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Cozumel is popin’ fellas. I went to this beach city during the Spring Break frenzy with a few buddies. To find good sex action for about 45-100 dollars depending on the quality of the girl, and your bargaining skills. The best place in Cozumel to go for action is The “Caribbean“. It’s a large strip joint surrounded by a myriad of cheap motel style rooms.(very nice for Mexico) All you have to do is tell a cabbie u want to go to the “Caribbean” and any cabbie will know where you are talking about. The scene in The Caribbean is very business oriented. You sit down and watch the strippers, and as you see girls coming in and out you can pick which one you want. All you have to do is approach her and sit down and maybe buy her a drink, that way she is more likely to bargain. Most will let you FS and suck you for about 50 bucks. But on top of that there is a 25 dollar room charge. It is worth it though on a good night at around 12 and later you will see an onslaught of big breasted Mexican cuties ready to FS you and suck you till the cows come home or until your time runs out. There is a pool table, porno videos playing and strippers. It is also free entry so if your low on cash and just want to see some Mexican pussy you can go to the Caribbean and watch the strippers for free.

La Salsa
In Cozumel I found this place just a short walk from the pier where the cruise ships come into port. Live music, lots of good looking Mexican women, cold beer, small strip tease stage and bar, restaurant, outdoor patio area, basketball courts. An interesting little brothel. Immediately upon entry the girls with asked “sex senior”. Take your time and have a cocktail as many of the girls will be cycling back down into the bar area from the air conditioned rooms upstairs and the booths around the corner. Expect to pay $60.00 for one hour with the lady of your choice.

Caribbean Queen
The current selection was poorer than on past trips. Met a girl I liked there though and went with her two times. $100 includes $25 for the room. Full hour and the service were very good.
$80 for the 4-8’s up to $130 for the 9’s plus $10 for the housekeeper.

Cigar bar
Just the opposite of Caribbean Queen the Selection has improved from my last visit. Met a girl who also worked at CQ Talk to her and her friend both quoted $100 hour plus the room cost. Cozumel is not the best place to find girls (pros) in Mexico, but it is a pleasant place to spend a few days and has hobbyist activities available.

Daytime “in town” at Casa Verde (Green House) $ 80 to $100, nice bar with A/C great service.

I can only offer advice if you take a day trip over to Cozumel, an  island 40 miles from Cancun. For comparison, Cancun is Miami Beach in the 50’s – Cozumel is like Key West in the 50’s – nice and sleepy with only divers (when the cruise ships aren’t in).

Ask any cab driver for KILOMETRO TRES – it’s a bar off the Transverse Road  about 3.5 kilometers from town. Don’t be nervous when he turns off the paved road onto a dirt road and heads towards a bar. Many girls to choose from, including some very young. Without bargaining, I paid $40 plus $10 for the room. I was very satisfied for my 3 visits there.

Another place someone recommended is PLATINAS (Spanish, I hope, for PLATIMUM). It’s in the main part of town near the only PEMEX station on the island. I hear the cover charge is $15, beers are $6, and the girls are $100. But they’re supposed to be VERY beautiful. I didn’t have the desire to stop there kilometro tres satisfied my needs.

Emergency—Alert—Caribbean Queen! CQ is HOT! Visited January Also tried Salsa and Platinos for complete Cozumel update. Salsa is a dump, rooms are cubicles. Platinos has $10 cover, exotic girls. Best action is CQ. Beer $2, projection TV porn (soccer while dancers on), many girls, THREE TENS. Girls asking $100, settle for $80 girl, $20 for room. Table dances $20 one song, $30 for two. Most girls give BBBJ. Open 12-4, then 8-4 am. Gets going best after 11 pm. Dancers total nude. Dances only like once every half hour. Table dances in closed room, you can touch all. CQ is old motel/ballroom complex, so bar and rooms are very good. Rooms have A/C.

Having a steady girl limits, but you get the total GFE experience as they demonstrate what every day of the rest of your life COULD be like if only… Anyway, hot, incredible experience. I am a scuba diver. This is why I go to Cozumel every year. Coz has world-class diving, and this year, world-class night diving. I managed to corrupt all the men in my group this year.

The Scene:
Coz is noted for Carlos ‘n’ Charlie’s. The girls are there for the same thing we are. My dive buddy, more a party person than myself, went home with a date both times he went. Also hot is Joe’s, a blues place, after 1 A.M. or so. He paid $160 for a room at Plaza las Glorias one night; my girl cost a lot less than that. Anyway, lots of single American women.

