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The city does have a red light district with enough action.

In the Zona de Tolerancia, prostitution is allowed but often carefully controlled by the government. This doesn’t mean today’s tourists shouldn’t be careful, as there are some who operating under the radar. Today, visitors to the Zone may find a variety of erotic entertainments, ranging from lap dances to strip teases, to sex shows, to the companionship of working girls and transvestites.

Manzanillo Escorts

Brothels in Manzanillo
Las Vegas
Are next door to one another 4 girls and were average looking but all were doable. One came to the hotel room later and stayed the night.

Brothels Disguised as Massage Parlors
Ask a taxi to take you they exist

Other Brothels in Manzanillo
There wS one in Salagua, by the bullfighting ring on a side street up a flight of stairs. Another is near the corner of Paseo de las Gaviotas and Elias Zamora and run by an oriental girl who lives there.

Use a Taxi Driver
It’s easier if you take a taxi because they know where the brothels are. Don’t let the driver leave until you select a girl. The girls will do a line up. If you don’t see what you like have the driver take you to the next one.

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