Morelia, Michoacan

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Morelia, Mexico is a “college” city, 50,000 students from other cities live here = many parties : Strip/table dance clubs: work MondaySaturday 10PM4AM, best on weekends, all a safe places
1. Continental Night Club 30 girls 58“s
2. Junior“s Bar 10 girls 58“s
3. Rabbit“s Bar 10 girls 58“s some occasional 910“s, and many small bars, don“t go there… if you want 910“s only go to Guadalajara/Mexico City 23 hours/bus…30 minutes by airplane

Good places to pick up girls:
girls 510 most middle class people and up speak some English,
Wednesdays and weekends are best
1. Carlos n Charlies no cover
2. Freedom no cover
3. KO Disco cover
4. Siglo XVIII disco cover
5. La Opera Disco also try:VIP“s cafe everyday after 7PM many 10“s go there Sanborn“s Cafe there are other discos but the girls are very young, and is hard to pick up girls there…Balam Disco, etc. very good Disco Euro style, but mainly gay/lesbians:”Los Rojos” Disco there are some 10“s like model body, tall, blondes, etc here, but they are lesbians. what a waste
If you pick up a girl take her to:
1. Monte Carlo Motel
2. Los Espejos Motel
3. Casablanca Motel

4. Holiday Inn Express
cheap street girls about $1015 for a quick fuck street behind and 1 block east the bus station10AM9PM
Transvestites from 10PM to dawn If you want to see all clubs rent a car, or rent a cab by the hour about $7
US/hr, and You can find taxis outside all clubs too,I hope this helps.

Just saw this message. Don’t know if you’ve already gone there, but there is pretty good action in Morelia. Try staying at the Casa Blanca hotel. Cost is $17 dollars! For a VERY nice room that you would expect to pay $50 elsewhere. They also have the typical Mexican drive in rooms with the curtain. Hence, they have no problems with your bringing a girl back.

There are quite a few clubs, but there is a club just down the street from the hotel. Pretty women, upscale, strip joint….never tried to negotiate anything with these women, but I am confident that something could be arranged. Get in a taxi and head to Juniors II, there is also another big club a hundred yards away where there are a lot of women. You can arrange an all nighter for around $120$150 plus a $15 salida. Very nice looking women.

Morelia Report
Morelia is a “college” city, 50,000 students from other cities live here = many parties Strip/table dance clubs: work MondaySaturday 10PM4AM, best on weekends, all are safe places, some occasional 910“s,
1. Continental Night Club 30 girls 58“s
2.  Junior“s Bar 10 girls 58“s
3. Rabbit“s Bar 10 girls 58“s
4. Extassy

For more escort services buy the local newspapers

Good places to pick up girls:
girls 510 most middle class people and up speak some English,
Wedsnesdays and weekends
1. Carlos n“ Charlies no cover
2. Freedom no cover
3. KO Disco cover
4. Siglo XVIII disco cover
5. La Opera Disco
6. Nivel House Club
7. Akbal Disco
8. Balam Disco

There is a section near the outskirts of town that has about 4 or 5 “night clubs” located within a two block radius. I went “clubbing” one night and visited two of these places:

The first place I went to was a strip club called “Excess” or something very similar and it was like stepping into heaven. The place was very large and clean a rarity in some Mexican clubs and the girls were all 7’s or higher. There was a little of everything ranging from tall, European looking blondes to the more typical, traditional looking Mexican ie. dark hair, rounded features, and large breasts by the way, that’s my favorite. By tipping the waiter or doorman you are guaranteed a friend for the night who will help you choose and meet the girl of your choice. And in case you’re too cheap or broke to tip…all the girls get on stage at least once an hour and parade around so you can get a better look.

Once you find the girl of your choice, she will come and sit at your table and probably ask for a drink. In my opinion, it’s a good idea to buy the girl a couple of drinks just to show that you’re not cheap. The girl who I was with was not shy at all and, within twenty minutes, was whispering in my ear that she would let me take her to my hotel room for 2 hours for 1500 pesos about 160 US dollars. I don’t doubt for a second, though, that I could’ve talked her down to a lower price. I’m sure that there’s a “salida” fee to take the girl out of the club, but, as I will explain, I never found out how much. While I was thinking over her offer because I’m a poor American writer, she told me that if I wanted I could have a private dance with her for 120 pesos just to see how she was. By the way, I speak Spanish fairly well, so it was a lot easier for me. But I know that several girls at the club speak English. Anyway, I went to the private room and she gave me the dance of my life. We did everything short of intercourse and oral sex and, needless to say, she convinced me that she was well worth the money. We went back to my table and I was trying to figure out who I would borrow the money from I was with a couple of locals who befriended me in a bar earlier in the day. Then, I guess sensing my situation, she told me that for 600 pesos we could go back to another “more private room” and she would do everything with me for 15 minutes. I considered the options and I decided to take her up on the offer, all the while hoping that this would be one of my “quick” nights and I would be able to finish in 15 minutes.

