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Ensenada the small fishing village just south of Tijuana offers a slightly slower pace. The women tend to spend more time with you and often for less money.

Is the name of the club across the street from the Afro Casino bar (now closed). It’s on Miramar, 1/2 block east of Lopez Mateos. Table dances $5, and private dances $12. Stage dances were 2-song affairs: each girl danced for one song clothed, then the lights lowered and she did her second set topless, though one or two took it all off. A dollar tip at the rail may get you some action, YMMV. The ladies also do “out dates,” with the bar fine set at $22.

Down the street two blocks north is probably the best strip club with the most attractive women. $4 entry gets you in and dances for the most part are totally nude.

Is still the place to go. On a Saturday night the action gets going after 9pm. 10 to 20 women can be found standing or seated waiting for action. There are several ways to start the action, ask a waiter to have your selection take a seat with you at a table. Lady drinks will cost $8 half goes to the lady. You can negotiate the price, time and location. The 49 Hotel next door is the preferred choice for short time. The room will run you about $11 for short time and $27 for all night. Rooms are sparse at best but location is what make this place popular. Hotel Caribe across the street towards town center has slightly better accommodations. It’s also close enough to take women for short time.

The direct approach also works, which means you going directly to your target and introducing yourself after which asking how much her services will run. Remember nothing is set, prices will depend on her popularity, how many other customers are waiting, time you wish to spend with her as well as what time it is. After 2am things tend to get less expensive as her time is running out. The average charge was $70 for an hour with her in the room.

Every town in Baja, Mexico that has a church a “Mens club” too! The best places are in Baja South, like Mulege, Loreto, or La Paz! My last visit to Loreto was in July 2000 and we went to the “Penthouse” north of town right on the beach! midweek the girls are ugly! On the weekends it gets much better, with 5 to 8 nice girls from mainland Mexico. cost are usually from $20-$60 for a good fuck,$75 to take her home for the night! Ensenada is a tourist trap just like Las Vegas they tease you for a lot of money!

Things are much more laid back in Ensenada than they are in TJ. The ladies normally will not approach you even if your sitting right next to them at the bar or standing with them at the back corner. I normally go in and politely refuse the offer of the waiters to seat me at a table and make the rounds starting over on the band side. As most of the ladies well be along the other side and in the bar area, this gives you time to see if there is anything your interested in.

If things aren’t to your liking at the moment you can normally find a seat at the bar and have a drink while you check out the comings and goings. If I see somebody I’m interested in, I’ll find a booth and have the waiter bring her over or flirt with her by eye contact for a bit and then beckon her over. But if she is on the “hot list” at the moment and your determined you have to have her, better grab her while the grabbing is good.

Then the dance of negotiation starts. Of course once you have her by your side, you have to decide if its the one for you then start to ask the price. I never negotiate for less than two hours and normally three as I stay at the Best Western or Day’s Inn and don’t want to be rushed. The later it gets in the evening the better the prices get. I also watch and see if she has been active that evening. If its been slow for her or she hasn’t had a client all night, your chances of a decent price for the time you want is excellent. I normally don’t like the flashy ones with the big chi-chi’s so maybe its my tastes in women that keeps my costs down.

Your best bet is to visit Anthony’s on a Friday or Saturday. Other nights its pretty dead. Beers are $2 a piece which usual include a small shot of tequila. A bar fine of $12 dollars is needed besides the $10 for a short stay at the 49 Hotel next door. I’ve heard many posts of $80-$100 for all nighters with the gals. Make an offer, what have you got to lose besides the word NO? Prices at Anthony’s can go as low as $30 for short time but don’t expect the women to start at these rates.

During June over 30 girls to choose from, some of the more attractive women ask for $100 short time. Plus $11 bar fine, then $11 for the hotel. More women then men looking for sex. Hotel rooms are tough to find on weekends so book early or arrive early. I imagine rates begin to drop as the night goes on say after 3am. Did see at least 5 women that were star class with a good mix of other talent. Hotels range from $20-$120 in town.

Saturday night at Anthony’s you can have a great time. I’m not a real user of these services and was really impressed with the honesty and straightforwardness of the place. Our waiter was great, he told us who was nice and who to stay away from, he coached us on the process and the expectations, we tipped him $2 or $3 a round and he was a happy guy. The girls will never approach you or hit on you at all. They’re very polite and demure. We negotiated $100 (I gave $120 at the end because service was great), and my other buddy negotiated $100. Drinks are cheap, like $3-4, the bar fin $14 each, and the room next door $12. They offered to go to our hotel, but we were at a nice place and it wouldn’t have been right.

None of them have very good English so it’s mostly down to business. She stripped, blew me bareback for a few minutes, then slipped on a condom (supplied by the hotel) and climbed on top, allowing me to decide when to change positions. I finished off doggy and it was back to the club for a couple more drinks before they wandered off. I think they may have been hanging around at our table just to see if we wanted to swap and pay again.

One of the girls told me that “Thursday” are also popular lately. I opted for the all night plan next door at the 49er hotel. The $25 which I felt was a good investment as no one ever came knocking on the door to remind me my hour was up. Both girls I did asked for $80 and settled for $10-$20 less when I made a counter offer.

