Nuevo Laredo

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(NL)—Probably the nicest club but for some reason never seems to be busy. The girls are not up to Papas standards but there are usually several nice ones there. The girls are not aggressive and you usually have to make the first move. Prices are $40-60 for up to one hour plus $7 for the room. I took a rather plain but pretty passionate one out for all night for $100 plus $20 for the bar.

Prices range from $40-75 for short time plus $8-10 for the room. You can negotiate the time but don’t expect more than one hour. BBBJ depends on the girl–but chances are she won’t let you come like that. If you go in the afternoon around 3-5pm you can get an hour for about $50, but there are usually only two or three girls and they aren’t always great lookers.

I went down to NL from Houston with two of my middle aged buddies. We stayed on the Mexican side the first night. Viagra is available over the counter. Just go into any Pharmacy and ask the druggist. Don’t let some guide rip you off with the “Doctor” bullshit. My advise is to stay on the US side, walk over and take a taxi ($10) on the Mexican side to boys town.

Papaguyo’s has the best looking women. Negotiate the complete price up front. These people can nickel and dime you to no end. Top of the line pussy cost me $75 (room, condom & everything). Don’t tip after sex, even if they ask, unless your drunk and generous (stupid). Like I said get the 100% price up front. Take your time. They do apply high pressure sales tactics. It’s dark in this place. If you don’t you will end up with first one that jumps in you lap and grabs your crouch like my two buddies did. I sent two away before finding my dream girl. My buddies were envious. All they had to do was shop. One of my buddies spoke perfect Spanish. Major help. My Spanish sucks but was able to get across my point. I will learn better Spanish before going back. Most girls understand some English and they do know how get your money. Almost always they will cut the price with a little disinterest on your part.

After we finished at Papaguyo we went and walked around the compound scouting for tomorrows adventure. Saw the street girls with the little rooms and the HE-SHE’s just like written about here and other sites. We stayed away from any place not suggested here or by our taxi drivers. Tamiko (Japanese looking place) was a real working mans paradise. Nailed a real good looking one there Saturday night for $56. Friday night my buddy struck a deal there for two girls at once for $60 (one started asking for $60 for just her, then went to $40, then to $60 for two) . Went to Maribu’s both nights also. This place was NO pressure. Seems to cater to the older guys (35+). Women were nice, polite, all ages and sizes. Met a lovely 21 year old student from Monterrey. She was university educated, smart and spoke great English. She will make some one a great wife someday. Class with looks what a combination. Got the best massage from an old war horse named Elizabeth. She was about 45 and blond that had been rode hard and left wet one too many times. But she washed me head to toe in the shower then proceeded work over ever inch of my body for 45 minutes. Damn almost better than sex. Cost me $40, best money I spent in Mexico. I only had one bad experience and that was at Tamiko. Had a girl ask if I wanted her company, I said “No, Thank You” she got pissed and told me “Fuck You”. She must of had a bad night. I just remained polite and smiled. If I only have one thing for advise it’s be polite even when saying no. Most of these girls are just trying to make a living and have kids to support

Probably the best bargain of all the clubs in NL. Prices are $35-60 plus $7 for the room. This is usually good for 45 minutes to an hour. Overall the girls are not as pretty as at Papas but there are usually two or three cute young ones. BBBJ is on probably most girls’ menus but she may want $10 extra if you want to come like that. I was quoted $200 for an all-nighter at my hotel plus $40 for the bar, but I suspect that could have been negotiated down to about $125-150.

Tamyko has the best girls. Prices vary all over the place (from $30 to $55 per half hour). Time limits are rather relaxed so good value for the dollar. Papgayos has the biggest selection by far, but lower percentage of real lookers than Tamyko. Street girls working out of sidewalk cribs are cheap but have really high sleaze factor. Be careful of some of the smaller clubs – TVs/TSs. If you stick with Tamyko and Papgayos though, you can’t go wrong. Room prices are only $5 for 30 minutes or $10 for an hour. Be sure to tip the old lady who keeps the clock a buck before you go in and you’ll get a full measure of time, or more.


The best way to enjoy BTNL is to drive yourself across the old bridge (#2-Puente Lincoln), check into a NL hotel (Hilton, Fiesta, or Villa Real}, and call room service for a taxi to BT ($10.00). There are more women on Friday and Saturday, but the best time to arrive is 10:00 PM Saturday night. You will have plenty of time to scrutinize the action and pick Mrs. Right to return to your hotel with you. The bars close early (2-3AM) on Sunday night so you can return Mrs. Right Sunday morning or keep her until you run out of gas. She will not want to leave because Sun. thru Tue. is traditionally slow. If you discover Mrs. Right is not all that great then you can return Sun. afternoon or nite and seek numero dos Mrs. Right. If you treat them right, they will stay.

