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San Diego Bar opens for business at noon. It’s best in the evenings but you still can find some talent. The average going rate is $50 plus $15 room charge. Asking the waiter for help is a plus, a $2-$5 tip will get him to alert the girl that you have interest in and speed up the process. During slow times the women are open to discounting. Thus $30-$40 rates are possible. Just don’t act desperate or interested.

Mexicali is not like a typical border town, it’s much more like a small city in the interior in Mexico. Dollars are rarely used, it’s almost all pesos here, and it would be difficult here if you don’t speak Spanish. It’s a lot more laid back than TJ, which is a nice change. Here’s a couple of places to check out within this town.

Bar San Diego
Very typical Mexican whorehouse, the kind you’d find in smaller towns. There were about 15-20 girls working on a Tuesday night, and less than 15 customers, so the ratio was pretty good. Of the 15-20 girls, about a half dozen were ugly, but about half dozen were pretty nice 8’s. No cover charge, beers were US$1.50. The girls cost US$50 and the room is $15. I had a really nice time with mid-twenties, blond, who provide great unrushed service.

Bar Miau-Miau
After Bar San Diego I got a taxi. and went to Bar Miau-Miau in El Centro, on Avenida Reforma at Calle Mexico. The US$3.00 cover charge included the first beer. This place is like a Mexico City Strip Club, but without the hassle and rip-offs. I didn’t see an ugly girl in this place! They were pretty much all drop dead gorgeous, centerfold quality girls! I was up for round two of the night. The girls here cost US$100 plus $30 for the room. Considerably more than the other place, but these girls really are really tens so worth the price.

Stayed at a nice hotel, called the Siesta Innon at Blvd. Justo Sierra. Nice, clean, safe place, with parking outside the rooms for about $60. You pretty much need to drive into this city, as there’s no real action right near the border, but this is a safe town.

Mexicali is about 2 hours east of San Diego (125 Miles). Best known for Bar San Diego (Interesting that SD is no where near this city). You’ll need a cab or car to get to BSD. Mexicali is just south of El Centro California. About halfway between Yuma and Tecate.

Things are not always what they appear to be !!

Unlike its neighbor city on the Baja coast, Mexicali is not as happening as Tijuana.

Mexicali is a hotbed of activity and an oasis filled with contacts, providers and hobbyists.

The same thing can be said for the other dozen or so border towns along the US Mexico border. You have to do your research and find the jewels that each place offers. True that when you do post info that you open a door to others that can never be closed. You also create traffic that might hamper your visits. I personally post info that I feel can help others as the internet is how I came to find so many great places and had those that walked before me been so selfish I would not be where I am. SD bar and a few other places have been around for years and are nothing new.

One benefit about sharing info and helping a source or provider gain customer base is the extra income which sometimes means more women, more providers when the word spreads that customers abound. This is why so many women in Mexico flock to TJ, the word is out that lots of money is to be had.


Directly east of the shopping center
$40 plus $10 for the room

Bar San Diego
Rio Culiacan
Room rates are have gone up to $17
Castillo is still the waiter of choice
Rates are still $50 but this is only for the most popular women.

Went to Bar San Diego around 6:30 p.m. Saw a few girls arrive after that. Wide variety of women the numbers being around 25 counting the ones in the rooms. Current rate is $45 + $13 for the room. That is OK since all girls charge the same rate. If one charges higher see Castillo one of the waiters and he’ll straighten the girl out. This is one thing that I like about BSD. In fact about 12 years ago a customer complained that the girl did not do him right. The staff made the girl go back to the room and do him again! BSD is all right. Suggest Tuesday on. Monday is slow.

Well, Bar San Diego is still alive and kickin’. I made a trek over there to check it out from El Centro. I’ll give a little recap. When you cross the border you’ll see a fork in the road pretty immediately. Take the left side and just keep going. The street signs are sort of hard to see so you’ll have to keep an eye out for Rio Culiacan. There are also a lot of stop signs that are hard to see. When you reach Rio Culiacan about 5-10 minutes from the border, make a right and Bar San Diego will be on the left side a few blocks down. It was pretty busy for a Thursday night, even though the streets were pretty dead. Once inside, I ordered a couple of beers for 15 pesos, which is about $1.50 a beer, nice. There were about 10 girls just kind of talking to each other and walking around. They seem to leave the guys alone unless they know them, so that was pretty good, I didn’t want to buy every girl a drink. Eventually I saw a girl I liked and went over and talked to her. She was pretty serious as was her friend, I was kind of hoping for a little more “friendliness” having been the one to make the move, but whatever. She said it was 700 pesos, about $70 I guess, and said to meet her in a preassigned room. She met me there and well you know the rest. But yeah it was a sure thing there. That’s what their business is I guess, besides selling liquor.

While not much better then what you find in TJ at Adelita Bar and Chicago Club, TJ has a vast selection compared to this. It’s the best place in town. The rooms from my last visit were barely livable, cracked walls with peeling paint. Perhaps this town has a better option going the escort route?

Best Bets:
Cibone Chiapas
Joanna Local

Corner of Justo Serra & Lopez Mateos

This strip club bar which is located in a mini strip mall. Has secure parking, easily seen with the bright exterior lighting. No rooms on the premises but for a $35 bar fine you can take any of the women to your hotel for $70. Inside the club waitresses wear French Maid style outfits. Some knowledge of Spanish is needed as this is not your usual tourist bar. You’ll have to speak up to the manager, waiter or actual girl about taking one of the women with you.

Sex Y Massage
is located upstairs from Harra’s
Expect to pay $40 to the house for time in a room and a $50 tip for oral or $150 for Full Service.

Meau Meau Club
Avenida Reforma
Try a private dance which may include a BJ for about $40. I’ve even heard of guys getting FS at the club.

Awsome girls. They will go to a hotel for more than one hour, but expensive (200) dollars. I prefer Wild Wild, Tons of Nalga there. Stay away from OLE OLE

First, most have boyfriends, some are married. If they openly wear a ring, do not ask for sex. They are fishing money from drinks, private dances, etc. Most have a price, but those with rings usually can not be bought or you would have to pay triple what they are worth. Look for the rings to be turned diamond side down, into their palms, or on the opposite hand. Remember, they are Hispanics and if married you can not pry that ring off their finger.

Elbas Escorts
Area of Mexicali
563-09-96 (You’ll need to speak some Spanish)
For $125 US a girl will be sent to your hotel for approx 2 hours. Usually the cab driver who brings the girl expects 100 Pesos. Girls are younger and more attractive then most other bars and street girls.

The number above is for dialing within Mexico
If you wish to call the number prior to your arrival from outside Mexico you dial
011 then 52 for Mexico and 686 for Mexicali, then the number above.

same system as Elba’s

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