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VIP Oriental Spa
Kiki $60 for a massage. “soft massage” Hand Job $40 but she accepts $20, a club located to the left across the train tracks. Cherry’s is the first club you will see. There is also a sports bar upstairs. was in Cherry’s recently, a dancer tried to get me to a private room for one service for 175. i didn’t go for it, but later same dancer offered to go to a hotel after Cherrys closes, about 9:00. went to a clean hotel stayed for about 3 hours, great time. cost 100 plus hotel.

Used to be the place for AZ boys to get to become men. The old clubs that were on Canal Street are largely gone. The only one of any note any more is the Conga.

Best to leave your car on the American side. Walk over and ask one of the many taxis waiting for you how much to the Conga? Going rate is $5. When you get there, pay your driver and walk right up the stairs inside. Best not to walk around the area, you might get mugged. Also, best times are Thursday to Saturday nights after 9:00 PM for the best selection, but there are girls there from mid-afternoon on. There will usually be several at the bar. They’ll try to select you, but if you pick one out the others will leave you alone. Best to take her to a dark table right away and order a drink for you and for her. Try making small talk, which will be a little difficult if you don’t speak Spanish. She’ll usually start giving you a feel pretty soon. Then ask how much to go to the room? Prices are usually $60 for a half hour, $120 for an hour. Best to take the full hour, as you’ll have a better time.

You give her the money, and she’ll give it to the bartender and get a key. Then she’ll take you to one of several rooms. What happens next is she’ll usually get undressed right away, as you do. Most of the girls will blow you without a rubber, but when you’re ready to fuck, they’ll put on the rubber. You can always eat them if you wish as well. When you’re through, they’ll pull off the rubber and clean you up. The girls are fairly good looking in the Conga, although I have seen some skags. When you leave, there’s usually taxis outside. Again, $5 back to the line

is located to the left of the border across the train tracks. It is on the second street over and is a little bit down from Lipstick.

This club is located on the second street down once you cross the tracks. Before Lord Black and Placer’s, this was one of my favorite clubs. Get a table dance upstairs, especially if the club is slow. Often the girl will work extra hard to please. Go for a private room instead of private dance in a closet for only one dance.

a club finally located to the RIGHT of the border. No train tracks. Hang a quick right at the border and walk west for two blocks.

This club is straight and to the right. After crossing the border, go straight until you reach the first street and then hang a quick right. $3.00 cover includes a beer about 3 girls on the floor plus a few others inside the private rooms. $7 dollars for a table dance, $40 dollars for 25 minutes in the room plus $60 for full service. Looks all “9”s $3 for a coke. They want $150 to go to a hotel or sex for $60 in a “V.I.P. room.

Is located to the left of the border, across the train tracks. Go past Lord Black and it is the second club on the first street. I will post more later, but this club is widely considered to have the best looking ladies in town. Placers has the best looking girls when I’ve been to Nogales. if you want attention from girls who speak English, selection is limited. if you know just a little Spanish helps a lot. girls w/no English often work only Mexican customers. I suspect Mexicans get lower rates for services. non English speaking girls seem to work hard to please.

Lord Black
This club is also located to the left, across the train tracks. Look for the purple neon lighting. I consider this club to have the second most beautiful women in Nogales behind Placer’s. went down Thurs. night lot of incredible women one of my favorite is Samantha, she looks like a Latina version of Kelly Labrock,very beautiful and wild. She has brown hair, nice lean body, full model lips got a table dance, she was playing with her beautiful shaved pussy, then unbuttoned my pants and started licking my privates pretty wild couldn’t get a private dance with her, she was too busy also, the table dances are $6 and the private dances are $20, both are for about 7 minutes each. Lord Black does have a private room, where you can get full service for an hour for $200 Lord Blacks $22 for private dance $35 for a blowjob or up to $80 for sex. Bargain for $60 but don’t show them you have more money.

