Mexico City

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Mexico City is pussy heaven! I had fun back in early December of 1997! I went to many clubs with taxi drivers from which I requested from the hotel! If you go with a taxi driver you can get into all clubs for free, because the taxi driver will tell the clubs that you were with him and were from the USA. I went to Titanuim, Cadillac, Jet Set, and many more! I met a girl at the Cadillac who I took back to my hotel, but the same taxi driver who picked me up at the hotel picked me at the club, because i told him to pick me up at a certain hour. I told the taxi driver to call the hotel bell boy to inform them that I was coming in with company so i would not have any trouble getting her in. I asked the bell boy about the chicas in Mexico City, because i wanted him to be aware that I might want to bring a guest in. I paid the bell boy $100 pesos when I got there. She was about 8 in attractiveness, but was a 10 in the sex category! I first wanted to take a bath with her at the hotel to get things going. I bathed her and she bathed me. Then she told me to get on the edge of the tub so she could do a BBBJ without even mentioning a condom. After a while, we went to the bedroom and fucked! I think it cost me about 1600 pesos for about three hours which included taxi, hotel, club and her! To me it was worth it with her! At the clubs you can have a full nude dance for up 20 minutes for $400 pesos and its up to you want you want to do, grab, suck, or be sucked! I met her again the following night at the Cadillac club again,  I still took her to the back room for the 20 minute show and did have a condom on me. She strip naked and we had sex. I was sitting on a chair and she road me until I was finished! All in all, I had a great time! The taxi drivers can take you to other places like massage parlors or casas de cita! If I lived in Mexico City I would be broke!

Had to go to Mexico City for a day two nights on business. My client put me up in a big hotel on Reforma, but I took a second room at my little hotel on Insurgentes, about 4 blocks away. My friend, the night manager remembered me and let me have the room for 140 pesos $14 because I had the other room $200 in the big hotel. After I registered I walked to the “strip” along Insurgentes and visited the usual clubs. Had a few beers $7 each and bought a few chick drinks $12 each but didn’t get turned on enough so I went back to the little hotel and called it a night. I was probably too tired from spending about 15 hours on planes and in airports.

Got up the next morning and had breakfast at small hotel and walked to big hotel to shower and change. The driver picked me up and I worked the day and was taken back to big hotel where I crashed for about 5 hours. I dressed and went back to the strip. After visiting a couple bars, I saw one that I hadn’t seen before Luxor about a half block off Insurgentes, near “Isis”. The chicas were good looking and the beer was cold. I bought a gal a couple drinks and we seemed to hit it off well so I asked for a price $50 to leave and $100 for her for 1 hour. Since there were about 15 girls at the bar and 4 men, I offered $100 total. She finally accepted $125. I paid the bar the $ 50. She changed her clothes, to unattractive jeans and sweat shirt and she insisted that we take the “secure” taxi, $10 the 6 blocks to my hotel a normal ride of about $1. As usual, there was a “propina” line waiter, manager, doorman, cleaning lady this is the thing I hate most about the clubs in Mexico City.

At small hotel, the manager gave me my key and we went to the room. She opened her purse and asked for the 750 pesos, then took out two condoms and put them on the bed. She stripped to bra and panties and went into the bathroom. When she came out, she joined me in bed and began with a hand job. I asked her for BJ and she began to open the first condom pack, so I told her I would prefer without and she told me that she wanted another $25 if it was without condom, I told her that I gave propinas for good service. She smiled and did a BBBJ good, but not great. When I was close, she slipped on the condom and rolled on her back, I slipped in and quickly came. I rolled to the side and she gave me a quick kiss and went into the bathroom. I checked the time and we had been in the room for about 50 minutes. When she came out, she began to dress and I told her that it was still early. She told me that I had finished. She asked for her propina, so I gave her 100 pesos 10 for the BBBJ she was not happy, so I told her that we agreed on an hour and she didn’t honor it, so no special propina. She was too damn mechanical. Beautiful yes, but not particularly enjoyable.

