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Guaymas is a fishing town located at the mainland side of the Baja. It takes about 6 to 8 hours to drive to from Tucson via Nogales and Hermosillo. The highway is in excellent. Condition. The place to go to in Guaymas is the ‘La Salsa’ bar. Easy to find- it is located at the ‘Plaza de Trez Presidente’ which is the only big place right next to the seafront and the municipal buildings. Ask anyone and they show you the way. Now the bar is just that a bar not a brothel. The women might or might not be ‘working girls’ and they may not approach you. You can ask them to dance or tell the waiter that you would like to buy a drink for a certain girl. She will then join you at your table. Again there might be a bunch of girls in there who just want to have some fun and you might save some money. Drinks for the bar working pro girls are $50 pesos and if you can negotiate well enough that amount will be deducted from the total costs. The girls will ask for 400 Pesos and you can talk them down to maybe 300 Pesos and the fare for the taxi about 20 Pesos.

Guaymas is one of the worst towns for sex. It is a fishing port and as such is rather prosperous. Don’t get me wrong you can find pussy there but the prices for interior Mex are not all that cheap. Also the chicas there have attitudes like they do in the U.S.-which is unusual for Mexico. Plus you have to pay that stupid tax for going into the interior. I passed up several offers because they wanted $$ up front, had attitudes, or were fat. Waste of time, unless you go to San Carlos nearby for the beaches and swimming. They used to have a woman selling here young daughters, but the policia closed her down. A friendly, but basically dull town.

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