With reference to GFE, you must understand that there are LF’s and FF’s. (Lovefucks and Funfucks). You will not experience LF’s unless you spend time and money. A gringo jigalo is no better than a tejano if he can’t pay the rent. After two or three days of what YOU consider LF’s you will soon decide that you don’t want to live in NL, but it is a nice place to visit. Return a week later and see if you cannot find a better lay than than the week before.

From my own experience in Mexico and NL I’ve had a different experience. I did not have to spend more time to get GFE, for me it really depends if I click with the girl from the start. I’ve found this to be true for me all over the world. While one girl may provide a GFE from the get go, others give the same so-so service no matter how long you stay or pay. SO for me it’s all about chemistry and not how much money or time. If a women is just not into the work or you I highly doubt one can expect a GFE experience.

Im not sure I understand the difference between Love and fun, perhaps passionate and non-passionate makes more sense to me. I can fuck a stranger and we both have the same goal “erotic passionate good sex” so love does not have nothing to do with it for me. Especially when money is present with any form of Paid sex. I’ve had just as good sex with girl friends as with paid strangers. If a woman can fuck she fucks good whether she is paid or not, if she’s INTO it is another story.

A hooker once told me “you either have it or you don’t”. That makes total sense to me. It’s all in the woman and how you click with her. Thinkng that paying more for a woman is what makes it better is what makes places like the US, Nevada for example overpriced. How do you put a price on good and better? “Let me suck your dick half as good cause your paying me less”. This goes hand and hand with if you pay for more time it gets better. How can 5 minutes of bad sex get better if you pay for 10 minutes of the same thing.

This is one thing where the saying “you get what you pay for does not always ring true”.

Interesting, men should pay for the “service” not the body. What I mean by “service” is a “skill”. If a girl is good at sex, she is good at what she does. Her being attractive to you helps but her skills with her hands, mouth, technique etc. can make or break a session for me.


We arrived in Laredo, Texas on a Saturday evening just as an all day light rain began to clear. We checked into one of the many hotels on the Texas
side of the border to use as our base of operations. For those of you who unaware of the geography of the area. We were 150 miles southwest of San Antonio in the Texas city of Laredo; right across one of the bridges from its “twin” city, the Mexican City of Nuevo Laredo – home of the infamous “Boystown”.

We headed off by car toward bridge #1 (the only one that allows pedestrian traffic). After a confused set of one-way streets and construction detours, we finally located the bridge. Searching the area adjacent to the bridge for parking we finally found a large, almost empty lot off the city square. An attendant offered us a choice of $1.50 an hour or $7.00 for 24 hours. We chose the latter. A short quarter mile walk to the bridge and we see a line extending 50 feet up the street to cross over. The reason for the delay – 2 of the 4 turnstyles to gain access to the bridge are out of order and everyone is crowding into the 2 that work. Unlike the “free” access to TJ, there is a 35 cent “toll” to walk accross the bridge which must be paid by exact change into the machines.

The walk over the Rio Grande was short – about a hundred yards. Once on the Mexican side we found a cab without much trouble and off to “Boystown”. The ride is a long one – twice as far as it is from the border in TJ to La Zona. Flat rate for 1 or 2 passengers is $10.00. Traffic was heavy and it took almost 20 minutes to reach our goal.

Boystown appeared out of the mist on our left. It is a wholly walled-in compound with the entire outer wall covered with graffiti. Only one entrance in or out with a “policia” substation at the entrance. The cab can even drop you off right in front of your favorite club. We opted to case the place so we asked to be dropped in front of Pappagayos, the “Adelitas” of Boystown. This place has a huge parking lot that could easily
handle 40 cars and was only about half full when we arrived.

We walked around the the main streets to get a “lay of the land”. The Boystown walled compound proper consists of a perimeter of buildings with
two interior blocks. Streets are not paved so when it rains be prepared for mud. Dotted throughout the compound are little private rooms with street girls in the door ways. Most were not so great but a few appeared rather attractive. They are generally the lowest cost option. Full service with a girl for 1/2 hour, room included for under $30.

And then there were the clubs..many small sleazy clubs…with street hawkers telling you about the donkey show, the monkey show or the youngest/prettiest girls…and some of these very young looking girls sometimes will aggressively solicit your business “f…ie/s…ie” $30 and $5.00 for the room.

Returning to Pappagayos at 7:30 after our quick, initial perimeter patrol, we decided to venture in. Sire Esteban was immediately latched onto by a
petite, striking blue-eyed blonde just inside the front door. She goes by the name Rosie Fernandez. Rosie, who speaks excellent English, is 5’0″ 105
lbs, 30ish, intelligent, lively and extremely eager to please. Holding on to Estaban’s arm, she wispered playfully that she would enjoy a “honeymoon night”; a most intriguing offer worthy of serious consideration. Both sires and Rosie sat down for a drink. Although Sire Esteban had sworn to Sire Juan that he would not to go “al cuarto” with the first beautiful seniorita
he met, Rosie was just too seductive. She is a college graduate, a registered nurse, and a comedian of sorts. At one point, she ask if we
wanted to see her drivers license. It was a California Drivers license with a picture that looked just like her. At closer inspection, it was in fact a picture of young Marilyn Monroe.