She left and I crashed. Next morning I went back to big hotel and packed. The driver picked me up at 10:00 and took me to the airport. As usual, I was disappointed. I have probably been with 50 or 60 chicas in Mexico City over the years and have not had more than 5 who were enjoyable to be with other than the sex itself. They’re too mechanical and constantly hustling for more money.

Currently the best high end club is called Titanium. They have a very good number of outstanding looking babes from all over Mexico and Cuba, Colombia, Central America, etc. You will not be disappointed. They are located south of the Zona Rosa along Insurgentes (actually one block off Insurgentes at about Colima street). In terms of safety, the main thing is to avoid just hailing a taxi off the street. If you have no other alternative, ask them to show you the taxi ID (which will have their photo). No ID, get out of the car. Better yet is to use a taxi from a taxi stand or hotel. They are more expensive, but safety is worth it. For example, Titanium has their own taxis out front. When you’re done there, take one of Titaniums’s taxis. The other 2 clubs you mentioned are also worthwhile, it’s just my opinion that the first one I mentioned is the best.

El Closet
calle saltillo #67
Colonia Condesa.
El Closet has about 20 girls, with full service available on the premises. The cover is 60 pesos, cover don’t get there before 11. The Closet is about 10 minutes from the hotels in Reforma y Polanco. I have taken a few girls out of here over the years and still see a couple of them on the side when in town. You will find hard core strippers here but I have also met several students and first timers. I recommend meeting a girl at the club and then setting up a date with her the next day at your hotel before she goes to work. But even using this plan of operation you will need to buy some drinks and dances at the club first.

My Mexican clients introduced me to a great strip club called El Closet. It’s in the Colonia Condessa neighborhood of Mexico City with not much open around it at night. There is a large variety of women for every taste. I prefer the prettier ones and one time had to shoo one away from me who I wasn’t interested in. She had a pretty face and her English was excellent, but I just wasn’t turned on by her body. However, I did end up having sex with her and her good-looking friend full naked dance and double blow jobs in the private dance rooms upstairs. Don’t be thrown by the fact that there are no doors on these rooms. The women guarding the outside seem to be there just in case of an emergency.

There is non-stop dancing in El Closet and the babes get totally naked on stage. I can’t understand how they can slide down the pole upside down just holding on with their ass cheeks! Otherwise, there is lap dancing on the outskirts of the room, private dancing upstairs and “take out” service. I have taken three different women home with me from this place on different occasions. All big titted, fun and eager to please. All gorgeous, 7-9’s. None spoke English, which is fine with me. I recommend El Closet for the chicks and the safety of not getting ripped off with credit card scams.

There are at least four places to found information:

The magazine “Tiempo Libre” in the section “Nortes” Tips under the category “Masajes” massages and “amigos” friends almost at the end of the publication. You can find this magazine in any newsstand in the streets of the city. Is in Spanish but some of the places has bilingual services. They have an electronic version available in

The news papers “El Universal” In Spanish and “The News” English, both of them has a section called “Services” and “Masajes“. Try to find the ones with the legend “Se habla Ingles”. I don’t know if “The news” has electronic version but the Universal has it.

The other source is to go to the “Zona Rosa” and accept the cards with information than a lot of people will try to give you. You can also ask to them for places as “Casa de citasBordello, Bar Table dance or piano bar. Try not to trust these people and never go alone with them try to be at least four, you could end the night robed, assaulted or killed. Remember Mexico City is one of the most violent places in the world now.

I like to divide the places in four categories according the price.

