Del Rio

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I’ve been to Ciudad Acuna a few times, and I’ll have to agree with the reports. I’ve driven there a few times, and my car has never been messed with (of course, it’s an ’82 Jeep that looks like crap but runs well.. There’s usually a decent selection of girls. Prices vary, but, if you’re not Mexican, you’ll get charged more. Typically about $60 or so. I typically bargain for time, not for a lower price, which seems to work out better.

Here’s driving directions:
1. Cross the bridge.
2. As you enter Mexico, you’ll see the customs stations to your left, an intersection without a light in front of you. If you don’t have to go through customs, take a left at that intersection. If you do have to go through customs, it’ll dump you out on the street you need to go on. Turn left.
3. Follow this road for several miles, until it ends at something resembling a major roadway.
4. Make a left onto that major road.
5. You’ll pass a gas station on your right within half a mile.
6. After the gas station (within a half mile., look for a turn lane that turns left onto a dirt trail. If you pass a paved intersection that goes to your left, you’ve gone too far.
7. Go up the hill. If you’ve got a car or any other low setting vehicle, kiss your undercoating goodbye.
8. Pay the guy a buck at the gate.
9. Park your car. Go in. Order a drink. Have fun.

A couple things to watch out for:
1. Leave all your rights at the border.
2. Never argue with the customs agents, or bring anything that might remotely give them a chance to mess with you.
3. If you get pulled over for something, pay the cop a $10 or $20. Don’t argue. Just pay the man. See #1 above.

Hunter’s Lodge
Usually has a better selection of girls, but occasionally you’ll find a gem in the other. On top of that, the prices in the other are generally a little lower. From what I’ve heard, if you follow the road up between the two clubs, you’ll find a much cheaper area. The food at the restaurant for the price. is definitely good. Better than some of the crap they serve in my area, for a lot more money. And I’ve never gotten sick.

Just a heads up if you are going to be in the Del Rio/Ciudad Acuña area of Southwest Texas. There is excellent action at Boystown in Ciudad Acuña. I had never been there and I was somewhat apprehensive about going since Acuña is not the cleanest or safest looking place to be in Mexico, it’s a typical border town. I didn’t want to drive my car into Mexico and didn’t know the way it’s out of town just a little ways and up a dirt road on a hill, you’ll never find it on your own. So I parked my car at one of the small lots on the US side which cost 5 bucks and took a taxi to Boys town, about ten bucks. First of all the clubs there aren’t so bad looking as I thought they might. They look like typical strip clubs and there are two main ones. One is called Hunter’s Club and the other I forget the name of. I went into the second club and saw several women walking around, none of them terrible looking and some of them very pretty. I was approached by a 20 year girl who I would definitely recommend. She was long and very lean and very pretty, in fact she was terrific looking. We went upstairs to a room a $20 fee where she said that she would do anything I wanted to $60. She wasn’t kidding. She was a terrific girlfriend experience and she didn’t rush me at all. She let me take off her clothes and french kiss her during FS. Basically I could have taken my time but she was so hot that I fucked her in two positions with a condom of course and finished way too quickly. She said that she is a college student and is there on Fridays and Saturdays. Frankly, I had to get back very soon and left after having another beer. As the place filled up with people I noticed that there were several other hot women in the place and that I would have to be back soon to sample the entire menu. If you go to the clubs in Boystown in Acuña,

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