Two places cater to us hobbyists, La Salsa, and Caribbean Queen. La Salsa is smaller, located close to La Ceiba Hotel, and caters more to the cruise ship crowd. Higher prices, too. Caribbean Queen is larger, classier, very nice, and reasonable. It is located on the middle island road 3 or 4 kilometers out of town. Clean rooms, too.

My Experiences:
Went to CQ around 10, was dark and draggy. Was approached by a 7, Maya/Mexican extract, pretty face. Had a beer. Place picked up rapidly, nude dancer came on, tourists poured in. With more light, noticed several 5’s, three 9’s. The nines were hitting on the young macho types, so I figured my 7 would do me a better job. Asking price $80, went for $75, which included the $15 room fee. She did a heck of a job, and I did my best to make sure she enjoyed. I don’t delude myself that she really did.

My dreams:
I am haunted by dreams. Watching the dancers with my chica, I spied this absolutely stunning Mexican girl, 18 or 20, a total “10.” Girl-next-door wholesome, ready smile, easy laugh, Playmate bod, mingled even with the older farts like myself, unbelievable, stunning, breathtaking. Would have been really gauche to leave my chica, but I am haunted by this vision, and I wonder if she will be there when I return.

Technical stuff:
Got bargain airfare $505 STL to CZM nonstop. Rented a house, $250 for 2 weeks my share. Many available over the net. Great food, reasonable prices, no one got the Mexican two-step. Prices higher Dec-March high season. Air fares may run up to $850; really varies. This is a scuba diver’s island, not a primary sex destination, but you can have rewarding “night dives” here, too.

The first night I was there I decided to try out Caribbean Queen. This was a new club since my last visit. The prices were higher than expected ($120) for the good looking girls. Since I didn’t bring that much money along I settled for a less attractive lady for $40. She was closer to ugly than beautiful and not fat but a long way from thin. She did however provide exceptional servce, BBBJ, oral all over, numerous positions. When we were finished she gave me a long back rub. I stayed for a few more beers and met a beautiful 22 year old. She’s about 5’1″ with blond hair (the only blond in the club) we talked for a while and she agreed to meet me the next afternoon. To my surprise she actually showed up. We went back to my hotel but she wasn’t allowed to come to my room. Needless to say I was very pissed. We then went out for dinner and I brought her back to the club. I returned that night and spent an hour with her in one of the rooms. She showered first and we 69’d for awhile. It was great and I highly recommend her. I returned to the club several other times during the week .

One day after the cruise ships were gone, I went to La Salsa, there were several very good looking girls working, I approached one and started talking to her. She told me she was 18 and had only been working there a few months. We got around to talking sex and she said the price was $100, I told her I only had $70 and she agreed. When we got to the room we undressed and took a shower together. She had the greatest body I have ever seen, with very firm tits. She had a fantastic pussy and it tasted great (she cleaned it well in the shower). She got on top of me and rode me to heaven, she was tight and energetic.

There is also a Cigar Club that offers lap dances down town (just around the corner from Carlos n Charlies). Summary: Caribbean Queen is very nice with alto of nice looking girls although few speak English. The prices are higher but the girls are open to negotiation. La Salsa is very good as well. On my next visit I’ll probably divide my time between the two clubs.

Spent the New Year’s down in Cozumel and what a party! The best club in Cozumel is LaSalsa, or “Salsa” as the cab drivers call it. Cab ride is about $4 from town. As mentioned in an earlier post, it is only open when the cruise ships are in. However, Cozumel is becoming a VERY popular cruise destination and there were ships docked every day that I was down there. Girls ranged from about a 4 to an 8 and cost around $60 for an hour. Make sure and tip the condom boy well or he will knock on your door after about 1/2 hour.

Had fun at the Caribbean Queen. Also about $4 for the cab ride from town. Girls will approach you as soon as you sit down at the table. Quality ranged from a 2 to 8 and cost depends on looks. The 2 asked me for $40 for the hour, and the 8 asked me for $100 for the hour. I was quite pissed off when I left though, because I went with the 8 for $100 and she promised me that I could come twice and then lied. She said I could come back the next night and she would give me a discount, but I stayed away. Best to stick with LaSalsa.

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