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Strip Clubs
Located in a seedy part of town
Ask the cab drivers as they all know where these places are.
$5 Lap dances
$15 Private Lap Dance
2 Songs $10-$30

Corner Najara and Juan Carrasco, upstairs
Another one is a few doors west of Hippo Campo
Prices range from $50 to $70, $70 if you take a cab and they get a cut.

There are two pick up bars in Mazatlan Dos Gordos and Red Dragon right across the street. Just like TJ clubs and get going 10-11pm. Dos Gordos has better looking girls and Red Dragon is more laid back.

There are several Massage places in town which are private houses and apartments.
Nayely Tel 81-01-16 close to the main hotel area
Dora’s Tel 84-49-02
Chayo No Tel
Taxi drivers know these places
Marina El Cid Hotel look for Taxi Enrike he speaks English and will take you around

Driver named Omar took me out for three nights. First night went to Dos Gordos. Omar recommended T P Ch (pronounced Tay Pay Chay) Younger pretty girls. Private dances 200 pesos and touching allowed. 300 pesos bar fine 500 pesos for the girl a total of $80. Another 200 pesos for Hotel Relax.

The next night Omar and I set out at about 10:30 and went to a place with unbelievable women called La Botana. This club is next to Senor Frog’s. Absolute 9’s and 10’s private rooms and dances 200 pesos. Touching is permitted, I don’t know about full service or out dates at La Botana.

Thursday night we went to T P Ch at 11pm All the girls were on stage. Had a couple private dances that ended up with her whispering in my ear “Hotel,Hotel”. She was 1200 pesos total 300 bar fine 700 to the girl and 200 for Hotel Relax.

The first night our guide the bellman from Holiday Inn named Arturo took us to 133 Pisces street for a massage. Full service of course for $35US. The next few nights we spent time at Red Dragon and Dos Gordos. Dos Gordos is a great place for fun and women in Mazatlan with full service for $50. A working girl hang outs in Mazatlan is Dos Gordos is clean and safe. Check the Holiday Inn and ask for Arturo he can be your guide for the night for $10.00pp his cover charges are waived and he’ll cut deals with the girls for you.

When in Mazatlan visit Las Botanas next door to Senor Frog’s south end of the beach. Beautiful women who lap dance at your table for only $10 US. $20 for a private dance at the rear of the club where they let you touch them all over. Most of the girls are beautiful.

Take any pulmonia for 60 pesos to the Casa De Mujeres Chayo 400 pesos an hr. Includes a not very good room right around the corner fine women and easy to deal with. Taxis pulls up to the porch of the Casa and women come out for a line up behind a gate. Select one and she’ll say ‘250 pesos for 30 mins or 400 pesos for 60 mins”

I recommend any of the Casa De Mujeres, Red Dragon or Gordo’s if you wanna drink.

Las Botanas
Nice to look at but most girls wanted way to much for the private room. There is one other place close by though called Cabalitos(?)  45 Pasos ride from SF. TJ style atmosphere and lots of great looking girls. Worth the $40 bucks for a great looking, petite chica with long jet black hair. Cervezas are only 15 Pasos

Pick up a copy of the local English visitors guide the Pacific Pearl also at This will give some very good overview information of the city.

When looking for daytime action check out Sky Massage in old town Mazatlan. Some pulmonia drivers know where the place is. Save some money and rent a scooter to get you there instead for 80 pesos per hour. An attendant sits outside the massage place to watch the scooter for you while you’re busy. My GPS shows the place is approximately N 23deg 11.465′ W 106deg 25.510′. 300 pesos for massage 400-500 pesos for extras. Women range from 6-9s out of 10.

For nighttime action, find the nearest pulmonia and ask to go to Chayos (pronounced Tayos). 500 pesos for the room and girl. The women typically range between 4-7s out of 10. They have always been open when I arrived just after 8PM. I don’t think they are open on Sundays. My opinion is that Chayos quality has decreased over the past few years. However, they are dependable and they seem relatively safe at night. After being mugged at knife point in Nogales, I am especially sensitive to this.

If you stay at a hotel or resort that allows visitors  there are several escort services available.
The first is Thailand at 669-914-0532
CAOS at 669-914-0542
Galeria D’Modelos at 669-916-4482
Paradise Massage at 669-925-3941
Tried Thailand once while in Guadalajara and was very happy with their service. Good luck trying to get these girls into some of the nicer resorts such as Pueblo Bonito, Emerald Bay, El Cid, Playa Mazatlan, etc. You may have better luck at Fiesta Inn, Holiday Inn, etc. It’s best to ask when you call.

On the main drag there are a couple of strip joints that are good, a little high priced compared to other options. I had a good time in these main places just buying drinks, watching the strip action, and getting comfortable. If you show a little interest, the girls will come to your table and then ask you to buy a drink and then a private dance. Price for the private dance is about $15 and it is good. In a semi-private booth, the girl will get topless, some will get naked, you are expected to touch them, and some will reach in your pants to touch and rub you. Very good unless you need more. Pretty, young, pretty probably about 7-9 range. When you go for the private dance, the waiting area can be crowded and the girls are very casual about being naked, with their customer. Enjoyed it a lot and saw more girls that I wanted to get with. Mostly natural, young and pretty. Probably spent about $100.

Taxi driver named emilio he works at the polmonias showed us around town took us to all of the clubs there. He charges $15dls per hour, not bad since he’ll do all the hooks ups so we went to Hacienda D Real the girls where not bad 6-7 range. Went to Red Dragons and Hippocampo girls range from 7-8 lap dances cost $5dls $20dls for room and $30dls for FS. Tarandas girls range 8-9 entrance cost $2dls pulmonia get in free. Lap dances $5dls private rooms $20dls. Botana girls range 9-10. 3 Brothels girls range from 8-10 cost $70dls per hour names of these places are Chayos, Galeria d’Modelos and Paradise Massage. Have a chance to go to Mexico check these places Los Gordos, Caballitos 1 & 2, New York and Red Bull
Worst hotel Olas Altas Inn
Best hotel Extasy Suits hotel

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