A. “Callejeras” Street walkers 2050 USDLLS each relation
B. “Esteticas o Masajes” Massage Centers bordellos 40100 USDLLS each relation
C. “Masajes a domicilio” Call services escorts, call girls 30200 USDLLS each relation
D. “Bares de chicas” Piano Bars or Table dance bars 200? Each relation

A: Callejeras. This is the bottom of the line, I could never recommend these places, in all my life I went there two times and both times was unpleasant and unsatisfactory. I felt as be ripped and if I loose something. But if you are very short of money or you want to try something very different the choice is yours. The main places could be:

The “Merced” market and “Garibaldi” plaza, in the downtown. Be sure, if you go there you’ll go out with a disease AIDS, etc.. Prices from 5 USDLLS

The Sulivan Street near the headquarters of “Telefonos de Mexico” and the “Zona Rosa”, You can walk there or you can take a cab. The girls are in the street, walking and letting you view a little bit of the “Merchandise”. If the police are not protecting them and you are busted in a police operative that could be very expensive for you. When you choose one girl she will ask where do you want the service, a hotel or the car, the car service is usually oral sex, and if she insists a lot in this, she is NOT a girl, is a man. You need to pay for the hotel room also 10 USDLLS. In the room, she’ll strip from her waste to her feet and she’ll give 15 minutes to do the job, don’t expect anymore.

The other streets could be crowded with Males dressed like women, VERY important if you see the girls in the street with a great body be almost sure than is a man. The streetwalkers are not very nice in Mexico.

B. Esteticas o Masajes para caballeros: The services are usually massage with her breast in your back, oral sex with condom, and regular sex also with a condom in all the positions than you want in a period from 30 to 45 minutes, but you can finish just one time. If you want so, you can have a shower after and before. No kisses are allowed. You can found a lot, but for my taste there is two very good places.

The first place is sited in the corner of Tokyo and Dublin streets also near the “Zona Rosa” behind The “Four Seasons” Hotel in front the “Grand Marquis” Hotel, they have at least two subsidiaries but the nicer girls are always there. You need to use the little door with a gate in the Dublin street, a guy will ask you “what do you want?” in Spanish, just say “Servicio”. Getting in will be at least 7 girls to choose according with your preferences.

The second place is in the “Tabasco” street is called the “Condesa Palace”. It has a huge wood gate inside could be until 20 girls. When you choose one girl, she’ll take you to one of the rooms, you can have a Jacuzzi bath if you want so.

C. “Masajes a domicilio” Call girls, escorts. This is the main service to be found in the magazine and newspapers. Also is my favorite. First at all you need to found a “Hotel de paso” is a hotel designed for it, almost any 3 stars and some 4 starts hotels is this kind. I don’t know about the big hotels like “Camino Real” or “Chapulin”. But I almost sure than the girls could pass a hard time if they are catch there. The services is from one Hour to all the night, my favorite and my recommendation is to ask for the two hours special, depending of the agency it could be for two relations to all than you can do you can do in that period.

If you call to an agency, they will ask you for your phone number, name and room number. When they call you back they will ask for your preferences, always ask for a young girl, and add three years to the age than they mention. If they say something as “Piernudita” with great legs or “pechugoncita” with a big breast be sure to get a fatty girl.

I recommend to ask what would happened if you don’t like the girl? If they say “you need to pay for the service”, hang and call to another agency, if they say than “you need to pay for the girl’s cab’ ask how much should it be, as more money they ask for less possibilities are to find a nice girl.

The service consists usually, of oral sex, a massage and the relations, here is allowed to kiss, and touch everything, but is a good idea to ask in advice to the agency.

Later I’ll send information about Bars, but this is very expensive and very dangerous because the alcohol is usually adulterer, and they could use drugs to make you loose the conscience.

I was not able to find any report on Mexico City, let me talk about it:
You can find excellent information about incall and outcall service in “”TIEMPO LIBRE”” a magazine published weekly under massages. Also you can find in almost every newspaper excelsior, universal under massages also.
Street action takes place as early as 12:00 PM.
Street hookers are normally 68 and normally only for quickies. WATCH OUT FOR COPS. Street prostitution is not a felony in Mexico City, but policeman will surely want you to “”tip”” them. If you are taken to the Police Station you will have to pay a fine, that at most will be of 50 USD and that’s it. So, it is better to be taken to Police Station.

