Ciudad Del Carmen

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Street Scene
Around the park center at 8pm you will see girls out. If she is wearing a dress she is working. There are several little dive hotels where you can go for about 50 pesos. Also on the Northeast corner of the park there will always be girls here. Just on the other side of the taxi station, across the street at the Banco Inverlat, from 8:00 pm until daylight there will be girls. Up until midnight you will have to approach them. After midnight they get more aggressive as they want to get some action before they call it a night.

Calle 26
This is the street right in front of Jardines. From Jardines all the way down to the Pemex Station. You will find girls here but not until late at night after midnight.

La Puta Alberga (Brothels) There is only really one worth mentioning. It is a house near Playa Dorada a woman who goes by the name Chayita. You have to know someone to get in here but every Mexican in Del Carmen knows her. She has some tables out side and the girls will wait on you. She serves beer for 15 pesos each and if you see a girl you like just tell her and then you go to a room. They start at 100 pesos and for about 400 you can get 2 hours. At times she has some fresh young girls. This is not a place for Americans to try alone first couple of times go with a local until they know you here. After they get to know you come anytime you want. Business usually wraps it up around 11:00 PM.

Here are a few bars to try if it’s during the day.
These are regular bars but always a few working girls hang around them.

La Plataforma
Calle 47
This is a typical Mexican afternoon hangout. There will be a few girls in there in the afternoon. There will also be lots of Mexicans in there getting drunk. They won’t bother you but you might get a few stares. Spanish is the only language spoken in any of these places. They have seen plenty of gringos they are just not used to seeing them in these bars.
El Buche
This is right around the corner from La Plataforma. It is a small bar, restaurant. A couple of girls can be found here. Almost all of the waitresses will see you after work for a few pesos.
El Camaron
North of calle 56
This is a bar just like La Plataforma. A few girls, some fine waitress, live music. Same deal as found in La Plataforma.
La Selva
This is my choice for a daytime bar in Del Carmen. It has a stripper in the afternoon (yes she can be had) and a few girls in the bar and also more Meseras. One thing in any of these places you have to make the first move. Tell the Mesera that you want the girl to come over. Buy her a drink and make a deal. No salida in any of these places and you can get a girl to go with you for about 200 pesos plus about 60 for a room.
Calle 20 2 blocks before Super Maz.
This is the most active of the daytime bars. Loud music, a couple of stripers and lots of Mexicans is what you will find here.
In most of these places they only speak Spanish, so you must be able to speak Spanish or come with a local who does otherwise almost a waste of time.


Lopez Mateo
2 blocks past the Pemex dock
A few working girls after 11:00 and some hot dancers. The dancers are pretty much high dollar. It cost like $150 to take them out of the bar and she only gets part of this so this isn’t an option unless you want to spend big dollars. The working girls are usually 500 pesos plus you have to pay a salida (exit fee) of 120 pesos. Never show up here before 11:00 pm. Most of the girls won’t show until after Midnight. It’s good sometimes and sometimes dead but has some fine dancers where you can get some warm up table dances.
Playa dorada/Tavares
playa norte.
One club is upstairs the other is downstairs. Both are really the same and should be viewed as one place. There are some fine girls here and they have rooms where you can buy a girl a small bottle of wine for 300 pesos and take her into the room. The deal after you get to the room is between you and her. Plan on 1000 pesos if you want full service with your wine.
highway towards Campeche.
This place has a motel attached to it and you can take the girls out but expensive. The rate here seemed to be between 1300-1500 pesos.
Playa Caracol
Located at Playa
In a rough part of town so take a taxi here and be careful. A small bar, also has a hotel attached. The girls are average here on a slower night you can get a girl for around 500 pesos and use a private room in the back or go to the hotel.
Bar Tampico
On the edge of San Nicolas
A local place with 4 to 6 dancers. It closes early at 8:00 so only come here if you can be here by around 5 or 6. If yo8u want one of the dancers will cost you about 500 pesos.

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