last holiday:
Her name is Alix, she is a doctor student, working to pay for college. You should search Alix on Yahoo! Or Cancun Escorts in Google.She’s gorgeous!

Cancun Escorts Alix Page

Here you can see her face:

It was a great overnight full service. It doesn’t matter but I laugh whenever I
hear they are med students. I’ve heard it so many times do they think we’ll
think more highly of them? Give me a break, they’re working girls.

And $200? You’re out of your minds. Was it $200 for all night or the hour? From having been to Tj $40-$60 for less then 30 minutes seems to be the norm. Is this for real GFE fun or the standard pro services? What would be a fair fee to pay for and escort in Mexico? From what I hear Cancun is the Beverly Hills of Mexico even the hotels are outrageous.

The actual Alix Cancun Escort personal website is:
You can see it in these 2 adds about her:


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