Here are some hot spots:

From 12:00 up to midnight:
You can find 68 hookers in Calz. de Tlalpan and Viaducto Miguel Aleman, in NorthSouth direction. They will take you to a Hotel nearby. 30 dls. for a full service. It is a safe zone, do not worry to watch for cops.

Another place, 57 hookers, but some young ones you even can find 16 year old girlsIn la Merced. Take the subway to this station and walk west in San Pablo Avenue, the best ones, or north in Circunvalacion avenue. do not have to worry about the cops, but its dangerous at night. Full service for about 1520 dls., but only quickies and not greek. Between 79 pm you can find some cute girls 8 and 9, very young, charging from 20 to 30 dls…

From 9 pm 4 Am:

Insurgentes and Viaducto Miguel Aleman, in a small street, easily recognized by traffic jam.
Cute hookers, 8 and 9. Watch for Cops. DO NOT PICK ANY GIRLS ON INSURGENTS AVENUE, they are most likely to be man.

Reforma AVenue and Genova Street, east from “”angel de la INdependencia””.
The best street hooker you could have for as less as 40 usd…. Safe…

From 10 Pm to 4 am.

Sulivan street, near Circuito interior. Girl from 69. From 2030 dls. Clasical spot. Tolerated area by cops. Try it.

Last week I was in Mexico City and found it to be the city where sex is available and worth checking out. I personally prefer the strip club scene. I visited a number of clubs all worth going back too again. My favorite is a club called Titanium not sure of the spelling where you would be hard pressed to find someone ugly. As far as I can tell all the women are at least an 8. It really depends on what you’re looking for, but whatever it is you’ll find it here. The prices that I was quoted was $400 US dollars for an all night, no holds bar night. I’m sure that there are some women who will negotiate prices as I had witnessed in other clubs on previous nights. Trust me when I say that going here will be worth the trip. It was packed on a Wednesday night at around 2 in the mourning.

Next I would say that Jet Set has to be the spot where you will find 90% of the women in the club rated at 8 and above. The only trick is that not all the women are in the sex scene. But the majority of the women are and will negotiate a price. Try going during the week if possible. You won’t see a lot of men in there but there is always a nice selection of women to choose from. I negotiated a price of $150 US dollars for a two hour session the next day. Money well spent! My last night there Wednesday I had a perfect ten on my lap who started off wanting $300 US dollars and dropped down to $150 + $50 you have to pay the house $50 to let the women go out for the night and I believe that I could have gotten her down to $100. But, beware of buying the women drinks. They are a little more expensive than your drinks and the waiter may keep bringing them sometimes taking the glass while it’s still half full causing your bill to sky rocket. This will probably be my first stop during my next visit.

Cleops not sure of the spelling also has some “fine” women there. You will see more 5’s 7’s there, but you can also fine some gems. The ten that I found would not leave the establishment, but would go upstairs for $85 dollars she said 15 20 minutes for sex. I was looking for at least a one two hour session and didn’t see anyone else in there worth going after.

Lastly, you can find plenty of escorts in the paper. I will probably not go this route again. You must make sure that everything is agreed upon before having the women come to your hotel room. I would recommend that once she arrives you make sure that what you negotiated over the phone is what she is willing to do. My escort wanted $150, the over the phone price was $100 for an hour as many times as I wanted. After having sex the sex was a 5 she started clock watching and wasn’t as personable as she was before the sex. With about 20 minutes left before my hour was up, she started getting dressed. When I told her I was ready for another session she told me that this was a one hour, one time session. I told her that this is not what was agreed upon and she just pretty much told me that this was all I was getting. So I said “adios” and that I would never use an escort service in Mexico again. But, if by chance that I do, I will verify what is included with the session when the escort arrives.

This is my two cents, you just need to check the club scene out for yourself. Good luck and remember to give a review once you return!