Next she was asked “how much for the honeymoon?” Rosie replied, “For you, right now…$49.99.” Esteban, still smiling, asked how long does the
honeymoon last. With her hand grabbing his crotch and her blue eyes locked onto his she said, “It’s early..if we go right now, don’t worry we’ll have
all the time we need.” The deal struck…the honeymooners headed for the “bridal suite”.

Arriving at the room, Sire Esteban carried his “bride”, Rosie across the threshood into their Honeymoon suite. The session began with sweet and
fiesty “girlfriend” sex featuring a BBBJ and assorted positions of el sexo until the first cumpletion. It then continued with cuddling and kissing while recharging. The second round was a repeat of the first with some extra tight “el pero” – ending in a mutual climax. Both showered and said goodbye after a 1.5 hour session. Sire Esteban gave her a $10 tip for a total of $65 – an incredible bargin. We think the timing was the critical factor.

Not sure if it’s repeatable, but worth another try. Got her phone # and a request to call and make an appointment for another “honeymoon”. Rosie is a genuine beautiful gem ***** (5 stars). She said that she is very selective and dates exclusively older Americans for the usual reasons. Nicer, safer, gentler, etc. Treat her right if you should see her, sires.

While Sire Esteban was enjoying the many talents of the beautiful Rosie, Sire Juan brushed off the half dozen or so senoritas that stopped by to
offer their companionship and ventured alone across the street to the glitter and noise of the Tamyko Club (Boystown’s version of the Chicago
Club). A quick survey of the place showed a bevy of fair-to-excellent beauties with most of the better looking models already seated with some
of the Texas sires. Interestingly, the prettiest and classiest senorita in the club was alone, seated in a chair by the door. A smile by this Sire elicited an even bigger one from the chica and those of you who know Juan know where that can only lead. Perla, a 20 year old from Monterrey, looked like what CC’s Sophia’s “little sister” would look like, if she had one. About 5 foot 2, light bown, tastefully coiffed hair and the most beautiful eyes. Nice, natural body with curves in all the right places and a fairly trim waistline. A relaxed conversation in mixed English and Spanish revealed a rather shy, demur sweetie who preferred “more mature Americanos” to either
the locals or the younger military/college types. She inquired as to the sire’s interest in visiting “the room”. She was assured that there was a
very strong possibility of that happening. A waiter appeared and took a drink order (no Dos Equiis, only canned Tecate and small Coronas in that club).

We chatted for a while and then entered into negotiations for the session. Much less structured pricing and more negotiating here than in TJ. Perla offered a 30 minute session at $55 plus $5 for the room and $1 for the condom. Juan countered with a 60 minute proposition that she priced at $100 plus $10 for the room. An hour and a half, though, was quoted at $110 with $15 for the room and unlimited action. Sounding like the best value, this was quickly agreed to and off they went. Excellent, enthusiastic girl-friend type sex including BJ con condom chocolate’, then a BBBJ when the chocolate’ was gone, and multi-positional “sexo”. A short breather, a shower and another longer, slower more intense repeat of the earlier scene but without the chocolate’. She reached an awe inspiring climax of her own that necessitated a brief “time-out” after which things resumed and came to an intense final cumpletion.

With Sire Juan content in the arms of Senorita Perla for an extended session, Sire Esteban felt the need to go “walk-about” after his excellent
session wuth Rosie. He ventured out to the far reaches of the “Zona”. Passing one of the smaller clubs, his arm and interests were captured by a
very pretty chica about 18 years old. Shalala, 5’4″ 115# has European Hispanic facial features with long dark hair in pony tails. Forget the
seduction; she immediately offered herself for $30. Sire Esteban, in his pathetic Spanish attempted to convey to her that he had just had a
multi-orgasm session and it would be a while before her was ready again. It was awkward, but eventually she found someone to translate. Once she understood this she asked to walk with Esteban around Boystown until he was ready to start a session with her.

With some manual encouragement from her, he was soon at attention again, ready for some “young thing” action. They made it back to the club where she worked and paid $5 for the room. From there it was somewhat of a disappointment for several reasons. The room was filthy with no running water for cleaning. This was probably the cause of her personal hygeine being lacking. The sire made sure his condom was on good and tight.
Furthermore, she lost her eagerness to please, and he felt rushed. Did “el pero” and some missionary but he just wanted to leave. Shalala is a very pretty packgage but the hidden downsides negate her score to zero. She’s now referred to as Senorita “Stinky”….