Once in back, I tipped the attendant to the back room 50 pesos a must if you want a decent room and your full time. My girl Isn’t it messed up that I don’t even remember her name, took my shirt off and then my pants, then she disrobed herself and started with some bareback oral. She then positioned herself to sit on me and play “ride ’em cowboy” and I had to stop her so I could put on a condom. Eventually she rode off into the sunset and I was a very happy camper. Plus, due to my tip of the attendant, I got about 15 extra minutes. The best part of this OK, the second best part was that she never once asked for a tip or tried to hustle me. That’s my favorite part of going to a non touristy city like Morelia instead of Mexico City or Acapulco you don’t get the feeling that you are getting hustled. When you enter, the girls crowd around you because you’re an American, but , as an American, you’re not expected to pay extra high rates. Also the girls and even the people working there, as a matter of fact are warmer and less “businesslike”.

Later that night, I went to a night club called “Continental” It’s about a block away from the previous club. This place was smaller and the girls were of a slightly lower class than the other club, but everyone said that this place was THE night club in Morelia. Maybe I was cooler about this place because I was still pooped from earlier in the evening. There, I met a stripper who sat next to me and we talked for the rest of the night. She was a smart, interesting woman and I still speak with her through email. That’s the thing about Mexican prostitutes, some will latch on to you as an American because they see a way to escape their situations whatever they may be. Take that info for better or worse…As for me, I say it never hurts to make strong connections.

Also, there are several call girl companies in Morelia that send girls to your rooms. The rates range from 750 pesos about 80 US dollars for an hour to 2000 pesos about 220 US dollars for an hour and a half with 2 girls. Personally, I’ve never used a call girl service there, so I can’t comment.

Street walkers are not recommended and even the taxi drivers will tell you to stay away because of the risks of crime, disease, or disguised transsexuals. Why take the risk if there are beautiful girls ripe for the taking everywhere?

So, if you want to hang with some Mexican girls, but want to stay away from the tourist traps and their outrageous prices I once got charge 620 pesos for 3 beers in a Mexico City club, visit Morelia. The girls are beautiful and the atmosphere is casual and professional. An evening on the town including drinks, cab fare, cover charge which for some reason I wasn’t charged, and the girl for an hour and a half will run you between 250 and 300 US dollars try to beat that in the good ol’ USA!

Many fine girls, ages 1825 are available. Morelia is the capital of the state of Michoacan and also a college city. The place is loaded with young, attractive people. Because of so many young people, there are many clubs and discos to meet all needs. Morelia is in Central Mexico, about a 5 and 1/2hour drive West of Mexico City. The temperate is always about 8085 degrees. Its own International airport served by many US Gateways. The beach is a distance, but with the good weather, beautiful mountain ranges, and gorgeous ladies, you really won’t care. The population is about 1.5 million, but acts much like a small city. The people are warm and open minded. Americans are very welcome and become the most popular persons at the club or party. English is very important in Morelia because the University system in the state of Michoacan demands a score of 80% or higher in English in order to graduate. The clubs and strip joints have been covered pretty well on this board. Another source of girls here is the escort services. I called up the Elegance escort service again and got a girl named Karina. The service was very good, she had a decent body, and a little heavy on the bottom like many of the Latin girls, but her face was perfect. One of the prettiest faces I have ever seen on an escort. She had gorgeous gray eyes. I got her private cell number so we can make arrangements away from the agency. The service charges 800 pesos for the hour, but we will meet for 600 pesos privately. She also mentioned that she would be willing to bring along another woman and we could have a 3some. She only works days until 7 pm because she lives at home and that her parents think she works as a secretary. As for the SW scene, the action on Santiago Tapia, between Leon Guzman and the Conservatorio de las Rosas seems to be picking up. Usually, there are just a few older street walkers hanging out, but this time there were at least 7 or 8 3:00pm and more in the evening hours. The quality has improved as well. There are some younger girls working. I didn’t get a chance to check out the SW action on Heroes de Nocupetaro, “behind” the old bus terminal.

Was just in Morelia, took two taxis looking for street walkers and found the choices to be very poor. Most of the SW where 24, fairly fat and did not appear to be very clean. The taxis also warned me that there are a lot of male SW in drag. Next went to the Faros table dance bar on the recommendation of a taxi driver. The bar was a real dive, the women where 24, not very friendly and not many of them. We then tried Exstassy, the bar was very nice, the women all 810 and extremely friendly,a drink for the women ran about $25 US, a 15 minute private dance, no sex ran about $40 and sex in a private room ran about $200. I had the private dance and it was quite nice, three of us stayed about an hour just enjoying and it cost us about $300. I am told the bar across the street is much less expensive but still has women that are 810 they are just local women rather than foreign women. The next day I called the service Elegance and a very beautiful 22 year old Mexican women showed up at my hotel.The service was excellent, she was very attentive,polite and affectionate. Elegance charged $70US a steal in my opinion. The girl from the service informed me that there are many agencies that advertise in the classifieds of the newspapers and are much cheaper but that the girls are not as clean. I found the number for Elegance in the yellow pages under models. I speak Spanish fluently so I am not sure how well any of these groups speaks English

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