Nogales is out of control. If you are a single male and need some time of from the rigidity of the U.S. strip scene. You need to get your ass down to Nogales as soon as possible. I highly recommend lipsticks right across the border from Nogales, AZ. Also Obsessions is very nice but the girls there tend to charge more for services. I frequented Congo for a while but the quality of women has gone down the drain. It has turned into a really sleazy joint. If you have anymore questions feel free to ask me. I know Nogales like the back of my hand.

Obsessions and lipsticks are the most accessible and safest of all sleaze joints in Nogales. The truth is I can’t really tell you exactly how much the girls are going to charge you. It’s just a fact of the culture that when you arrive they are going to size you up and throw some outrageous number at you, especially if you are white. What I suggest is that you take your time and spend a little time getting to know the girls. And try under all circumstances NOT to get drunk. Acting like an Idiot will guarantee that you WILL get overcharged and possibly robbed on the way out of the country. If you where a girl would you want to spend your valuable money earning time on some guy whose wasted when you can move on to one who is sober and willing to get down to business. Do not under estimate these ladies. If you pay more than $40.00 (US) You are being overcharged. That’s why I tend to stay out of Obsessions they tend to start the bidding at $200.00 (US). Both are within walking distance from the Port of Entry. Obsession is on the second street to your right once you enter the country. Lipsticks is also two streets to your left. I am sorry for such poor directions but I suck at giving directions. I guarantee you will not have a problem finding them. They are that close to the port. In lipsticks the process is very simple you pay at the door $3 to $5 (US) to get in, This includes one free beer. Then you buy a voucher for $6 (US) that you need for the lap dance. Pick a girl and enjoy. There are the private rooms in the back that cost $15 (US) in these rooms you negotiate with the girl for what you want. In these rooms skies the limit (within 10 minutes). Tip the girl nicely $20-$40 (US). And always be nice these women know a good guy when they see one and usually might throw in a few free lap dances or some extra time in the room. If you just want a quicky and don’t really care for good looks then jump in any Taxi and ask him to take you to the Congo. Do NOT let the taxi guy charge you more than $5 (US) for the ride. Once you get there he will run upstairs with you and tell the bartender the he suggested the place to you and get a few pesos kicked down. This will not affect the prices of your drinks. If you feel you are being charged to much tell them politely and ask them for something less expensive. Do not buy the girls drinks this will only cost you more and it will not make the backroom experience any cheaper. They sometimes give them water sometimes. Trust me I know. Again try not to pay more than $30-$55 (US) and make sure this includes the $10 (US) for the room. I know a lot about the Congo because there are a few gems there that work during daylight hours only.

All I can say is unless you are local to AZ, you would be better served spending your time north in Sedona or visit the Canyon and go sightseeing. I did spend time with a beautiful women named Monserrat at Lipsticks. However, the clubs are setup like US GoGo bars. You have to pay the pimps/waiters for everything. It is nothing like TJ or NL. She was young and had an amazing body but the room they use is more like a dark prison cell with only a folding chair to have sex. I was pissed and will never return. Locals who frequent often and know the ladies I’m sure could work out a room with a bed and bathroom (is that to much to ask?) later outside the club. For travelers… save your money and go to other border towns, else go to a local bar in Phoenix and pick up women the old fashion way buy’em drinks.

I noticed that no information on the “real” Nogales is here…so here goes. Nogales is a must see for anyone going to Tuscon/Phoenix. Take I-10 to I-19…it’s about 100 km to border from the I-10 exit (follow directions to Tuscon Int. airport and keep going south on 19). As you get to Border go past fast food places and make a left at light (plenty of parking on street). As you walk to border you’ll see neon glow from Lord blacks on left. The 3 clubs to focus on are Lipsticks, Cherry’s and Lord Blacks…these are all sleazy, down and dirty places but a lot of fun. The drill is the same in all three BUT mileage will vary by club/girl.