Once finished with their respective missions, the two sires met at the large open air taco stand in front of Papagayos that had been recommended by
Perla. They sampled some of their excellent tacos. Two thumbs up and 3 stars to the proprietors for the delicous and wholesome cuisine. Recharged, the
now refreshed duo headed up the unpaved dirt street past the donkey chained outside the “Donkey Show Club”. In a few steps they were at the entrance to one of the smaller clubs. This is where Sire Esteban earlier had seen some
“diamonds in the rough.”

The club was well lit compared with most of the others. It was also not overly jammed with competing clients. An assortment of senoritas lined one wall and one or more would descend on each arriving individual or group of guys. Esteban sought out one particular chica that had caught his eye while making his rounds and she and her “amiga” soon joined the boys at a table in the corner. Several rounds of cervezas and some bargaining and cross-sire challenges led to Sire Esteban heading off “al cuarto” for one more heroic tryst. Sire Juan, knowing his limits and not particularly turned on by the resident talent, remained behind and drank a cerveza with the 25 year old from Vera Cruz that was Esteban’s chica’s best friend.

Esteban and Marasella made their arrangements, $45 for what turned out to be 1.25 hours of marathon “to the root” bare-back por la boca with occacional “con condom” vaginal insertions. She consumed him as he quaked with an unqualified pelvic eruption mid-way through the session. With a few minutes repreave she performed oral “CPR” and revived the unit to attention again. She demostrated and unlimited appetite for tonsil tickling that Esteban found no reason to deny. After the session Sire Esteban staggered weak kneed from her clean and comfortable love nest/appartment, while Marasella licked her lips proud of her accomplishments.

Sire Esteban and his “amiga” finally returned an hour and 10 minutes after leaving, much to his partner’s relief. Thoughts of Esteban dying in the
“line of duty” has crossed Juan’s mind. After Esteban bid his paramour “adios”, the sires made their way back down the hill to locate a taxi for a much quicker ride back to La Linea. The bridge crossing back to the US was only 20 cents (go figure). In moments, we cleared US Immigration and were on the way back to our car. A short ride back to the motel and the night had finally come to an end.

Summary Analysis:
Compared to TJ’s Zona Norte, Boystown is in many ways very different. Many of the girls are quite similar, as you’d expect. Boystown has a sense of
safety due to the enclosed nature of the compound and the police presence, unlike TJ. Things at Boystown are a bit more spread out than TJ’s zona and some of the quaint features (like the donkey) are different. The financial nature of transactions is much less structured and more open to negotiating. For example, both Sires received more time for their dollars (almost twice as much in two of three cases) than what is typical in TJ. Tips are seldom expected and seem to be a bit of a surprise when received (and appreciated). The spread between the girls in the major clubs and the holes-in-the-wall is much wider. Major club girls tend to be more attractive and hygenically
appealing than the others. The major clubs never close (open 7 by 24) but the ladies are not available at all hours at all clubs. Best we can tell, the only one who didn’t get laid that night was the donkey.

The rain continued to fall as we sped south on I-35 thru the South Texas countryside between San Antonio and Laredo. My side-kick, Esteban, slept
for much of the way while I drove. My thoughts were on the dream I’d had the night before of a marathon multi-hour session with Perla, the young
cutie I’d been with the previous weekend, and this other equally enchanting darker skinned girl with the “Vera Cruz” look.

We checked into a motel on the US side and after a quick shower, headed over the border. Tried to score some Viagra from a local “farmacia” but no luck without a Mexican perscription. (Not to worry, I was packin’ my own). We grabbed a cab for the customary $10 and were dropped off right at the door to the Tamyko club in 15 minutes.

We were immediately descended on by two senoritas. For once, the prettiest one went for my side-kick leaving me with her amiga that would not get above
a 3 or a 4 in the looks department. I managed to fend her off and order a cerveza. Esteban, on the other hand, had what I would have to say was the
prettiest senorita I had ever seen in a Mexican Zona Bar. Medium height, long, light brown hair, gorgeous eyes and chi-chis to die for. Good, thin
aist and a dynomyte rear that tapered off to perfect legs. They were off “al cuarto” in a matter of minutes and I could only envy him his good luck.

I did a visual search for my “Perla” from the previous week, but did not expect to see her as she said she would be arriving between 8:00 and 8:30. Rather than continuously fend off the offers of the remaining chicas in the bar, I decided to take a walk around the town during a respite from the rain.

The street girls were in the doorways to their cribs. I saw a few 6s and 7s but the scene was a real turn off. A large number of the smaller clubs
had obvious TVs and probable TS types so its a good idea to avoid them altogether. Papagayos had a much better selection than the previous week
and I was tempted to stick around but noticed that it was 8:15 and I wanted to link up with my new-found “favorita” from the previous week.