I have been to Mexico City three times and I have no idea why people would pay more than $20.00 for a great piece of ass. If you are at the airport and ask the taxi driver to take you to the muchachas, he will and the cost of the taxi will be about $6.00 and this will most likely be on your way to your hotel anyway. I had 4 trips there and I paid $3.85 for her and $1.85 for the hotel and condom That’s $5.70 folks for a quick piece of ass. The girls I chose were 18 to 22 and were great. If you pay more for pussy then you got ripped off. There are hotels that will arrange the same thing for $100.00 or more if you are afraid to get in a taxi and do your own thing….

This if for those of you who are looking for something a little more upscale. I was in for just a couple days of business, and decided to stay at the Aeropuerto Hilton for convenience. This is a great place to stay because safe taxi’s are plentiful, and you can buy Viagra downstairs late at night. The concierge offered to set me up, but I thought it would be fun to find something on my own out of the tourist guide book. A few words of advice: always ask for their “return” policy what if you don’t like the girl. Tell them up front that you are very picky, and if you don’t like her, you’ll send her back with no more than the cab fare $5. They often ask how much you want to pay, and I offered $200 for a full dinner date I know it seems like a lot for Mexico, but if you’re careful, you’ll get your money’s worth. I got a very nice, well spoken lady who was clearly the owner of this referral agency. After I explained my requirements, she said that the perfect woman for me was not available that night. Finally, I asked about her 25, well educated, great body and face. I suggested that she accompany me to dinner, where she could check me out herself and decide if she was up for personally handling the business that night. Cost, nothing but a decent meal at a nice restaurant.

We were to meet at the restaurant, and she was late. Just as I was about to give up, this gorgeous, tall brunette steps out of a taxi and walks up to the joint. The doormen were as impressed as I was. Dinner is so much better with a beautiful, intelligent, witty, strong minded woman, don’t you think? After we started dinner, she turns to me and says, “I have some friends who will stop by to chat with us during dinner, if you don’t mind. If you don’t like any of them, I’ll be here for you.” Everyone that stopped in to chat was at least an 8 and I finally stopped when a raven haired 21 year old a 9.5 dropped by just as we were ordering dessert and cordials. By this time, all the waiters were making it a point to stop by and ask how things were. I think they just wanted to eye the candy that kept coming to the table. I tipped this 2nd lady an extra $50 at the hotel, and she ended up staying about 3 hours until we were both too damn tired for anything. She was gorgeous, sweet, passionate, and really personally there to have a good time. Her pussy was amazingly tight with incredible muscle control. No anal, but everything else including fantastic kissing she was a nonsmoker, by the way. The last sex we had and we had a lot I wasn’t sure if I would be able to pump any harder or faster as my legs were tired to the point of cramping up and I’m a serious cyclist. Afterwards, we showered in the marble bath Hilton is not too bad for a 4 star, and pretended to be worn out lovers for another half a hour.

Went to DF and it was awesome. Highly suggest you go. Been all over, TJ and Guad and the rest but this is now the place.
Went to some high class bars and they were expensive but the girls and the service was great. But didn’t go with any as my budget was tight. Decided to strike out on my own and go out at night by myself, usually a nono for a tourist, but I don’t drink and look a little Latin. Went to see some outlying areas, and eventually got a taxi to take me to this street where the girls all line up, got out of the taxi where I saw it started, paid him and started walking. Walked for a really long way, girls one after another, blocks and blocks long. I was amazed. I wouldn’t be surprised if on a busy night it goes for a mile.
I would see a great looking girl I wanted to go with every few meters, but was so intrigued by the place I just kept walking.
Finally I saw one and couldn’t turn her down. She said to take a taxi and we did, the taxi was unmarked which normally I would not even consider but it was driven by a woman, still, next time I might flag down my own ‘safe’ looking taxi instead.
We went to the hotel of her choice just a few blocks away and it was nice, clean, well attended and cheap. The girl was great! And the price for her was so low not even worth mentioning. Afterward she mentioned that by paying more there would be more time and had I not had plans and an early flight out the next morning I would have definitely done it. I gave her a tip which doubled her original charge.

