Piedras Negras

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Piedras Negras, a town of about 30,000 people just across the boarder from Eagle Pass, Texas. I usually walk across into boarder towns unless someone else is driving. I see much more of what is going on that way. I first went across for lunch and to take a look around. The Market and most of the bars are to your left on Zaragoza Street as come across. In the market I found a food stand that sold hot menudo and cold beer. That evening I went back for dinner and to see what else I could find. There are dozens of bars open, almost exclusively patronized by men. At around 8:30 at night, it was pretty dead, nothing starts till 10 or 11pm. Getting there early was kind of good; I talked to the bartenders about the different clubs, and the girls. I even got to see the strippers before the act, getting ready, and listening to the songs they were going to dance to. Pretty hot women by the way. Driving is not that bad, good street, nice people, pretty big town. If you want good food before or after you head out there, instead of making a right to go to boys town just keep on going straight, and keep your eyes on the left side of the street. You will see a hill, big hill, and at the top there will be this restaurant, there is neon sign, in green and pink.

Just a little info on how to get to the Zona! As you cross the bridge you past the plaza one block and turn right on Morelos Ave. You proceed one block past the fire station and turn left and drive one block and turn right on Pardre las Casas. You follow it until it ends, I estimate about 2 miles. You will pass a creek and a twin plant and the winding road leads to it. The strip clubs are 54 ranch, Dallas, and Africa. Prices can be from about 40 up to 70 for 1/2 hour. The best looking girls are usually at the 54 ranch. Also, there is a massage place near the mercado which is about a block and a half on Morelos, I believe its address is #103. You can get a massage for 25 and 50 extra for a bbbj. It will be cheaper if you pay in pesos. A friend one time picked up a girl at the Excaliber club which is across the mercado for about 60 for all night and could probably could have had another one for an extra 60. *Note* If you ever get asked by a waiter at a disco if you need anything else after he brought you a drink, he mught ask you if you need anything else. It might mean that he may know a girl that is willing to spend a night with you. Well, that’s it for today!


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