Cherries and lord blacks are on street right after railroad tracks with lipsticks 1 street back. I’d recommend starting at Lipsticks at 7:30 or so. cover is $3 and includes a beer, a lap dance ticket is $6 and a private dance is $15…buy one of each. you used to get 2 songs for lap dance but now get one, but that’s enough. Find a babe you like and have the waiter/waitress bring em over (and yes the waitress is available also) if you like her up close take back to little room (closet really) for private dance. A BJ should run 20-30 I usually just keep a 20 in one pocket and shrug if they want more…works 60% of time. You’ll get 2 songs (10 min or so) if you want more time a small tip to the door guy can work wonders ( one more song usually). Now cherry’s is closing at 9pm now and has some cute babes but is hit or miss on extra’s…after Lipsticks I recommend Lord black. Laps are still $6..private dances $20. The girls are prettier and more fickle. Often you get a great time, sometimes pure tease. Is very much a YMMV kind of club. Full service is normally $35-40 in either place with a premium for the lookers once in a while. Lot of solid 7’s and 8’s with an occasional 9. Similar to CC in TJ.

Have been crossing the border to Nogales now for about a year. Park on US side, walk across, cross several lanes of traffic to your left and go to Cherries. I hesitate to let the secret out, this is the best place. Open 1pm to 9pm, then go to Lipstick just around the corner open 9pm to 4am.  Most of the same girls work at both. Have been to TJ and Puerto Pensessco (Rocky Point), and neither compare.

My dream girl is petite, long hair and awesome body. I always find her, patience is a virtue. Lap dances are worth the trip, unlike any you get at any US clubs, you touch. $7 for lap dance, $18 private. Negotiate private time and you will get it for between $60 and $30.

One time I had wanted this absolutely gorgeous petite babe, but all nite these Texans kept dominating her time on lap dances. They lined up and kept her away from us. So I went ahead and took the two best things, who were beautiful but I had my heart set on the other. Well sure enough I blew my cash about $50 on one girl for BJ and sexo, then 1/2 hr later being my dream girl was still busy I spent $40 on sexo with second equally as delicious a young lady. But I still longed for my seniorita being hoarded by Tex and now I had only $30. I had locked eyes with her several times, touring around to watch her lap dance and now realized I had my shot.

I figured at least a hand job for $30. She took me to the back and before even asking for $ she began to stroke me and let me devour her body. Which surprised me being she had been busy for over an hour, she should have been worn out. She said “Sexo blowjob $80. My heart sunk I showed her I only had $30, she took it and continued stroking me. It was great so I settled back. Then I felt a condom being put on me, huh ok she began sucking wonderfully using her tongue precisely. Had she understood? No more moola would she expect more…demand? Just as I began to worry too much she mounted me. A knock came at the door signaling end of time. Most, not all but most will ask for more money and when you don’t pay they leave quickly, she didn’t pay attention to the knock she continued to pound on me methodically. Slow then fast, moaning erotically in my ear. Louder, the knock came at the door again she ignored she was on a mission, she ground she thrust she twisted she moaned louder. Finally she gushed and fell against me. We kissed passionately and fondled one another for several more minutes then dressed. Outside the door girl scolded her in machine gun Spanish. My sweet petite pulled out the $20 I had given her and handed it to her. She turned to me, blew me a kiss and disappeared. I have not seen her since.

Your mileage may vary..but the table dances are usually $6 to $7, with lots of heavy groping action..the private dances are $15 to $20 for about 6 minutes…usually you need to get two dances private to have time for decent service..With so many clubs now, you can get a decent BBBJ for $10 to $40 (or covered BJ) and full service for $30 to $80….Also Obsession and Lord Black have a private room, where you can pick a dancer for $200 for an hour, to do “anything you want” (don’t know if it includes anal)…sometimes you can talk the waiter down to $100 to $150 for a half hour if the night is slow….After you get to know the dancers, you can probably arrange a overnight in your hotel for $100-$150 per night..hope this info helps.

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