Walking back into Tamyko, I was somewhat surprised to see my fellow Sire returning from his mission in less than 30 minutes. Seems that Senorita
Linda (good name for one so “linda”) was abit more skilled in the oral arts than he could take and she completed a BBBJ he described as awesome
“en la boca”. Some guys have all the luck!

We ordered a beer and I searched for my “date”. No sign of her. Some of the chicas noticed that I was looking for someone and asked who I was
searching for. When I mentioned her name, they all said she had been there and left at 7PM and was not coming back. Disappointed, but not distraught, I resorted to Plan B. The other girl from my fantasy of the night before was seated in one of the chairs next to the door and I invited her to our table for a drink. She was even prettier than I had remembered and was second in
beauty only to Esteban’s Linda. I enquired as to availability and asked about her inclination to do a two girl “fiesta” with me. Jessie (a 20 year
old) said that she had 2 “amigas” that she would do a double with. Her first choice wasn’t there yet, but was due momentarily. As an hour had almost passed since I had popped my Vitamin “V”, I inquired as to her other friend. This gal, “Zaire” (Zai-rah), was another fox (21 years old) and I had been considering her in her own right earlier.

Jessie presented my proposition to Zaire and it was immediately accepted: Two girls, two hours, $125 each, with “unlimited events” – a very risky
proposition for the senoritas when the Sire is packin’ little blue pills.

I went to pay the $20 bar fine/room charge and we started out the back door. As we opened the door, there stood my Perla, arriving late after having car trouble. Oh, shit! I talked with her and explained that I had waited and that all the other girls said she was gone and not returning. Jessie backed up my story and I was more or less off the hook. I asked her if she’d like to either join our little party (3-girls, what the hell…) or take the place of one. She replied that she didn’t go for the multi-girl scene at all so I should go ahead and have my party and if I was still up to it later that she might “forgive” me and let me take her to the room. Sheesh, these chicas can be possesive!

Jessie, Zaire and I proceeded to Jessie’s private room (she actually lives “on-premise”) and the party began. The plan was for one girl to practice
the oral arts while the other played girlfriend with my upper body. Once sufficiently aroused, the oral girl would shift to the “novia” role while the former girl-friend would mount the steed for a game of Mexican cowgirl. Once this came to its intended completion and after a suitable short
intermission we’d do Act-2 which would be the same script but with the chicas taking the opposite roles.

The first Act came off like clockwork and was a blast. Jessie handled the “por la boca” action with my last “condom fruta” (Grape – her favorite
flavor, as it turned out). Zaire played kissy face and rubbed her ample breasts over every inch of my upper body. The time to shift into Act-1, Scene-2 arrived and things got into high gear. I was sporting a rather ferocious woody that even the donkey next door would have been jealous of. Zaire mounted it and began a wild ride. Jessie, the more oral and affectionate of the 2, took on the novia role with lots of kissing and tit rubbing action.

The countdown to blast-off started and soon I felt as though Zaire would be blasted into low earth orbit. After a wild finish, things slowly returned to ground level and we 3 pillow-talked for a short while. Each of the girls visited “el bano” to freshen up and that’s when the only snag developed. Jessie returned and mentioned “la regla” to Zaire and I was informed that Act-2 would be better cast with the same players in the same roles as Act-1. As everyone was happy with their initial roles, there were no complaints, though I was mildly disappointed I wouldn’t get to plug Jessie.

Act-2 had one improvement over Act-1. I insisted that a BBBJ was necessary to get things “up” to the desired levels. A brief conversation between the girls and this was agreed to. Some simultaneous licking ensued (you’ve gotta try this if you haven’t done it before).

Things progressed pretty much along parallel lines to Act-1 but when the need for more than oral action arrived, I decided that a little old
fashioned “missionary work” was in order and drove things to a great finish. A relaxed, 3-in-a-bed post-action cool-down gave everyone a chance to catch their breath and soon it was time to get dressed.

I reminded the girls of their promise to pose for some pictures and snapped a few – some of each of them individually and some of them together. No
posts, guys. Sorry….

I walked back to the bar alone and the girls headed for the kitchen to get some food. I dreaded the thought of running into Perla, but lucked out. She was no where to be seen. Met Esteban outside – back from his own “duet”
adventure. Went down the hill to the taco stand outside of Papagayos and enjoyed three hot ones and a coke. Replenished, I suggested a stroll back to Tamyko where I wanted to at least buy my Perla a drink, assuming she was still there.

We walked in the door and Perla came over to greet me. She explained what had happened again (car trouble) and she told me that she had confirmed my
story about being there and looking for her. No longer mad at me, she whispered in my ear that she’d be happy to spend an hour with me in the room if I wanted to. I told her I’d brought my camera and would like to get some pictures. She said that she had hoped I would bring it and that she would enjoy modeling. Off to the room for an unprecedented 3rd attempt at climbing Mount Everest. God bless Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for the invention of Viagra.

