La Paz

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Located on a large bay on the Sea of Cortes, La Paz is 137 miles by road north of the southern tip of the Baja peninsula. It is a favorite beach area for Mexicans and visitors. The attractions here besides the women are; international fishing tournaments, Scuba diving, boating and sailing, but the crystal beaches are what keep the people coming back. The city holds several annual events including Carnival held for six days before Ash Wednesday, Fiesta de La Paz, held May 3rd to celebrate the founding of the city. Fishing competitions, Jet Ski races and the Nautical Cup also take place here. An easy drive from Southern California or by air Aero California and Aero Mexico have daily flights to La Paz. You can fly to Cabo San Lucas with Aero Mexico, Alaska, America West or Mexicana and take the bus up to La Paz. (Allow 4 hours) From Cabo International Airport take the shuttle or a taxi into San Jose del Cabo ($6) and then the next bus to La Paz ($6) Ten buses a day run from 7am to 8pm. And we can’t forget about the girls because this little town is a gem.

Casa Vicky
It specialized in take out although there are beds available for short times. The quality of the girls has improved over the years. The girls here ranged between 7-9. They don’t have a bar or a lounge area you walk into a room with 10 to 15 girls and then just pick one.

La Ranchito
On any given evening, there are about 20 – 25 girls here that will sit or dance with you and can be had on premise for about $40 – 45. Had one of the dancers in the back room she was hot but I don’t really like 20 minute quickies.

Lord Black
This place is like the kind of strip bars that you would find in the United States. Except if you touch these girls they smile and asked if you want to go to the back room. When I first got there a few girls dancing on the stage, and all of them were in bikinis. Within a few minutes there were about 8 – 10 girls on stage, Several of them rated about 9 – 9.5. Pretty soon, a couple of them were nude and another few were doing lap dances in the audience. The back rooms are closet-sized rooms with nothing but one chair in them. You can get a private lap dances for $20, which lasts about 7-10 minutes. I took a dance with an Asian-Mexican girl. She got right out of her clothes and pulled my dick out and massaged it. She had a real nice body and let me feel her up. I payed for a couple more sessions then headed back to the stage area. Lord Black has some of the best girls that I’ve seen around this part of Mexico. Give La Paz a try if you’re looking for a place, close to the ‘states which is pretty cheap and has some great water sports.

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