Overall Anthony’s has improved from my past visits, there was a good supply of women (at least 25+) to choose from. They were nice and easy to deal with even with the limited English. Looks wise there were many above average ladies to select from.

I noticed several girls leaving with guys via taxi and then returning after and hour or so. Thus I’m sure it’s no problem taking the girls to other hotels then the 49. You may have to pay a taxi if your staying further then a block or so.

I noticed the bar down the street near the Denny’s bar was closed (the one on the same side of the street). The Afro bar was open as usual but the guys outside pushing for business steered me away.

I’ve been to Anthony’s Bar. This is one of the best in Ensenada. Beers 30 pesos and include a shot of tequila. The ladies were 4’s and 5’s. I stayed next door at Hotel 49 for $27. I waited ’till 3 am and got a lady for 2 hours for $45. Across the street, good fish tacos were available for $1.

Carnival Time
Its Carnival time with the main events being on February 12, 13, 14. They close off about a 12 block area in the general Hussongs area and there is much to do and partake of. Food vendors all over the place. Save lots of room for eating your way up and down the streets. (try the corn) Lots of music, with a band at least every block and sometimes two, much dancing, many people, but mostly locals or from the surrounding area. The SO CA Harley Club comes down and there are many great Hogs to oogle at and admire. They are the only ones who can take there vehicles inside the closed off area.
Carnival rides in one section ( a large one) with more food and bands. It’s a great time for all. I well be in the boat yard (Baja Naval) getting work done, but well be on the streets at night.

As is the tradition in Ensenada at Carnival time, a fantastic time is had by all. On both Thurs. and Fri.night I was able to have a lovely chica for an all nighter for $50 and $60 respectively plus a couple $40 hour sessions in between.The prices at Casa Del Sol were a little higher than last year,but this was expected. Anthony’s was good but I found some jewels at some new clubs. One is north of Papas and Beer about 2 blocks,the other is just north of Anthony’s about a block up,blue building, mostly locals,but some great chicas and bargains.Overall just a great getaway from the hustle and bustle of T.J.

It seems as though the Mexican authorities are tired of having a one way trip so to speak on the cost of doing business with the US. It costs the Mexican citizen about &60.00 and a great deal of time to get a border pass to visit San Diego and another $6 if they are going farther north.

As of July 1,1999 there well be a $15.00 charge for a FMT visa which is to enter Mexico. It well be good for 6 months, maybe. The rules aren’t quite clear in the Baja Sun, but it appears as though there could be a huge tie up at the border.

Spring Break

Transportation to Ensenada
Bus Fare to Ensenada is 59 pesos or $6.20 as of Jan. 1, 1999. The Terminale de Autobuses is located just inside of the Tijuana border near the yellow taxi cab area. There are two bus companies that offer service to Ensenada.

Autotransportes Aragon leaves TJ at 7am, 8, 10, 12pm, 1, 2, 4, & 5 on the hour. In Ensenada, Aragon is located at Calle 8va & Ave Riveroll #827. Aragon leaves Ensenada every hour from 6am to 10pm on the hour.

Autotransportes ABC has a schedule similar to Aragon in Tijuana with some departures on the half hour (10:30am is one time). In Ensenada, ABC is located a few blocks east of Aragon and leaves Ensenada at 5am, 6, 7, 8, 9:30, 12pm, 1, 3, 5, 9, & 11.

In Ensenada, you can take a taxi to your hotel for $3.00 if you avoid using the yellow colored taxis which always seem to want more money.

From Tijuana at the Downtown Station, take the ABC bus to Ensanada, then walk 5 blocks from the station towards Ave. Maetos. Cost: $8.50.

Weekend after Carnaval Excursion

We arrived at the border around 7:30 PM Friday night and proceeded on to Rosarito without a hitch. Wanting to try to verify the rumors of Russkies at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, we stopped in just after 8 PM and scoured the place without finding any indication of either Russians or working girls. Still, it was only 9 PM so we resolved to go on to Ensenada and come back later in the night.

In Ensenada around 9:30 PM, we parked near Anthony’s and took a quick look inside before going across the street to the two fine eateries there. To those unfamiliar, there are two side-by-side comida stands across the street from Anthony’s, complete with picnic tables. We sat down in the southern bistro, but soon found that the “waitress” territories were well demarcated and “our” waitress was too busy to get around to us. We moved to the northern bistro and got prompt service. The two other visiting gringos at the table we chose were feasting on whole baked fish and 7 Seas Soup and highly recommended the soup. We all got good fish tacos and Alex and I ordered the soup. Good and plentiful, but the bill took us by surprise, turns out each bowl of 7 Seas Soup cost $7, and initially our waitress tried to overcharge us (on top of that) for the meal. Next time we’ll stick to the fish tacos (60 cents apiece), which were standard quality. TIP: ask for prices before you order

We went back into Anthony’s and had a beer at a table near the dance floor.
TIP: several waiters will greet you at the door and offer to show you to a table or booth; graciously ignore them and glance around the place and pick your own table; if you want to be seen as well as to see, find a table near the dance floor; if you want to be a bit more hidden, take a booth on the far side; if you want to be in the thick of the women, take a booth on the near side, that’s where the women tend to congregate. There were already plenty of girls there and they all checked out the new gringos, but of the two that looked like good choices one was already claimed by a much older gent in a booth and the other disappeared for the night shortly after we arrived.