Did a series of photos (she loved modeling but didn’t want me to post them) and then she pressed herself up against me and asked me to kiss her. I
complied and, well one thing led to another and next thing I know we’re both undressed, in the bed and she is doing her best to coax the tired warrior into one more battle. (This chic’s oral skills are a Mexican national treasure). Things “rose” nobly to the occasion and we were off to the races for a third “heat”. Despite a history of cardiac problems, I worked extra hard and finally felt a climax begin to ignite. It was brief, but intense and the deed was done. Took a while to catch my breath. She lay next to me, kissing my face, forehead (and even my bald-spot) and engaged in some really sweet pillow talk.

During this time she asked if I knew that Zaire (from my double-play) was her first cousin. I was surprised and never suspected it; there was not much family resemblance at all. She asked if I had enjoyed myself with the two girls and what had gone on. I was brief in my descriptions and the only reaction I got from her was surprise when I mentioned having had two completions with the

She counted to three in mock “surprise” and proceeded to administer a gentle “spanking” to the offending organ. The reaction amazed us both with
it springing back to almost full attention. She kissed it gently, in hopes it would relax and after some further engorgement, it slowly settled down. She complemented me on my “abilities” (you’ve gotta love it), and we headed back to the bar with our arms around each others waists. Both Jessie and Zaire saw us and the looks on their faces indicated that they didn’t believe what they were seeing. It was obvious to them that Perla and I had done the “deed” and after two hours with the two of them it shouldn’t have been possible. Perla’s reputation must have soared amongst the girls.

We found Esteban outside the front door and Perla asked him to look out for me and told him that I’d, in fact, climbed the mountain a third time
and that any claims I made to that end were true. He shook his head in disbelief as he and I went down the hill in search of a taxi to the border.

I found out on this trip that the poor donkey outside the Donkey Show Club was neutered and only used for “show”. Am thinking about bringing an extra Viagra next time and slipping him one on the way in before his simulated “performance”. Might get a rise out of the old boy.

Based on the reviews I have seen here, I decided to make a little side trip from San Antonio to Nuevo Laredo. First of all, its approximately 150 miles one way. When I got there, I proceeded to International Bridge I, which has a large parking lot close to the border, and parked my car there. No problem and very easy and no hassle I walked across the bridge and was approached by a Taxi driver who took me to “Boys Town” for $10.00. It was actually an American Taxi driver who offered to tour me around for a little tip. Not having been there before, I was a little apprehensive walking around by myself and accepted.

Boy’s Town is actually a walled area solely devoted to prostitution. I never felt threatened in any way or felt unsafe. I walked around a few of the streets and the driver took me to one of his girls (one of the street girls). The street girls work out of small rooms, with a bed and not much else. If you are looking for clean, well, its probably not the place to go. The girl was ok…not a knock-out, but acceptable, and we agreed on $11.00 for a fuck. She took off her cloth, laid on her back, opened her legs, and that’s it. I fucked her briefly and that’s it. Definitely not girl friend sex. Since that’s what I was looking (Straight bang and run), I saw another girl very beautiful whom I approached. She wanted $10.00 for 15 minutes, cloth on. She was quite beautiful and took me into an alley to her room. She inspected my private parts, placed a rubber on me, again laid on her back, and I fucked her. I could have paid another $10.00 for no cloth….but what’s the point? It was as impersonal as it gets. Could be compared to a blow-up doll, except it’s a live person. I proceed to walk around a few more bars and the girls were quite aggressive. Once place, don’t remember the name, an extremely beautiful girl approached me and pointed to her mouth.

However, some other girls were walking around that looked a little like transvestites. Since I did not want a blow job from some who could potential be a guy, I passed, and check out a few more places with my “guide”. He seemed to know a few girls and told me that they were relatively new and not so used up. But, I have my own taste and passed. We walked over to Papaguyos (sp?) and the selection of girls was tremendous. I saw some real know-outs, including one little lady with long black hair, absolutely beautiful. She again pointed to her mouth, licked her mouth, well….I couldn’t refuse her offer of $60.00. In addition to the $60.00, I paid $8.00 for the room. She was quite enthusiastic and gave me compliments (Hey, everybody needs an ego boost sometimes, regardless if it is real or not). She sucked my balls, licked my dick, and I fucked her all three positions (top, bottom, and doggie). She was super tight and pretty awesome. She was willing to make-out and pretty much do everything, but I just don’t like the idea of kissing and doing anything without a condom. So what’s my overall impression. The place is pretty awesome and hassle free. If you like straight forward sex, i.e., bang and run, the street girls are cheap and plentiful. if you want more and a better selection of quality girls, go straight to Papaguyas (Its right at the entrance to right, with a Parrot sign).