I went to Mexico City in November, I want to recommend these 2 clubs:
men´s club ( and solid gold in the “zona rosa”

I agree with your analysis of the Zona Rosa gentlemen’s club scene which I checked out in July. Buy a copy of Tiempo Libre on your next trip and check out the massage places most of which are brothels.

I went to one near Chapultepec and got full service from an attractive lady for 25 bucks for a half hour. Tips are neither solicited nor expected. This particular place closed at 8 so the massage places may not be an option for late night visits.

Inexpensive experience in the Zona Rosa (Mexico City): look for a small door between “Yuppies” and the Sex Shop, (small and old rooms for rent), about 50 incall girls, $15-$40US, the girls that live in these rooms work in the Zona Rosa bars…
price in the bars $40US and up (+house fee +hotel)

I will be going to Mexico City in July and would like some information about the “high end” clubs. I checked out the web site for the Mens Club. It looks like a nice place. The posts on this site seem to confirm that. Does anyone know about a place called “Club Royal”. Also a place called “Isis”. I have read that it is worth a look. Money is no problem. Quality is my main objective. I am a bit concerned about the crime situation, Action Jackson is not my name. I grew up in Chicago but I live in Japan. I have lost my ability to sense danger. This is no joke! Any advice would be much appreciated.


The massage place near Keops is called Bernalet on 16 Berna. It is relatively cheap (350MP) The talent is older late 20-40. Looks hardened. Rooms normally have just a single futon as bed. Not the best place but OK for quick service.
Another place is Leo’s Le Club. 446 Chapultepec located about 6-7 blocks from Keops. The quality here is better than Bernalet. The cost is also higher here higher (450MP). This place is about on par with what you would find in TJ.
The last MP that I visited was near Zona Rosa is on 31 Dubin. The selection is bigger than the other two. I saw about 15 or so girls working when I was in the club. The selection spans the quality range of both places and is a little better s than Leos. Cost here is 450MP until 9PM then the cost increases to 800MP.

Experience a unique combination of traditional Holistic Massage Therapies entwined with Erotic Massage.
I will use not only my hands but my body in this deeply sensual and erotic massage. Rather than pursuing more stimulation, Erotic Massage is concerned with experiencing more sensitivity.
Certain parts of the body, such as the areas around the groin and intimate parts of the body, which are normally not touched in therapeutic massage, will be touched in ways that increase sexual arousal your practitioner will work with that sexual energy. Aromatic oils are used to heighten sensitivity; this is not necessary if you do not wish so. The art of sensual touch is a journey of discovery. The receiver’s role is to stay relaxed and focused upon the experience of receiving without expectation of how it will feel.

Erotic Massage only
1. Location : Door 6, Alcazar 25, Near Revolucion monument, Mexico City. Its located opposite the La Matra-K restaurant. (29744308). Total cost – 600 pesos.
2. Location: The details are available in her website visit 1500 pesos.
I would recommend this place to only those who don’t mind spending money and just want a calm, soothing b2b session.

Massage with other options
1. Location : Door 302, Copenhague 20, Zona Rosa, Mexico City. (55330326). Total cost – 1000 pesos.
There are around 5 women here – few in 20s, couple of them in 30s. Usually they start with a sensual massage, but quickly move on to CBJ and sex.
2. Location : Door 301, Av. Chapultepec 444, Roma Nte, Mexico City. (67142760, 5511472254). Total cost – 1000 pesos.
There are around 4 women here, all in their 20s. Here again, they start with a sensual b2b massage, then move onto CBJ and sex.
3. Location : Clinica Savalle, Door 4A, 4th floor, Torre A block, Londres 161, Zona Rosa. (52070834). Total cost – 900 pesos.
There are maybe 2 or 3 women here. Massage alone costs 300 pesos. Massage with HJ – 500. Massage with HJ and CBJ – 700. Massage with HJ, CBJ and sex – 900.

NOTE: Clinica Savalle and Door 302 Copenhague is no more I searched for both of them.

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