For the benefit of those who haven’t been there, Anthony’s is a nice club and is very hospitable to visitors. In both appearance and hospitality, I find it nicer than any of the Zona Norte de TJ clubs. It also features a mix of dance music alternating with a live band that seems to be getting better over time. In terms of women, they are more similar to AB in quality, youth, and personality but with the more deferential, stand-offish attitude of CC. You have to approach them, or more likely have a waiter bring one over to your table. Gents’ beers ($2) come with a free shot of the house tequila. Tipping, as always, is appreciated. Ladies’ drinks are $4 to $8. There is a 3 drink minimum for a girl to leave or she (i.e. you) pays a bar fine. Didn’t find out how much the adjacent hotel costs. You can also request a song from the band and tip accordingly.

At this time, nothing looked overly interesting so we decided to explore Ensenada Centro for a while and come back. We had heard rumors that some of the other bars were getting better, and in our walking we ended up peeking inside all of the working bars (mostly little to no selection) and most of the dance clubs and locals bars. For those up on their Spanish and preferring to roll the dice with the non-working girls, the dance clubs offer a plentiful selection. We wound up in an area east of Anthony’s that was a bit too local for our tastes and footed it back up to the main drag, passing a few blocks of transvestites along the way (“Tranny Alley” in Ensenada starts about three blocks east of Anthony’s along the street that borders Anthony’s to its south).

Bottom line seems to be it’s still Anthony’s or nothing in Ensenada. We even asked a few taxi drivers whether there were any other places, but they all sadly shook their heads. Back in Anthony’s around 11:00 PM, a few more latecomers had shown up. We sat again at a table near the dance floor. Just across the dance floor from us sat The Wild Woman. She had Thalia facial features and hair color but a modest to skinny body. She looked like the half crazy type and when she danced it was in line with that analysis. She was interesting, and kept giving us inviting glances, but after a while another young beauty caught our eyes. I asked how much she wanted to go to the room. She said $80 for an hour, $60 for a half-hour. I didn’t ask if she would pay for the bar fine and/or the room, and didn’t try to negotiate, just thanked her and rejoined the guys at the table.

We decided we’d see if she would go with us for the night, since all of us wanted her and that seemed most economical. After she finished dancing we asked our waiter to bring her to our table, where she sat amidst us and ordered her ($4) drink. Unfortunately, she didn’t take to our idea (knew we should have tried the Wild Woman), although she couldn’t surpress a giggle at the suggestion. We even asked how much she wanted for it and she insisted she couldn’t do it. She did accept the idea of doing an hour with each of us, but wanted $100 an hour to do so. At this point in the negotiation she excused herself to go to the restroom. As she came back, the Asian guy grabbed her and she seemed relieved to have him take her to his table. Heck, we must have scared her silly. Needless to say I pointed out to our waiter that she barely spent three minutes with us and only took two sips from her drink. He agreed that wasn’t good but didn’t offer a refund or more drinks in exchange for the sum. Oh well. We left Anthony’s, and Ensenada, at that point.

We got back to Rosarito around 1 AM and again scoured the Rosarito Beach Hotel and Festival Plaza. Absolutely dead. We went past a few other bars I knew of where an occasional working girl or two would show up. Nothing.

As far as Rosarito goes, it seems to be just the same as it ever was: there’s a chance encounter with a working girl at one club or another, but nothing predictable except for Los Caminos Cuatro on the north end of town. There are always two to three, sometimes more, girls there at night, with low-end-Street-Girl quality. I have never asked about price or services. If anybody ever has I’d be interested in hearing about it. There is also a gentleman’s club in the middle of town, can’t remember the name and I’ve never been there but I was told it’s strictly floor shows.

We made a quick trip up to the Zone just to round off the night. Visited Mexico Lindo (my first visit there), many fine women who outnumbered the men at least three to one. It actually seemed a better selection than CC, but I felt like I was being hunted, which is the opposite of what I enjoy, so we left shortly. Ended up doing a walk through of AB at about 2:30 AM, nothing looked interesting, stood outside for a while watching the parade up and down the stairs. Three strong made a quick trip to Hong Kong, enjoyed a great floor show, then headed back to Rosarito.

That ended the night, we stayed in Rosarito and again checked for any action during the day on Saturday. Asked more taxi drivers, but they also confirmed that Los Caminos Cuatro was the only place to go, although one initially suggested the Kiwi Lounge, a place I’ve never heard of and he couldn’t seem to give us directions to (maybe that’s the name of the Gentlemen’s club. Headed back to the border Saturday to find it way backed up and an hour delay to get across. Otay was worse than San Ysidro (not typical for a Saturday afternoon), and the San Ysidro east exits were worse than the San Ysidro west exits.

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