I did have one problem and lost a few bucks. The second street girl I fucked saw me take the money out of one of my pockets. Later I saw her talking to a guy, who later walked past me. Mysteriously the money was gone when I checked the pocket later. Luckily, I have traveled to numerous latin american countries before and divided my cash into four sections (two pockets and two socks) and only lost about $5.00. Like many of the reviews pointed out, the girls live like •••• and probably work together with some of the thieves…..not that I can blame them. However, protect yourself and divide your cash. This keeps your losses to a minimum if anything happens. Also, use a condom for everything!! While the girls have been checked out by a doctor (you can ask to see their card), I would not have one of them use their mouth without some type of protection. That’s my opinion only, but its risky enough without taking any additional unnecessary risks.

Nuevo Laredo Boys Town
Took a taxi from No.1 Bridge to Boys Town ($10.00). The best time to visit here is about 9.00-10.00PM. Selection of girls is very poor before 9.00PM and the business becomes very slow after 12.00PM. This visit was the first time for me since 2 years ago. I went in Papagoya and saw a girl 5-3″, 128 Lb, a little bit chubby Mexican (about 7 rating). I asked her “Quantos anos tiene?” (How old are you?). She said “Viente” (20). “Tienes hijos?” (Do you have kids?) I asked. She said “No”. I thought she was fine and OK, but I
also thought there might be better girls around so I decided to shop around outside. I visited other places like Miyako but I was not able to find any good girls, so I got back to Papagoya again. As it was about 10.30 PM, no new girls were showing up anymore. So, I thought I had to choose a girl soon. I started talking with several girls who were 7 or better ratings but they were either too old (over 25) or had kids. So I approached the first girl I met here (the above 20 year old girl) and asked her price. She said $70, and I said fine. The price was about $60 two years ago, so I thought its OK, besides I also thought if I cut the price she might not give me a good services. As we got in a room, she got naked quickly, my penis was already erecting by just seeing the naked young girl. She checked the hardness of my penis and smiled and put on me a condom. I laid her down on the bed and opened her legs wide with my hand and penetrated my penis into her vagina. She had a very tight vagina, so I had tremendous feeling every time I stroke into her vagina. After several strokes I laid myself on top of her and pushed my penis into her as hard as I could, then rotated myself on the bed with her so she was now on top of me. Then she sat upright on me. My penis and her vagina never disengaged during this operation. She started stroking up and down and the bed started squeaking loud. She seemed to be enjoying. I was feeling every stroke with tremendous joy as her very tight vagina made my penis feel extremely good. I exploded within her after several strokes but she kept stroking about 15 times more after my climax.
My penis stayed erected hard even after my explosion and able to give her great satisfaction. We were both well satisfied. Then she went to take shower and I went to wash my penis and noticed my balls were wet with her vaginal water. I showed it to her and asked “Te gusta?”(You liked it?) She nodded and smiled. I said “Me gusta mucho por que te gusta tambien” (I liked it very much because you enjoyed it also).
At this place, most girls cannot or barely speak English (but enough to negotiate price). So, being able to speak a little bit of Spanish is a great asset.

Three weeks later, I came back Papagoya again. I sat in a chair while having a beer. Shortly after, a very cute girl came out from girls’ dressing room and she leaned against an old jukebox. She was 5′-3″ and 110 Lb, Mexican. I
immediately invited her to my table and asked the same questions. She said she was 18 years old and had a baby (what a disappointment). But I knew there would not be any prettier girl showing up here even if I waited much longer. So I said “Yo te quiero” (I love you). She smiled, asked me $70 and we went to a room. In the room, she said the time was only15 minutes. It sounded like she wanted to maximize her income in a prime time of Saturday night by higher rotations of customers. As she got undressed, I was satisfied with her looks. She did not have loose stomach typical of post-pregnancy. I asked “No tienes un hijo (you don’t have a kid?) She gestured as if she had either C-sec or an abortion. She also had good-looking busts and a kind of fragile feeling stemming from her young age. You can only get that kind of feeling from a lorita. I was very excited by this feeling of this girl. I laid her on a bed and opened her legs wide. Her pussy looked a little large for her body size. As I started sucking her pussy, I felt salty taste immediately. I kept sucking her pussy up and down and sideway but she did not respond to it very well. So, I sat up and penetrated my penis into her vagina and started stroking. Her vagina was not as tight as the girl I mentioned above but much better than average. After several strokes, I laid myself on top of her and pushed my penis against her vagina as hard as I could. Meanwhile I kept saying “tu eres mui bonita” (you are very beautiful). Then I disengaged from her, and asked her to sit on a desk with her legs wide open. She gladly responded to my request. As my penis approached to her vagina, she grabbed my penis in her hand and guided it into her vagina (actually, I wanted to penetrate into her without being guided). While stroking my penis into her, I hugged her and sucked her nipples. She asked me to suck her nipples a little gentler. After a few
minutes of stroking, I asked her to go on the bed again and stick her buttock towards me. As she gladly responded to my request, I penetrated myself into her from her buttock, and gave several strokes while holding her tiny buttock. Her cute little buttock with soft short hair on it gave me a
feeling of fucking with an underage Lorita. After that, I laid her on the bed and opened her legs wide, and I penetrated into her again, then I laid myself on top of her and pushed my penis into her vagina as hard as I could.
Finally, I could not sustain the climax any longer and exploded in her vagina.
After all ended, I asked her “Te gusta esto sexo?” (Did you like this sex?). She nodded with smile, but I was not convinced. So I said “Yo no creo que te gusta” (I don’t think you liked it). She replied with a nod again. So I
asked “de verdad?” (Sure?) She nodded with smile. So I believed she enjoyed it, but she could not respond as having joy because of her immature age and inexperience, so I believed.

Returned to Boy’s Town for my third visit. Saturday I started in Tamiko’s and waved over a true ’10’. Beautiful girl. Agreed on $60.00 and went to the room. The act was nothing special, the whole time she kept her fingers on me and held on to the condom. Before and after she talked about how she was supporting her family and her sister’s little daughter, even talked about marriage. Do you really believe I give a flying ••••? Anyway, I headed over to Papagayos and hooked up with another girl. Again, very beautiful and she was a little better. She never did get very enthusiastic. The third was a charmer in Marabu. The only ’10’ in the place was excellent. Awesome BJ, hugging, kissing, all….excellent!!!

The next day, Sunday was much slower. The selection was small. I started off with one of the street girls and we agreed on $17.00 for all positions, including doggie. She laid in the bed with the coldest stare you can imaging. Again, I didn’t really care and took care of business. Doggie, and it was sealed deal. I headed off and walked through boystown and found nothing to appealing. Papagyos maybe had six available working girls, none too attractive. The same in Marabu and Tamiko’s. I walked over to ‘the harmem’, which is located right behind Marabu. Pretty nice looking girl, agreed on $60.00. She was very affectionate, but pressured me to finish within 30 minutes.

Well, here is my tip to you guys venturing to boystown: Don’t be shy. I saw many guys just sitting around and taking the girls that walk up to them. When you first walk into Papagayos, Marabu, or Tamiko’s, and sit down the girls will come to your table. They will usually be pretty marginal… The girl will start to talk to you and ask you to buy a drink, which averages about $4.00 including tip. This, to me, is a big waste of time. Instead, walk in and don’t sit down. Look around and find the girl that interests you (and is not already talking to some guy). Approach her directly. This cuts through the chase. Let’s face it, this is not about romance. Ask her name, or ask her to sit down with you. If you can make eye contact, wave her over. Since I’m a cheap bastard, I’ll usually get right to it….how much? Negotiate and I’m off to the room (Figure up to $11.00 for the room additional). One importing thing to remember, however, is that the prettiest one is not always the best one. Don’t be shy to negotiate. Most of the girls will average between $40.00 – $60.00. $40.00 on slow days, and $60.00 on busy days. Some of the pretty ones will tell you $80.00…simply say, $60.00.

Unless you are into guys, stay away from all the bars on the outside perimeter. There are lots of transvestites. Even so I knew better, I walked into one place that offered cheap beers. It ended up in a not so obvious transvestite approaching me. He sat down and sure looked liked a girl, until he pulled down his panties. Outaaaa there…..anyway, if you stick to Tamiko’s, Papagayos, and Marabu you are safe from those incidents. Some of the transvestites look an awful lot like real girls…..kind scary to me that I couldn’t tell. Look for the adams apple…..girls don’t have them. Also in an attempt to preach “safer sex” (safe sex with prostitutes does not really go together), use a bag at all times. Most of the girls will require it, including for BJ’s. If you find a girl that does not, especially one of the cheaper street girls, I would suggest looking around at some of the other guys driving around boystown. Do you really want to stick anything in that girl that is not protected? Well, that’s your choice. Another tip…..if you meet some guys that could possibly share the cost of the taxi with you from and to border, appear like you are together in a group. I met these two guys and asked them if they wanted to share the taxi ride fare to the border ($10) and they agreed. When we got to the border, the taxi driver wanted $10.00 from me and another $10.00 from the guys. We settled on $15.00. Overall I have always felt safe in boys town. This last time, two guys started bothering me for money. Immediately a security guard came over and helped me out. The police do not mess around and I witnessed locals being arrested on a couple of occasions over two night stay. Keep your eyes and ears open, watch your money in the pockets (leave the wallet at home). Put $10 aside somewhere for the taxi ride to the border and you will be ok.

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